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  1. He’s still working through the “learnings” from rounds past.
  2. Good to see they have brought in Spargo to assist Tmac in the ruck.....
  3. It would be hard to play consistent football when your weekends were as big theirs....
  4. Couldn’t agree more mate! If the mids and Maxy are on key, we should have a good win.
  5. Did you see Horse’s disbelief when told what Clarko said? Haha! He was furious, I love seeing the hawks in the bottom 4, I hope the cats join them next year for a very long stint down there.
  6. All of Brisbane is jumping on the Lions bandwagon as the Broncos are unbearable to watch. Should be a cracker of a game.
  7. Hi Jack, OMAc/Goodwin said in his post match press conference that the team will be based at Twin Waters at Maroochydore. They may have picked there due to our preseason training camp held their in January/February.
  8. Would have been a great game as a neutral supporter, i had to stand up for the last 3 minutes. I really wish the Salam back line experiment ends and we put him as a high forward, loved seeing him up and ground and his creativity. Love having the ball in Bennell and Hannan’s hands. The two forward option liked great before Tmac lost his eye, would still like Brown in as well to make a 3. Skills slightly improved still MUCH work to be done. umpiring was frustrating as always, their whistles clearly don’t work in our forward 50 for HTB or throws and blatantly dropping the ball.
  9. I’ll be very interested to see who replaces Tomlinson on the wing?
  10. I hope you like the sound of Drums Goody! They’re getting louder!.....
  11. This is the first time I have ever turned off a Melbourne game!. I can’t watch this [censored] anymore, it just ruins your weekend. no skill, no structure, no [censored] idea!
  12. Well the GC Suns have lost their first game away from home. Dew/Cochrane will start the priority pick talk now! Usually starts around round 7.
  13. Ridiculous comment, we currently do not have a Clear brand, the issues from 2019 are still evident in 2020. That’s why the supporters are frustrated, the way the team is playing is frustrating.
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