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  1. Whatever happened to Gawny dropping behind the ball to assist the defence and take marks? We looked so solid in defence when he’d drop back and help out.
  2. Unrelenting forward pressure not seen since 2021 would be a lovely in, bring the pressure small forwards.
  3. Such an uninspiring team and coaching staff, everyone is down on form, backline couldn’t catch a cold (lever WTF!), just continue to bomb into the forward 50, never lower you eyes. Such a waste of talent in this team
  4. I’d like to see Gawn hit it to a player in blue just once out of the middle, stand up skipper and be a match winner!
  5. The demons have been the media darlings for 2.5 years now, I think it’s great this team is starting to get some negative press. We aren’t playing good football, we have so many deficiencies in our game, our core leaders (Gawn, Langers, Brayshaw, May, Lever) are all down on form. I watched us live against GC suns & Lions in QLD, our forward pressure is non existent, our midfield looks second to the ball, team connection isn’t firing defensively which creatures scoring shots, we’re vulnerable down back currently. It doesn’t look like we’re hungrier then the other teams (Lions, Bombers, Port all out hustled us. It only gets harder without Oliver and Petty unavailable, a positive is we’re sitting 4th and we aren’t playing that well. we don’t want to be playing our best footy in May but it will define our season if we’re poor. Massive 3 weeks, cannot wait to see how we respond.
  6. We knew Marshall was an out, Dixon would most likely miss, but we thought our talls would be an advantage? 🤦‍♂️. if Goodwin continues to play, two tall Ricks, two tall forwards and our midfield is as pedestrian as tonight, we will go no where this year. We need forward pressure for our defence to be a weapon. Collingwood will beat us by 50 with this game plan and team.
  7. Too tall, too slow for modern football, their midfield was harder at the ball. port deserved to win it, mistakes by Viney and Roo hurt us badly.
  8. Too tall, too slow for modern football
  9. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, we’re too tall for modern day football, when our midfield gets a bath, our big blokes don’t chase and tackle and we get cut open. need a smaller forward line, 1 x big forward, and a resting ruckmen deep forward then have 4 x quick smaller blokes. still reckon we’ll win tonight, Midfield needs a bake from the coaches
  10. Midfield dominance seems an issue, we can’t seem to get our hands on the ball from two dominant rucks, that was supposed to be our 1 wood. Maxy seems off after the injury
  11. Love him to bits, really need a Hibbo clone for the next few years, makes us so much better behind the ball, so dependable.
  12. GC Suns just waltzed the ball out of their defensive 50, I was sitting in the south eastern 50 and it looked so easy. we need to drop a tall and bring in Spargo or a small to help with forward 50 pressure. You’re already a man down with Fritsch in there, Grundy/Gawn/Roo can rotate through there. I also noticed that Gawny isn’t getting behind the ball to help out as much this year? I know our forward is a bit of a mess but him helping out behind the ball makes us look so much more settled defensively.
  13. Just got home from the ground, was a cracking game live, we owned them at the start of each quarter and the suns in the end of each quarter. Agree with everyone, Petty needs to stay back, was ineffective forward. we aren’t playing our best and still winning ✅ GC can’t play any better then that ✅ 4 points ✅ have a great night everyone, I need a scotch after that game….
  14. A mate is staying at the Sofitel in Broadbeach, the demons are staying their also, he was in the Spa with Viney, Van Rooyen and two other demons he didn’t know 🤦‍♂️ (bandwagon Lions supporter). Viney mentioned to him that the suns at home was the Demons hardest away game last year. They should be on ready to go!
  15. Glass half empty kind of person yeah? 🤣 Don’t you dare come up for the Olympics!…. There’s a tad more to do then the above mate, 8 months of the year it’s an amazing place to live, stay away during summer
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