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  1. On the weekend, I thought I noticed a bit more flair from some players - particularly Rivers and Hunt. Looking to play on more and get additional metres before kicking. Whether this was just coincidental / circumstantial or a deliberate instruction remains to be seen.
  2. It's definitely a stretch. But they are 5 years off playing finals. If he leaves he can come to a premiership team who are right in the window. He's 24 now so at North will spend the best years of his career in a team rebuilding. He could get paid more at North but if Jackson leaves we will have significant space in the cap ($750k+? per year) and what could be two first round draft picks. As he's contracted North would be highly unlikely to let him go but sometimes it happens.
  3. I agree with this 100%. Playing the percentages is one thing... but its not playing the percentages when the opposition know you are going to do this and have setup for it. As @A F has said, maybe we're waiting to pull the trigger in the finals - I hope that's the case. But we were so close last week to losing which means we would most likely finish outside the top 4. Are we really prepared to risk the double chance (and possible week off if we win) just to get a couple of tactical wins in the finals? Seems a stretch
  4. Agree 100%. Grundy is contracted so doesn't have to go. If he does go, he would most likely want to go to a contender. He was apparently impressed with our presentation. Which other contenders have the cap to bring in a ruckman on $700k? The only reason we could do it is due to Jackson leaving. Pies don't have leverage unless there's a bidding war. They want the salary space to go after the GWS players.
  5. I think the Sparrow for Harmes is the most likely change. But why did they have Harmes play a full game in the wet to be a 5 day break if he was in contention? I think they would opt for Viney to play the defensive mid role if we need a tag or potentially Oliver if he's got a tag himself. If Harmes were to come in to tag Neale it further complicates our midfield rotations if Brayshaw is to continue in there. Would be surprised to see him pushed to a wing and Jordon squeezed out given he hasn't played wing all year. Think you're judging ANB too harshly - his pressure and running are critical to the team. He's not in the team to kick goals other than opportunist ones. And on Spargo, as much as I am a fan of Chandler, he is not quicker or bigger than Spargo and so is just as likely to be pushed aside. Spargo leads THE COMP for % of inside 50 kicks marked by a team mate. Given its our biggest weakness, he is important. Chandler has not shown this at AFL level (albeit with limited opportunities). But I agree Spargo has been found out numerous times when he goes to a wing.
  6. So glad our selections are not in the hands of many of the posters on here! No player is perfect and every player has their limitations. It's about finding the right mix that compliment each other to get the best result for the team. e.g: Ben Brown - yes he sh!ts me - particularly when his opponents are quicker and more agile than him. But he is the most important structural player to our team. Who else can run like he does and force the ball to ground. Weid is not up to it. JVR is not ready. TMac is not ready. MB is not up to it. Plus he has kicked clutch goals in the final quarter the last two weeks. Charlie Spargo - he is under sized and not particularly quick. It seems like he is exposed when put on the wing which happened again on the weekend. But he is our best inside 50 kick by a mile - and that is our biggest weakness. We need the ball in his hands at half forward more often. Who can come in and do this better? ANB - he is not as clean as some players and his kicking can be off - but he runs as hard as anyone to allow us to play our game. If he goes out we get exposed on turnover and with not enough forward pressure.
  7. I'm hoping this too. But it would have to be unlikely
  8. Pittonet has a decent record against Gawn - but when we have Jackson as well it's a tough ask. Kinda surprised they don't pay De Konig. Haven't seen much of them but I remember him torching Sydney earlier this year with his contested marking. Is it a matter of with McKay and Curnow they can't really afford to rest immobile rucks forward? If that's the case, if Jackson leaves is De Konig a player we should be sounding out? Or did I just see his greatest game?
  9. Miss harmes as well... but who goes out for him. Doesn't it make it harder now with Gus having midfield minutes?
  10. Don't know if I agree. I think the cats (this year), pies and swans are all far more aggressive (and skilful) in how they move the ball than we are (this year or last year). Other than when winning a centre clearance or on turnover, we move the ball slowly and predictably - long to Gawn from the kickout to the non-Langdon side and get it as far up the field as we can until we bomb it to the pocket or it goes out of bounds. it is based around our contested mids winning more contests than they lose. The other teams are prepared to switch more and go up the fat side or even the corridor - I don't think we ever do this unless on turnover? The difference for us this year (to me) seems to be our ability to hold other teams' foot skills at bay for a full game. If they're prepared to take us on and not just go down the line, our pressure doesn't seem to be able to be high enough to stop this for 4 quarters.
  11. I don't underrate Grundy - I just think ruckman are not as critical as you. Gawn and Grundy have been the best ruckmen in the comp over the last 5-10 years. How many premierships between them? And I actually think most of Gawn's value is through his contested marking ability in defence and around the ground rather than his tap work which while it is elite doesn't swing games. In an ideal world you could have Grundy and Gawn in the same team - but in that world surely you'd have some decent key forwards and more midfielders with great kicking skills already in the team. Nothing against Grundy but think the picks and cap space could be better spent elsewhere. I also think Freo are crazy to sell the farm for Jackson when they also need key forwards.
  12. In theory it works. But Grundy's barely got on the park this year and hasn't been at his best for a number of years. He's 28 now. How do we know he can get back there and play at the level consistently? What if we do all the things you propose but rather than get Grundy, get the best ruckman not getting regular senior footy (eg Lloyd Meek - I'm sure there would be others) and then have an extra pick (and salary) to go key forward shopping or at least to the draft. If just going to the draft means we have cap space then see if we can re-negotiate current contracts so we have more space for a warchest the following year. Grundy just doesn't add up to me
  13. I would have thought the ruck situation is less of an issue if we get someone like Meek from Freo as part of the Jackson trade (if it were to go ahead). He would be behind Jackson and Darcy - arguably the two best rucks under 25 in the game. Sure if we can get Grundy cheaply (in salary and trade wise) but otherwise I'm not convinced he's the answer. Shouldn't we be throwing the kitchen sink at a gun key forward instead?
  14. The thing for me is that surely this is not a difficult fix. We have seen enough examples - surely these scenarios can be practiced at training where rather than kicking long they go for a shorter central option. I haven't been to training in a while so have no idea if its a focus.
  15. It absolutely was. In fact it was my intention from the beginning, but in my haste to get my thoughts to the page (screen) the most critical aspect of the post was lost (but not forgotten). Does that suffice?
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