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  1. Harrison Petty was Pick 37 so im feeling good about this pick. A Ruckman would be ideal.
  2. As long as we dont mention the war I think Hunter will be fine.
  3. And Henry finally got to Geelong, fair trade period.
  4. Dunkley to Brisbane is a massive get, will be hard to stop in 2023
  5. Anyone with outside run and footskills would be ideal.
  6. Welcome Brodie, will be more than interesting how he goes working in tandum with Max.
  7. At least it's done now after 7000 posts.
  8. GC list manager should hang his head in shame.
  9. Wondering what GWS will be offering for Bedford now. Think their picks are now 3,12, 19 and 44.
  10. Interesting trade, we must be getting a fair hall for Jackson and Bedford. So our picks for now are 27 & 51?
  11. Not sure what the benefit is in trading him for a 2nd round pick. Either Tom Sparrow is going to explode in 2023 or we are looking to bring in someone else.
  12. Good pickup by West Coast but sad to see him go, was a great servant to the club.
  13. If Freo can turn pick 13 into a top 10 pick it would end up the practically the same as we paid for Lever. This would seem fair.
  14. Tarranto and Hopper could be Tigers as of today: Richmond - TT & JH GWS - 12, 19, 30 & F1
  15. Feel for North, if only they took the Crows offer last year. Really hoping Kozzy signs an extension over the summer.
  16. I liked Bedford, he should do well at GWS and hope he nails this opportunity,
  17. Would be curious to know why Scott was picked ahead of Yze, clearly he is ready to step up to the role.
  18. Surprised the Kangaroos are not interested, their picks are currently 1 and 55 and surely could use another.
  19. 4 hours of Matt Rendall is enough to make anyone cry.
  20. Jibroni


    Think so but Parra have not won a GF since the 80's.
  21. Jibroni


    Tonights game just as good so far.
  22. Heeney clearly needed that one, just need one more before HT.
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