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  1. Spot on - I'm wrapped with how he's been playing since being brought back... but from all reports he was not looking likely through the pre-season with TMac, Brown and Jackson all showing more. He's had to earn it and he is doing everything right now (aside from missing a few set shots)
  2. Not a personal attack as I've seen many others call for this... but I'm trying to understand why anyone would think TMac in the backline would be a good idea. Can you help me out? In my view, TMac is a terrible field kick. Potentially this is more decision making. But when he used to play in defence, TMac used to take it upon himself to take the low percentage kick into the corridor that only our best kicks could pull off regularly. If he didn't do that, he try and run around someone and get caught regularly. The benefit of playing him forward was that he could use his endurance and he could kick straight and was a revelation in late 2017 and 2018 with his goal kicking. Since then he's had numerous injuries. He seems to still have the endurance but appears to have lost some speed and agility. His tackle count last night indicated his effort and desire but he will be a liability in defence at the moment with ball in hand and when defending. And finally I think our defence is functioning pretty well at the moment... don't see how he could improve it.
  3. Agree - I think we need to manage a number of players this week. The roos have more injuries and are also dealing with short breaks - I'd make as many changes as we can. I'd love to see JJ come in and spend more time in the middle with Sparrow Brayshaw and Harmes.
  4. Given Goldy is struggling and off a short break, I wonder whether they're putting this out there to tempt the Roos to rest him this week as well.
  5. Don't know what games you're watching but Oscar has been good this year. No defender is going to look good with the way the team played v Port. Oscar is never going to be a star - all he has to do is his role. We have May, Lever, Hibberd, Salem and co to do the attacking things.
  6. I think it's also about there being more ball ups and throw ins so other teams that base their game around the stoppages also like the grounds that will maximise the chances of this occurring.
  7. There's obviously other factors at play... but our win-loss record since I first posted this continues to fit the pattern. I.e. the grounds with a width of less than 135m we play well at (eg Metricon and Adelaide) whereas the grounds with a width greater than 135m eg The Gabba we play poorly at. Clearly this was not the reason we lost to port - we were smashed everywhere - and we weren't convincing against Adelaide in the 1st half. But based on how we've gone while Goody has been coaching, I expect our game will suit the narrower grounds such as Adelaide and Metricon more than say the Gabba or Optus in WA. Looking ahead, we play: - North @ Adelaide. Since Goody has been coaching we have an 80% record there from 5 matches. North have lost the 3 games they have played there - Collingwood at the Gabba. In Goody's time we have won 2 of the 4 games at the Gabba. In the same time, Collingwood has won both their matches at the gabba. - Western Bulldogs at Metricon. In Goody's time we have won 1 of two games at Metricon. In the same time the Bullies have won two and lost two. Small sample sizes and lots of other variables but will be interesting to keep an eye on.
  8. Interesting - I think TMac might need to put the que in the rack for 2020. His endurance for his size is his biggest weapon - but as you say this is less important in the 2020 game. Maybe he should spend the next 6-9 months working on his agility / acceleration as that has fallen away for him - most likely due to injuries.
  9. King went on and on about it last night - accelerating away from the contests. I hope it is a mindset thing that Clarry can continue to do. But I suspect it's got more to do with playing against the bottom side who didn't know how to stop him getting off the chain.
  10. On what we've seen he has better skills than I thought too. Very exciting to see what he can do
  11. You might be right... but I was under the impression that he played there as Oscar was being managed. Despite his critics, Oscar has been solid this year and I suspect against the bottom side would have looked just as good as Tomlinson. In the same way that Oliver burst away from packs, I loved seeing Tomlinson doing this in the backline last night - but then you realise he's crashing through 1st and 2nd year players of the bottom side. If he does it against good sides I'll be converted.
  12. I thought Morris said (or maybe I read elsewhere) that Melbourne had been told that paying out Goodwin's wage (if it came to that) would not be considered inside the footy department cap - which has angered other clubs.
  13. Nailed it - Bernie doesn't come across as the smartest tool in the shed. Clearly there are issues but I wouldn't be looking to Bernie to be able to identify them.
  14. Interesting to have a quick peek at the Port board selection discussion. You would not think they are the top team based on that! They also want to get rid of their coach (that's probably common among about 14 teams) and are wanting them to dump their stars at selection. It's a bonus to us that Port's next game after us is v the Doggies Monday night so they have 2 days less break after the game to factor in. A week is a long time in football - especially in current times where you play more than once in a week!
  15. I'm probably in the minority here but if he is probably our second best field kick after Salem (and he's missing so many of his set shots) isn't it a waste to have him playing so deep forward? I loved what he could do when he played wing / HFF previously - where he could use his kicking skills to deliver the final kick inside 50 which we all know is a weakness. Having said that, he has previously been a reliable set shot so if he'd kicked straighter this year we might've had an extra win or two.
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