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  1. He’s not the brightest old Clayton is he? Seriously poor form from him, they’re right we haven’t won a thing, arrogant statement.
  2. Vanders will be living rent free in a fair few Hawks players tonight and tomorrow …….
  3. Lions are done! We need a few of these to help us out 🙌🏼
  4. Geez Brayshaw is going to have a shiner in the morning, he played with one eye in the second half!.
  5. Viney needs to be commended for his defensive job on Wines, he was basically a non factor. Viney offence stuff will come.
  6. The team going hardest at the ball gets more free kicks, that was bruise free football for three quarters.
  7. You cannot just hand the ball back to the opposition three times mate, miss kicks are exactly that. He has one skill and that’s run fast
  8. Another ugly win would have covered the cracks again, you cannot pick and choose when to go in this league. personnel changes is required, our midget forward line isn’t working, our star midfield aren’t hard enough when required. changes next week and a brutal [censored] review Goodwin [censored] I’m annoyed!! At that pathetic effort.
  9. Jayden [censored] hunt, what a way to blow all momentum, not once, not twice but three [censored] times.
  10. Great win! I’ll really enjoy the office banter on Monday! my best mate (kiwi - rugby mad) has been watching games with me of late, at half time he asked if we were a decent chance, I said yes we finish games strong and we cannot play any worse. He loaded up on the Dee’s under 2 conditions from me 1) he buys 1 x memberships 2) buys a jersey (would be 4xl) if we win. We shook on it, ladies and gentlemen we have our newest member haha!
  11. A lot of them are real bandwagon supporters up here, since the Broncos have been terrible, they have really gotten behind the lions. I'm less worried about this game then the dogs, maybe that because we have proven the the competition that we’re the real deal. Neutral venue, we’re down some key players. Melbourne by 11 points, May to destroy their forward line. edit - brain fart 💨
  12. Salam with the Hollywood [censored] again! Keep it simple mate
  13. He is not the reason we lost, on the flip side of your comment, if Max played to his full potential we would have won the game. unfortunately Max is our captain and 1/5 of our most important players, he get marked harder then most.
  14. They have some catching to do on Voss and Black, we desperately need Max back to his best, he’s been poor over the last few weeks.
  15. I’m surprised the Suns haven’t put their hand out already, it usually comes around round 9.
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