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  1. I disagree, from a business perspective our goal is to build our supporter base and thus our market share. I can't see Tex bringing any supporters with him.
  2. I always thought Hawkins was rubbish until a couple of years ago so I guess the Weid has a few years before I should pass my final judgement
  3. So Ben Brown can't lead because his legs are tired and he needs a carry. We must keep this from the children.
  4. Mmm bugger, I had a look and could only see Narrm polos. Maybe give the demonshop at the 'G' a call tomorrow sometimes they have a few bits and pieces still around.
  5. From the MFC website, grab one of they are still there it's lovely
  6. In other news... I bought my wife a Narrm scarf and it arrived today. It's luxurious! 100% Australian wool and made in Melbourne, I had assumed it was going to be the same junk as the members scarves.
  7. I wouldn't say I feel sorry for teams but I would never want any other supporter to feel the way I did during the dark years.
  8. In his interview with Gus & Gawny (other than chatting about wanting to hurt someone in the Grand final) he mentions that until this pre season he hadn't been able to do a skills session for years because of the need to rest his feet. He noted how this was affecting his kicking etc. Kept him mean though.
  9. Jordon was fantastic today. There were a couple of plays right in front of us where his composure and footy smarts were on show. He can't of played 50 games yet either!
  10. Much like everyone else I would love to see the Weid succeed and string a few games together. The reality is however that last weekend was his best performance at either level for a number of games both this year and last and in my book he needs to earn that spot. I thought the forward line looked crowded with Tommy and Weid they just don't seem to understand the concept of creating space for each other or Fritta for that matter.
  11. What's "community" about the Docklands stadium? Surely this can be played at princess park or Casey.
  12. Rodney Grinter, so we get to expose a bit more of our depth whilst he's out serving his penance
  13. I think importantly, without knowing the ins and outs of the trades is that we appear to be a club that is easy to deal with and that our trades and pick swaps appear to be beneficial to both parties. Perhaps this is something that allows us to continue this method? I wouldn't have thought the same thing could be said about Fremantle or to a lesser extent Collingwood?
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