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  1. Big changes coming.... Gawn for Pruess Jones for Hannan Brown for TMac Rivers for Harmes OMac for Lockhart JWags for Sparrow ... and another?
  2. I think the tallest player should be captain because everyone has to look up to him.. so Max for captain and The Pruess dude for vice
  3. I think it’s a bit of a reality check for those who think it’s going to be anything but a struggle to win more than five games in 2020. unless Clarry or Trac or Gus or Salem or Weed can become matchwinners it’s looking ominous... even with a better draw...and less injuries.
  4. I’d like to think we can be competitive in every game this year, at least till the fifteen minute mark of every last quarter... after that we will need some match winners to stand up and get us over the line (or save us).. Oliver? Trac? TMac? Max? Gus? Weed? Kossie????
  5. I think (hope) we can be competitive this year with Burgess and the recruits but to win the big games we need Oliver Brayshaw and Petracca to go to another level and be A grade match winners....
  6. It is.raining here Bin so I could restart the cheroot!!... oh peter Green on the stereo.......
  7. Just as an addendum.. Thursday last session..closed.. here’s a whisper... Darren Burgess in charge... 100 x100’S..... then 20 x 400’s... then to the beach too cool off.. but hang on... 2 hours grappling wrestling first.. some murmurs I hear!!!!
  8. Core= those who while not irreplaceable there is not like for like at Casey, so to have a good competitive season these guys need to play 18+ games each.... Backs...May and harmes (toughness and run) Mids Oliver Langdon (smarts and run and run) Forwards...TMac Melksham Petracca ((running targets) When these guys are out the cracks could open Would be nice to add Pickett Bennell and Jackson but.....
  9. Perhaps because if May takes Darling it’s hard to imagine Lever playing one on one on Kennedy... or Hibberd or Fros....
  10. I remember watching us play the Suns at the (Gabba!) in 2018.. one of the few live matches I’ve seen in the last few years. I had not been an ANB fan but on that day I got to see how Goody used him and what his value/role was... creating stoppages.. all day he was the second or third in and held it up for a ball up in the 50... he wasn’t getting any stats for these but it was damn effective...and we killed them on the scoreboard... as an aside the guy who was bog that day surprised me.. Harmes
  11. The 2019 season... ”I woke up this morning with stones in my mouth Said those were only the lies you’ve told me” Springsteen..
  12. I reckon one of the things that our injury toll in 2019 showed up... was our lack of versatility and that is what JT has tried to redress with.. Thommo (Back, fwd, ruck), Langers (wing, hbk ), Brown (kpf, kpd), Bennell (wing, fwd, mid), Jacko (ruck, kpf, mid), Pickett (fwd!), Rivers (hbk, mid) and add these guys who barely got on the park this year... Smith (fwd, def), Vanders (fwd, mid), KK (def, mid) Hannan (fwd, wing), ... depth is in part correlated to flexibility of personnel to cover gaps not just direct swaps..
  13. I agree RB ... to the point where I might fly to the G just to watch Jacko and Kossie play without being only focussed on whether we can win... these two could become “stars” ... they better get a good number each for kids to put on their back... and rivers can play a role.. and I reckon Taylor gets an A
  14. It rained in the northern rivers ... could be an omen.. hallelujah!! jetta OMac lever rivers may harmes langdon Salem thommo melksham tmac fritsch pickett Jackson jones maxwell olly trac ic.. Viney Smith Gus bennell
  15. I like the look of this boy.. looks big enough to play straight away and free up Salem... for those still bent and twisted about not taking Young ... here’s Taylor’s answer.. could he be an Enright clone?
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