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  1. What I'm interested to see is what happens when Viney and Brayshaw come back - who goes out? From last year you'd say Sparrow and Jordan. But this role that Harmes plays in the centre square is what Viney seemed to do for much of last year - particularly if you have Oliver and Petracca as the other players in there.
  2. I heard Richo say on the weekend that the defensive part of Farmer's game is strong but he still needs to work on a few things in the offensive part of his game. I found this interesting as often it is the other way round for small forwards. I wouldn't write him off yet - given the long term injury list, I'd be happy to rookie him and allow him to battle with our other small forwards to win a spot on the list next year.
  3. Haven't watched enough of Majak forward to know how he goes at this but I don't think being the stay at home key forward is really TMac's strength. Brown is great on the lead with his height and reach but isn't really the long range get out kick. Weid has shown flashes of potentialbut not consistently. What am I saying? It will never happen but as Max is our best contested mark, if he was playing deep forward then that would give opposition defences much more to worry about - you wouldn't actually need many more talls around him (esp if Fritsch, Petracca and Jacko are around).
  4. You're entitled to your opinion (none of us really know) but if you think that a savy operator like Jason Taylor is going to spill the beans on a fan podcast then I don't know what to tell you. If you listen to his interviews, he talks up the players he's drafted as if they are the best players in the draft - I don't have a problem with this as clearly he rates them very highly. But it doesn't mean he doesn't rate other players higher - if he comes out and says "yeah we really rated Holmes and hoped he'd slip through to our first pick", it would lead to a meltdown on here - supporters wo
  5. I don't think that's right DD. They're not going to telegraph in a club video that we missed out on who we wanted. My read is that Laurie and Bowey were always rated highly but prior to Geelong getting Holmes, they were only thinking of taking one of them. Taylor saying "I'm happy with those two" to me sounds like he is saying, that although it's not the plan they talked about these two will be a great fit. Love how Taylor goes about it - but just because he says we weren't that interested in Holmes as the media made out doesn't mean it's true - if he said the reports were true the
  6. Some really interesting insights from that which is surprising given they only show you what they want to show you. Seems like we would have picked Holmes if he was not taken ahead of us. But as Taylor said (multiple times) - we've got the 2 best kicks and decision makers in the draft in Bowey and Laurie. Also said "they like footy more than anyone else - probably why they don't make mistakes" I'd heard Bowey talked about as a halfback, small forward and winger. Interestingly Taylor indicated he noticed some Sam Mitchell type qualities in Laurie too.
  7. I assume they think Max is more likely to mark the ball kicked by the opponent than if it kicked by a teammate!
  8. Would love that to be the case. We've all seen the cycle before - a young kid having big expectations on them and when they don't live up to those expectations they become the new whipping boys for supporters. Let him play first!
  9. I agree - haven't seen him play (only seen his highlights packages) but the fact that he can run (quickly and all day), has size and can take a grab makes me think he must have a few other things to work on (otherwise why didn't he go top 10?) Like all of his cohort, he's essentially missed a year of footy - let's not put too much expectation on the kid before he's even played a practice match!
  10. You might be right - but unless you're one of the players, how could you possibly know whether the "quiet word" from these players is any different than from anyone else. My sense is that for a young player, it would help to hear it from someone who is seen by the football world as a start of the game - which Petracca and May are - but so is Gawn. They're all doing it - does it make a difference if they're captain when they're doing it? On a related note, it think this is another reason BBB will make a big difference to our forward line - having been one of the leading goal kickers in t
  11. Not solely directed at you tiers as many here share similar thoughts but I think this is pretty unfair on max. Does anyone here really have a good sense of who are the best leaders at the club? People were crying out for Max to be added to be captain prior to last season and now we think he isn't the best leadership material because we didn't finish where we wanted to. It's not the be all and end all but to me it makes a difference that he's a captain that doesn't talk in cliches - love/d them all as players but Viney, Jones, Green etc never inspired me because confidence/words were
  12. Yeah sorry you are right - I often get mixed up due to that last goal he kicked v Hawthorn in the 2018 final.
  13. I disagree - I think he offers something with his field kicking ability and speed that many of our mids don't. He's obviously also very capable in the air and in one-on-one situations. Given he's a left footer, could he be a genuine option as the other winger to Langdon? I know people have said that Baker, Hunt and even the new kid should play this role but I think he offers more than Baker and Hunt at least IF he has the tank and has the desire - last two years he has looked like a player that's only willing to play on his own terms.
  14. Yeah you only really should be back ending contracts if you are in the window or have some big contracts about to finish. I don't think either applies to the pies
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