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  1. I reckon it's close to clicking. Brown is known as an accurate kick (as far as key forwards go) but he wasn't last weekend. If he had of taken his chances and kicked like he used to against us, he would have kicked 5. To me that's not struggling.
  2. That's true - but I think our best is so contingent on our effort collectively - everyone has to play together, run hard defensively, 2nd/3rd efforts etc. When we've done this, no one can touch us (see Tigers, Dogs first game, Lions 2nd half etc). But I think to play that way is very taxing - certainly physically but probably mentally too. The way we've played against the best teams to me suggests we know how to get ourselves "up". Would have loved to beat the doggies but given the bath we gave them last time I thought they would have come across a bit more invincible against us. We stayed with them and learnt a bit more about their strategy against us. I would back us in a final against them (an I'm not normally a glass half full supporter) I'm not suggesting we've achieved anything yet - I just think that people (esp in the media) are quick to jump at the immediate trends without looking at the bigger picture. When our effort is high, we are the hardest beat as our defence strangles the opposition. I think this will happen when we hit the finals (if not before). The last 4 or so years the tigers have won their last 5 (or so) in a row leading into finals - I've got no doubt we will be looking to do the same (as will every other contender).
  3. I'm not worried at all - be ready to bump this in September. We have been the most consistent performer this year - average losing margin of 11.75. No one else has been in every game this year like we have. We have the best record against other teams in the 8 (we have beaten everyone one there we have played). We have shown we lift for the big games - Saints (was big at the time), Tigers. Dogs, Lions, Port - even the 2nd dogs match we played well and if not for some errant kicking for goal (a common theme) and one sided umpiring it would have gone the other way. We have the best defence in the league (though people forget that this is only as good as the pressure from our mids and forwards allow). Every year the fans and commentators get seduced by the scoring power of contenders to watch the best defensive teams perform the best in September. We have stars on every line and a few superstars of the comp in their prime - Trac, Clarry and Gawn. We are hungry (when it matters - and its about to matter) We have been blessed with injuries. Our forwardline is our biggest weakness and we have one of the game's premier key forwards from previous seasons returning and starting to find some touch - potentially our one missing piece. I'm not saying we will win the flag - so much comes down to luck, injuries and who knows what will happen in this covid year. But i'm not worried about form, fitness, game plan or hunger. To start the season 11-1 or whatever we were, we knew we were playing finals at the halfway point. This impacts on hunger for games that don't matter. And I have no doubt that the fitness staff were told to prepare the players to peak in September - even if it means they might perform below their optimum before then. We have not been better placed to challenge since 1964 and there's no opponent we would fear. Buckle up - we're in for a fine September!
  4. I think its a tough balance - I know Freo supporters have said Henry (in same draft) has all the same tricks as Kozzie but hasn't shown much of it in games so far and they put this down to not having the aggression that Kozzie has. Hopefully he can tidy it up a bit - but if this is what it takes to get the best out of him, I'm not too fussed if (so long as oppositions can't exploit it)
  5. I obviously don't want us to lose... but if this game forces the bulldogs to try something that works, I'd rather it come out in this match than in a final. Should be a very interesting match. Libba and Bont and co will want to put in a much better showing than last time.
  6. Don't think this is what people are referring to, but have people noticed that (maybe with Viney back?) Jordon seems to be playing the wing more than Brayshaw?
  7. While the matches against Crows, North, Pies, Giants, Hawks have all been a concern, no team this year (and in most years) can dominate every game. The fact that we've been able to do it against the other challengers is a good sign. The way I see it, you can't have the crazy hunger / desire in every match of the season. In this comp, if it's off by 4% then that's enough for the bottom sides to come at you. We don't look as flashy as some of the others up the top but we're in every game - not sure if any other team could say the same? But when it has really mattered this year - Tigers, Dogs, Lions, Port etc we've been "on" and flexed our muscles. Given our strong start, it wouldn't surprise me if Burgo has been pushing them a bit harder on the track through this period to ensure they're cherry ripe for finals. They'd be negligent not to approach it that way. Premierships are won in September not in July. Calm the farm everyone, so long as covid does not take over and our top liners remain injury free, we are in for a great September!
