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  1. How about we find our b#@_! And start sticking tackles
  2. Sad news, he was my favourite post loss "presser" coach of all time and this year was going to be a big one for me and him. Oh well
  3. X2. Honestly if we weren't a decent team I wouldn't watch football anymore it's just a constant roll of the dice with every contest now.
  4. I'd love to know about his journey as a young fella, coming from Darwin & finishing school at Melbourne Grammer, before heading to the GC. That's a hell of a journey for a young man, how did he cope missing family and friends? Great to meet him at the family day too, my son was stoked get his signature on his number 1!
  5. What a nasty and unnecessary thing to say by somebody that works in the AFL media.
  6. No can do our draft pick is up by 16 and I'm loving it
  7. Mate it's P.O.E.T.S day get it together
  8. Sooo they're wearing black and the fence is black? What happened to the purple?
  9. Le freak, by Chic for the "stats file"
  10. Fantastic performance particularly from our younger guys who were super competitive all over the ground. Dennis Pagan had a rule of changing over a percentage of your list each year to keep things competitive and fresh and that's where we're at
  11. We'll be there early as my boy is part of the guard of honour as the team runs out onto the 'G'!
  12. Just caught myself reading an article on SEN about "why the Dockers will make the eight". I got halfway before I thought to myself, this is really sick stuff your doing here illbarto. Could be a tough year for the footy tipping with the Pies and the Purples losing every weekend.
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