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  1. I might be in the minority here but I feel like Salem hasn't improved greatly this year - I just feel like he has a better team around him so what he does comes off more / gets noticed. I feel like Salem has been doing what he is doing now for years and has been criminally underrated.
  2. Not defending Kane but I'm not a fan of the long term contracts. In this case I think it's probably ok because right now it builds stability and adds to the good news story snowball for us and he's (reportedly) being paid much less than other clubs would be prepared to pay him. Having him locked away for life does so much for membership, for being a destination club and to put to bed the rumours that would otherwise have plagued Melbourne and Petracca his whole career. But that's probably my Melbourne Bias talking. Other than Dusty, there's not too many 7+ year deals that have worked f
  3. Yeah Lloyd brought it up. Was interesting to note their coverage of the Fritsch incident as well compared to On the couch. All saying Fritsch should have got a week and no comparison with the Dangerfield GF incident. I actually think Fritsch should have got a week (and Dangerfield as well) - but have noticed that having the likes of Lyon and Healy on fox footy and the radio does a lot to ensure the Melbourne view is presented in the media. I think this is pretty valuable.
  4. Loved seeing the start of footy classified where they spoke about the long term contracts after looking at the Petracca. Eddie talking like he knows how to manage these things by talking about Pendlebury never getting a long term deal but him staying at the club for 12 years. Then also went on to say how the long term deals can change the player - they feel the pressure or lose the drive to perform. Coming from the guy who was the president of the club that had to have a firesale at the end of last year. I'm not generally in favour of long term deals like this so I think
  5. I wouldn't hold the weekend's game against Brown - our midfield was a bit out of sorts (as was our backline) and the conditions always make it a bit of a strange match in Hobart. It will take a little bit of time to build chemistry with the mids and other forwards but a fit and firing Brown is more damaging than Weid (or anyone else). If he looks out of sorts after a few games then its a luxury to have Weid waiting in the wings! What I found interesting was that we seemed to play better after TMac went back - was that because we were too top heavy with both of them forward (and one
  6. I was thinking about this as well - the pies prob need to move De-Goey on unless he find some consistent form this season. They need draft picks but a ready made key forward they need more than anything. I wouldn't want to lose Weid but I do remember De Goey destroying us with Cox in 2018 and thinking that he has a higher ceiling than Petracca. Since then their careers have gone in opposite direction. If at the end of the year Weid or TMac said they wanted out (because they didn't finish the year in the team), I wouldn't be against this if he could fit in the cap.
  7. Happened to be flicking round different radio stations this afternoon and landed on 3AW with Gerard Healy - he did a big start to the segment all on Kozzie. He can't help himself! But it was great listening as a dees fan. A couple of points he made: A lock for the AA team if he keeps up this form Couldn't remember a better 1st / 2nd year player in all his days as an AA selector. Similar stats to Cyril in his second year in terms of averages but averaging 2 goals a game (rather than 1). He then asked his co-hosts (Richo and maybe scoop maclure) what they thought of
  8. Might not be popular on here, but I think there is a good chance Harmes will come in for Viney to play the defensive midfielder role as he has done this before and Sydney have a number of midfielders that are damaging clearance players (Kennedy, Parker, Florent). Alternative is obviously Sparrow who would be more deserving - but I don't know if I've seen him lock down on a player in the way the at Viney / Harmes have.
  9. Not saying he's in the same league but doesn't Majak do both of these already?
  10. Have a look at the one-eyed sydney supporters comparing it to the fritsch incident: ?? https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/sydney-swans-vs-melbourne-demons-saturday-may-8-mcg.1265792/page-9
  11. What about Koutoufides - I see a bit of that in him
  12. Who has the pies first pick this year?
  13. I don't think you can blame McDonald solely for his form in 2019 / 2020. He had injuries, was clearly asked to bulk up to play a key position forward role he wasn't suited to and was asked to carry the forward line when the team was playing poorly. I don't think Weid / Brown would have necessarily done much better. TMac has always performed better when there are other tall targets in the forwardline and given his running capacity, I think having a mix of Brown / Weid / Jackson in the team will allow us to get the best out of him.
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