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  1. Kick a [censored] goal, [censored] [censored]
  2. We need to be more stealth up forward otherwise our season could end tonight.
  3. I fear it's a mistake for Petracca to play, hope nothing goes wrong. Would be shocked if Brisbane dont go after him (within the rules naturally).
  4. Semi final losers usually come out venomous the next week, I hope the boys can do the same.
  5. I hope Goody and Co prove us wrong as no changes makes no sense.
  6. Cant believe this is even a thread
  7. If Petracca is not fit to play this week who should come in (mid or forward)?
  8. Good win for Freo, but their club song is still the worst
  9. At least a Dogs win guarantees some normal fans next Saturday, and a bigger crowd.
  10. West Coast fans must be loving this, maybe Jackson might have a change of heart.
  11. Hope Brayshaw's brother can have a win this weekend.
  12. Good, will be interesting if we use him on Neale next week. Shut him down and effectively win the game.
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