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  1. I was essentially locked out of Australia, so I had no chance. Still cherished the day. I realised that if I was in Australia, I’d most likely be at the game sitting with strangers, instead of at home watching with my kids. Really fond memories of celebrating each goal with them. Wouldn’t trade it.
  2. I wouldn’t go near that place. They are completely trapped in the Sheedy/Hird era and the factions will undermine any ‘outsider’ that comes along. Anyone good enough to get a senior coaching role there, is good enough to get one somewhere else.
  3. I’m yo-yo-ing on this one almost daily. Today, I’m for it. The current scuttlebutt suggests that we’re after a low and a high first round picks in exchange for Jackson. Using the late first round pick on Grundy shores up the immediate future, with the earlier first rounder shoring up the future. I understand the comments about Grundy being a ‘past’ AA Ruckman but he was comfortably in the top five players in the league only 3-4 years ago. That’s ability doesn’t come knocking often.
  4. When we reflect on the season, I suspect the loss of McDonald will be a significant factor in our issues forward of center in the second half of the year. Even when he’s not on top of his game, his presence, endurance and movement are so important to our structure.
  5. What’s it called when an incorrect decision overrules an incorrect decision resulting in the right decision..?
  6. Gus moving into the midfield has allowed Salem to return to his role and I believe we’re a better unit for it. Personally, I’d prefer Gus back to his wing at the expense of JJ, but it’s hard to argue with the numbers he’s getting in the midfield.
  7. Whilst we’re a little way off it at the moment, I believe our ‘best’ is better than anyone else’s.
  8. Anyone have a link to where the training times and locations are? Used to be clear on the website, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere…
  9. Would Geelong supporters trade being ‘competitive’ every year for a premiership? Only two premiership players left on that list.
  10. As ordinary as they may look, they keep winning and convincingly beat us along the way. They are fast, high pressure and physical and have the style of play to break open a strong defence. No one would want to play them in the finals.
  11. His turn around from two years ago is incredible. I had him completely written off at the end of 2020 but he was a key player in our finals last year and has been immense since his return this year. Sign him up!
  12. Would like for him to extend for two years, then reevaluate. If he does choose to go, straight swap for Hayden Young would get the deal done by 9:15 on day one.
  13. Funnily enough, when I first saw that tatt, I felt a sense of relief.
  14. Good question. Hard to answer. All I’ve ever wanted is for our team to be competitive week in, week out; and we certainly have that this year. So I should be happy. Im finding myself a bit flat after the premiership last year. The highs aren’t quite as good and the lows don’t really hurt. I’m sure that’s a tiny example of what the players would feel in a premiership hangover. We’ve climbed a bloody big mountain and it’s difficult to emotionally invest straight away again.
  15. For the next couple of weeks, I'd opt for stability. That's something that's been lacking across ever line this season as apposed to last.
  16. Will finally be playing as the number one key forward. Not second tall, not second ruck. Let’s see what he’s got!
  17. This is a good announcement and has been enforced for the past couple of weeks. Spargo dropped a couple of times on the weekend and it was called play on.
  18. They 100% played into our hands and looked completely lost trying to move the ball forward of center. Will be interesting to see how they adapt this time.
  19. I’m quite confident going into this week. Not expecting a smashing, but hoping for a return to a grinding Melbourne win.
  20. I’m more inclined to not include him in the team and would prefer to see him play out the year in the VFL. If we were winning every week, I don’t think there’d be so many demanding his inclusion - so he’s being brought in to try to address a shortcoming in our more senior players. This puts massive pressure on him, especially with a fickle media and fans. I’d be very interested to see what he’s got, but that’s more my impatience rather than believing he’ll make a tangible difference against Port. Play him when he’s 100% smashing the door down. Still looks 5kg under weight imho.
  21. OUT: Oliver: Take the week, get it right. Bowey: No shame in a young player taking a week. Refresh, get the confidence back up. Bedford: Was exposed by a well drilled, mature team. IN: Dunstan: For Oliver if required. Allows Petracca to play more minutes up forward. Rivers: For Bowey. Too good to be out for too long. Laurie: For Bedford. Let’s see what he’s got. Sub: Hunt.
  22. When you see the effort and endeavour that the Geelong players push forward to pressure and out-number our defenders it seems that our forwards aren’t working hard enough. Delivery is an issue, but there’s a work rate problem as well.
  23. Geelong fade in the 4th. Two goals in a good place to be.
  24. We have two Key (lockdown) Defenders ahead of him in May and Petty. Both have a history of injuries and May will be 31 at the start of next season. Tomlinson hasn't been able to recapture anything close to his 2021 form following injury. This is a very good signing.
  25. He’s out of form. Still a quality player who will bounce back.
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