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  1. No May? Laughable really. He - or Trac - will win our B&F.
  2. Good point - I didn’t think of it like that. But I guess rules are rules, and if you break them, even if no real damage was caused, you’re punished. Really sad listening to this. Sounds like Harley is not in a good place at all and I am glad the Melbourne FC is trying to reach out despite all that’s happened. Very, very sad.
  3. Precisely my point - we played with no heart the last two weeks which is why I was worried maybe Goodwin had lost the players. But last night showed the exact opposite and as previous posters have said, both teams played their hearts out in a very high pressure game. We got the win and worked hard for it, which shows there’s still a pulse at the club. Also, GWS have made finals for the last four years and were in the Grand Final last year. Admittedly, they have been hot and cold this year but when on, they sure can play. They are certainly no easy beat. Like I said, pressure isn’t o
  4. I said something like this in the post-game thread, but after last night’s game I saw one thing that impressed me - heart. The boys played with their hearts on their sleeves last night and May said post-match that they all felt for Goodwin this week. They knew the pressure was on and wanted to get the result for him. This shows they are still buying into the system and believe in it, which is hugely important. Goody also showed heart too. Watching his passion and desperation from the boundary line was brilliant and you could see in a pre-game interview how nervous he was. He cops a l
  5. I noticed this too. Was very short with the journos and dismissive of their questions. But I liked it! Also loved seeing the passion from Goody on the boundary line in the dying seconds of the last quarter. Even though his normally rehearsed speeches don’t show it, the bloke does really care about the club and the players love him too. May said post-match that they all felt for Goody this week and wanted to perform for him tonight. A good sign as it shows the players are still buying the system and have belief in their coach. The pressure isn’t off Goodwin yet, but promising signs tonight
  6. Totally agree. People forget he is a first year player, but what he has already shown is super exciting. Yes he has had quiet games, but that’s expected. With a few more years under his belt, I can see this kid becoming a star of the competition. In my opinion, we nailed the draft. Jackson, Pickett and Rivers are all going to be guns.
  7. I read this article and it made a lot of sense. But also when you think about it, it was this ‘helter-skelter’ approach which Melbourne was criticised for earlier in the year. Football experts lamented our team’s tendency to play on quickly, which saw Goodwin change our game style - a style that at times has worked, but in others non-existent. In my opinion, this change is the cause of the confusion and lack of cohesion we are seeing in the group. In 2017/2018, Goodwin very much implemented this more attacking, contested, play on game style and with a backline led by Frost and OMac,
  8. I also wouldn't dismiss the Hawks either... they are due for a win. Had a shocking loss to Adelaide, but nearly beat Saints, Essendon, and Port. Their last win was in Round 9 against Carlton. Could be another upset looming!
  9. For a long time I have played devil’s advocate for Goodwin, but tonight I cannot muster anything up. I am resigning to the fact that maybe he isn’t the right guy. Our season hasn’t been terrible. We aren’t a disaster or basket case. But we are mediocre and we are staying mediocre. This is the biggest issue for me. We have made no improvements over his four seasons coaching. My concerns with sacking Goodwin were always the what ifs. What if he does turn it around? What if it destabilises the playing group? What if we are overrating our list? But we can’t sit here
  10. I didn’t think it could get worse than the Sydney game. How wrong I was...
  11. Agree, and I think he will turn it around too. I always thought he would have a slow start at Freo given his circumstances. He is a supremely talented footballer, so I expect we will see him soon (at least I hope we do!).
  12. I agree with you that Jesse has been through more adversity than most in his life, but what is he to do if Freo aren't playing him? He is reportedly training and fit, but Freo are overlooking him at the selection table and apparently trialling him as a defender. If he doesn't get a game this week or the next couple of weeks, you have to wonder what Freo are doing... He is too good to be playing in the reserves. Obviously all rumour and speculation right now, but if there is disharmony between Hogan and Freo, and Peter Bell decides to trade him at season's end, not wholly implausible
  13. Plausible. If he doesn't get a game at Freo over the next few weeks, will be interesting to see what happens. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/08/21/watch-this-space-does-hogan-have-a-future-at-fremantle/
  14. It’s odd they have split Rowell and Anderson - maybe we have made an agreement to give them pick 2 for King?
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