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  1. So where to from here for the under 19 championships? Now that Victoria’s lockdown has been extended and the Andrews government seems to have lost control of this Delta strain, I can’t see any further games taking place.
  2. Whatever the muscle, it’s strange that his prognosis in terms of recovery date has worsened in the past week.
  3. Prefer to play GWS because they struck it lucky in the battle of the bridge and looked gone at the end. The Cats are also looking cooked. It’s been a long hard year for them but they will have far too much experience for the Giants without Greene.
  4. We’ll probably never know. Melbourne could have named him as an emergency in case a decision was made to rest Maxy or Doggo in the ruck or play him in defence covering for Jake or Petty this week. They could also have played him up forward - he once kicked 6 goals in a game. It’s versatility. Anyway, our Covid19 response to lockdown 6 has been so pathetic that by the time it comes to having VFL finals in early September we’ll all be in solitary confinement in our laundries 24/7 so it doesn’t really matter.
  5. I think many people forgot about his great sense of humour especially the times when he was trying to be funny like when those journos wrote about his description of the “vault”. In fact, I doubt that he ever was guilty of anything but telling a joke.
  6. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Christian Petracca 4. Alex Neal-Bullen 3. Jake Lever 2. Max Gawn 1. Jayden Hunt
  7. Geelong have played a number of similar games where the opponent has taken it up to them and had the rotten end of the stick with kicking for goal or umpires decisions. A few games could easily have gone the other way. Carlton are shockers - they did the same against the Eagles and could easily have been close to the eight if luck went their way.
  8. There was a good vibe among the Collingwood players after they beat Adelaide. The mood was very positive towards Bucks. The sudden decision to leave is likely to be demoralising. Who are they playing for?
  9. Congratulations on the book. Getting the Mike Sheahan to do the foreword is a really feather in the cap!!!
  10. Does this mean we’ll get the VFL teams before half time in their games now?
  11. Watching Kozzy play over the past few weeks, I think he might have grown a few centimetres since he came to the club. Was recruited at 171cm but looks taller than Spargo who is supposed to be 174cm. Anyone think the same?
  12. Thunderstorms predicted for the Gold Coast. Why not relocate the game to there and put the teams in a hub for old time’s sake?
  13. Meanwhile, what happens with ticketing? Surely the best thing to do is to move this game to Marvel Stadium at 1.10pm on Sunday and reallocate a later North game to Blundstone? This would allow tickets to be sold to the supporters of both clubs and avoid the uncertainty and a possible fiasco.
  14. Have set Foxtel to record this potentially epic television event but am curious about the team selection. Up until now, it’s been simple - wait for Melbourne to pick its team for the AFL game by which time, the VFL game is 10 minutes into the second quarter. I get that and it seems to work as beautifully as everything else in terms of communication with fans of AFL & VFL these days. But when will we know this week?
  15. It took about 10 minutes of cross-examination of Nathan Buckley before they even recognised that Goodwin was in the studio.
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