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  1. Count will be finished by start of the Footy Marathon at this rate.
  2. If a Dees player does not win I hope Touk Miller does
  3. Sportsbet forum probably having melts as we speak.
  4. Some average mark of the year noms it must be said.
  5. Buddys swansong to end sadly, Cats by 26
  6. [censored] that was close, well in Swans
  7. Swans just need 1st goal in the last and that should do it.
  8. Still a healthy lead for Sydney, they will be fine.
  9. Fat lady crossing the harbour as we speak.
  10. Pies accuracy is giving me flashbacks to our game in Round 21
  11. The Pies supporter group looks like a group of prison releases.
  12. Geelong will be very nervous right now, Sydney look like a team destined to win this.
  13. History happened and you can't change it, yes we can learn from but part of this is showing respect for others. Sadly this is not the way of going about it.
  14. Guess were all on the Sydney train now.
  15. Lucky I have Netflix, this looks over.
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