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  1. I agree with you, great Mark, decent kick
  2. Having a few beers with a Collingwood mate who’s an interstate member like I am, the dirty rotten pies give them a new Polo + hat with his membership, I said we get a bumper sticker and a card, he was gobsmacked and remarked “they always let you down don’t they”
  3. I wonder when the 2021 range will be released? I’ve been monitoring the site since Xmas.
  4. What a complete overreaction, wild and off the cuff? Settle down drama Queen as you so politely put it .... I just reported was in the paper, we were advised by the MFC a couple of months, the word several is the concerning word reported.
  5. At the bottom of the HS report on Daw, this was also added - “Brown is expected to miss several months after knee surgery” several months?!? ... so much for back running in 4 weeks as mentioned by Richo.
  6. Pardon my ignorance but how could you possibly know that? We have Oliver and Petracca out of contract next year? Maybe we only offered a two year contract, once some money free’s up we can offer a longer contract in two years time. We win games and players stay and other good players from other teams want to come to us.
  7. Just imagine being on $700k a year for a start, just shy of $7k a week after tax, but not perform in your role for the past two years and have two years to run at that rate. its mind boggling
  8. Tom Morris reckons he’s off to the cats, I hope you’re on the money @Dr evil 🤞🤞
  9. Can you please elaborate on the bold? Is this his belief that the club/medicos have mismanaged his injuries/program?
  10. Please god no! With our one way running midfield, Tom will butcher the ball out of the back line for multiple goals a game. I’ve never been so nervous watching someone with ball in hand coming out of defence. Either he gets his body right and may play some games next year, or they offload him for the best deal they can. We need a proper professional forward, no more defenders that may be able to kick goals.
  11. Could one of you legends PM the article please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  12. I’ve loved watching both teams at stoppages, the amount of blocking they do to support/release their teammate is fantastic. Just shows how easy we could make it for ourselves with Max and our Mids with some quality coaching.
  13. Hahahaha! Exactly right mate, it’s not the lack of skill / execution of the game plan, it’s a couple of mates having a laugh during the quarter time break. give me an absolute spell
  14. I think Neeld has two to run didn’t he? brisbane broncos sacked their coach in year two of a five year deal.
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