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  1. What are the bombers options? Ross Lyon, Leon Cameron, James Hird, Nathan Buckley….. then the dinosaurs. Lyon and Buckley look pretty happy in their media roles. it really is beautiful to watch though
  2. I’ll happily take the 4 points, although it feels like we stole it. we’re just so predictable over the past 10-12 rounds, we have lost all our offensive dare, Second to the ball, hate to say it but soft at the contest at times tonight. unless we’re about to hit a switch but we’re struggling under the pressure of being reigning premiers it feels. I’ll be cheering on at the Gabba, let’s hope some offensive is found during the week. it would be nice to kick it to BBB on the lead just once and not to him with 3 defenders.
  3. Hunger and fitness aren’t there this year, we used to slaughter teams last season. I don’t know why a hard tag was not put on De Goey, the bloke has had 3-4 BOG’s against Melbourne whenever he plays us. Our best players May, Lever, Gawn, Oliver, Petracca aren’t playing well enough to win games this year. the heat came in the second half and we played soft.
  4. You always needs a plan B, imagine if we did nothing and he left with only Max as our ruck stock. We need to continue to improve our list next year or teams will go past us.
  5. Fitness and hunger unfortunately.
  6. Salem needs to take the 60 degree boots off and find the crisp 5 iron boots from last year.
  7. I just can’t see Gus leaving to be honest, he and his family are so invested in the club, he’s one of our leaders, does a lot of media for MFC including the podcast. His parents take in our next draftees every year. If he leaves it will be a massive shock.
  8. Is this the first time you have posted in 17 weeks? Give us a rest troll. One bad game and you’re jumping at shadows. Make sure Mum tucks you in nice and tight tonight.
  9. You sad sack of a man, won 17 in a row, they caught us with 5-6 of our best out and you start slagging off our bright stars. I actually feel sorry for you….
  10. Midfield needs to stand up, they got destroyed in that quarter, someone need to put a rocket under Petracca
  11. Tmac went against the team ethos of playing unselfish. Unreal win with 6 premiership players out!
  12. The stat line would read: Kicks = 0 Handballs = 0 Marks = 0 Spoils = 22 Umpire dissent = 4 x 50’s
  13. Although I felt dirty going there, I headed to the Blues shop with a mate when we were down for round 1 and then we headed to the Dee’s shop after. The difference in the options the blues have versus the Dee’s is light years apart. The amount of t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, shorts Carlton have is unbelievable. Even my mate mentioned that weren’t many options for the Dee’s supporters. is there a reason behind this? I spoke to the Demons shop before Easter asking when new gear was coming in (no sizes) and they said it’s hard getting answers out of New Balance. Is it NB who are providing limited options?
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