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  1. Used to be able to hire a pair of shiny shoes at sweethearts in order to be allowed into the nightclub across the road back in the days before we hash tagged our wingmen.
  2. Chris Fagan in the box in one of the clips. I also saw an after game speech of the reverends yesterday with Clarko in the rooms as the runner. And clubs are looking at assistant coaches of Hardwicks. 🙄
  3. And from that day on the QB clash was known as Collingwoods grand final.
  4. The important stat would be to know at which end the cheer squad is? I would like to think he feeds off us as much as the Dees supporters feed off him!
  5. Is it not possible to rotate a couple of different guys through the wing and forward line? Perhaps Nibbler and Harmes? With Sparrow coming into the midfield.
  6. Doesn't mean a lot though. I grew up over the back fence from one of the other umpires and just like our house they were all mad Dees supporters too! And lovely people to boot.
  7. I hear ya Altona Demon Wednesdays are a real drag. I've forced my son to collect football cards which I buy for him on Wednesdays on the off chance we get a Dees player, even if we don't it's a great opportunity to engage other family members in a dees based conversation.
  8. The painter we use at work says "is very good quality" and Pete's the best painter in town. (I kid you not)
  9. I've had a lot of respect for J. Reiwoldt in the past he's been a great player for many years but I found his comments on Kozzie to be really disappointing. Firstly that he thinks that Kozzie "(should be) better than that". Really? Did he say that to Nankervis after he was constantly battering Max all night? Or to Lynch? After any of his many indiscretions? Secondly he thinks that Kozzie could be as good as Cyril Rioli. Low ceiling for Koz in my opinion and a pretty lazy comment to compare him to the first indigenous player the can think of, how about broadening your horizons Jack? Koz could be the next..
  10. Ha ha membership thankyou round! With a nod and a wink?
  11. And here was I thinking we needed less people in our forward line! I think if our current forwards learnt how to make space for each other they would find their jobs a lot easier. That and of course kick the damn thing between the big sticks. Both of these I see as coaching failures and that's where our priorities should be in regards to forward line recruitment, a new forward line coach
  12. Please do this for the Eagles list too. Did anyone play to your standards I wonder? Such a pesimistic post
  13. I had a dog like Frosty once, he was totally mad but every now and then he was my best friend and I loved him to bits
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