  8. I was impressed with BBB last week - though he didn't score goals and didn't really hold marks he certainly made a contest and I noticed on multiple occasions that when he knew he was unlikely to mark it he did all he could to ensure it spilled to a dees player. In some ways it looked strange because I was thinking "why aren't you trying to mark it" but maybe this is how selflessness translates when you're a big key forward. But in line with what you're saying, I think we should be looking to use Brown as the lead up forward when we win a clear centre clearance. it doesn't happen often but I hope they are practising this a lot at training. He's good on the lead and a great kick - if we can get 2 goals from this a game that would be enormous - I also think it is doable. The rest of the time if he's competing and making a contest then he's doing his job - he doesn't have to kick bags in this team (though I won't be complaining if he does)
  9. Would be very surprised to see ANB dropped for someone like Melksham. If you listen to how Goody and the other coaches / players talk, its all about playing your role and sacrificing for them team. ANB is critical to our forward line and overall structure due to his ability to run at high speeds all day. While Melksham might be a better player with ball in hand, each would have the ball less than 5% of the total game time - so the pressuring, running etc is more important. Particularly with BBB in the side. I would love to see the 2018 Melksham in this side - but from what we've seen, either he's no longer able to play at this level or the game / game plan has changed. Would love to be proven wrong but would be very surprised if ANB is on the chopping block unless its for someone who can match his running and pressure.
  10. Other people clearly follow this much closer than me - but from what I've seen and heard he's only shown glimpses of potential. Players like Grundy and Jackson showed a lot more at the same age. Maybe not his fault as he is so lightly built at the moment. But it's rare of clubs to draft so highly solely on potential. If he's 3-4 years away, which clubs are going to use their first round pick on him - it's such a risk and clubs / recruiting managers are held to account for these decisions when they don't come off. (You don't want to be the guy that picks a Luke Molan or Lucas Cook in the first round) Put it this way - If we had a pick in the first round, I'd be concerned if we were looking to use it on this kid unless he showed a bit more in the second half of the year.
  11. Good summary. On a lighter note, we don't play enough top 8 teams to get the wins we want - we seem to perform better against them cf teams outside! 😂
  12. I might be in the minority here. But I would love to see the tigers get going and win the rest of their games, the media jump back on board them and say it was never in doubt, the greatest team of the modern era, another norm smith for dusty etc etc etc.... and then they run into us and we knock them out.
  13. Will be interesting to see what happens next year when Thomlinson comes back. Petty is too good to play VFL. He may end up passing Brown and Weid as the other forward to TMac. At the same time, when he was drafted, he was excelling as an intercept defender (i.e. the Lever role) so definitively has some flexibility to his game.
  14. I think its also we just do what we need to to win. No point flogging ourselves for percentage if it means we lose the following week. So passing the ball around rather than going full throttle probably helps ensure we don't get too fatigued. I think this is Geelong's plan - given they've shown they've been unable to peak in September in recent years.
  15. Be very surprised if he goes top 20 - even top 30. Not many clubs have the ability to draft a tall project player with their first pick. Loads of potential but surely more likely to bust than to make it (nothing against the guy but most don't). And if he does make it, then it would make more sense to make a big play for him when another side has put 3-4 solid years of development into him. Most clubs require their first round picks to inject a bit of hope into the club (someone that could play the following year) and those that are in contention try to trade or draft in the missing ingredient. For someone playing such a physical role in such a lightly built frame, Andrew doesn't fit either. Different player and circumstance but we picked Rosman mostly on potential last year - pace, endurance and height. We took a risk because we need a winger but also knew that if we could get it all to click for him then he could be a real weapon. But we weren't prepared to do that with our first pick (although admittedly perhaps we would have had Geelong not got in before us). Just my view, but unless Mac Andrew dominates the back half of the year, he will be ours if we want him (i.e. will not go in the top 20).
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