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  1. I remember Watts recording one of the fastest sprint times for someone of his height - never really saw it on game day. He rarely looked slow but didn't see the explosiveness that you'd notice in some key position players - eg like Frost. I always find it interesting when these results come through - if you are interested in a player... if they get great results does this make you like them more or less. If they have poor results maybe it means there's scope for improvement - or does it mean they are unlikely to cut it at a higher level?
  2. I think you're right - although it seems that we try to replicate the roles and gamestyles so that a bloke dominating VFL in the midfield isn't asked to come in and play in the forward pocket. Ideally you'd mix it up to get the most out of them - but I didn't see enough VFL to know how they managed that.
  3. Hope a proper VFL season / comp next year allows the likes of Toby to show his stuff. From what I've seen, he's behind Chandler for the next small forward spot because even though he's probably quicker, Chandler's disposal is generally very good (at least at VFL level). Having said that, after training with Chocco for a year but having little opportunity to show his improvement, he could be a relevation next year if he gets a chance. It's easy to forget that this time last year there were plenty of doubts on Spargo, ANB and Kozzie - I don't think anyone would have thought they would all essentially play every game in 2021 to the point that none of them could be dropped for Toby / Chandler / Melksham.
  4. As I was too young to remember 1987 - this puts into context how enormous the Stynes / Buckenara incident was against the hawks. 1st finals appearance since 1964, smashing our opposition in the first two finals, arguably our greatest ever player captaining us at the twilight of his career and turning it on, having the reigning premier the hawks on toast in the preliminary.... 94, 98, 2000, 2002, 2018 etc were hard enough but that 1987 year must've been something and really hurt! I'm so glad everyone on here who remembers that year (and the pain before and after) can now have tasted the ultimate success!
  5. I know it was in jest but Eddie essentially got Athletics Victoria to move to build the Holden / Lexus Centre - well he was on the board of both and that was the outcome!
  6. I agree - and I think perhaps the reason why the selflessness approach taken by the players this year worked so well was that that is how the coach has always approached his role - so they had a good leader / role model to follow. When the players speak up (particularly the stars) they always talk about how much they love goody and the impact he has had on them as a player and as a person. Yes it's in their interest to do so - but they seem to go above and beyond which to me indicates it is genuine.
  7. Another interesting insight was that on matchday Burgo essentially managed who came on and off and when. Obviously there would be rules about how this works and much of it would be loosely mapped out prior to the game, but it's still a huge responsibility that can have a big impact if done well v done poorly. The 3rd quarter of the GF shows that!
  8. An idea for someone who is involved in membership at the club: Could the club offer stickers (eg for your car) that has number of years of membership / consecutive years of membership. There will obviously be a lot of bandwagon supporters jumping on which is great for the club but I think most long terms members / supporters would love to be able to show they've been there the whole time.
  9. I'm pretty sure there is something preventing a club stockpiling picks eg from 40-70 to use on NGA / FS. I'm sure someone else here can explain how it works
  10. Can you explain how this would work. I get confused about the points system as I thought they have to have the same number of list spots as draft picks - to stop teams stock piling on late picks?
  11. This seems interesting to me. Ladhams probably the best ruck prospect on the market and can play forward. To move from 16 to 12 - is that an indication that Port are keen on someone at 12 who won't last to 16?
  12. Sorry if this is going off topic, but does anyone know how many other father-son or NGA there might be in the mix at the pointy end of next year's draft. Obviously very hard to know with lack of exposure. But it there's a few around, it might make sense to trade our other picks after 17 for future 2nd/3rd/4th round picks as they might have some added currency next year?
  13. Would you try him as a ruck rover in the centre square. It might sound crazy / be a terrible idea... but that was the talk when he was drafted.
  14. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you - because how can anyone possibly know other than Roos / Taylor etc. Not meaning to short sell Roos - he's obviously played a central role to getting our club to where it is now. In my view it was he and Jackson that turned our club around when it was at its darkest days. At the same time he does have a bit of an ego and (I think) does have a history of spinning things to ensure he gets maximum credit. Oh course he's not alone in doing that - but I think he is a master at it. Why am I making a point of this? Because I think Roos talking about the influence he had on choosing Oliver undersells Jason Taylor and the whole scouting / list management team. Roosy no doubt has an eye for it - but for Taylor and co, it is their full time job. In terms of the articles from 2017 - I think anyone who watched Oliver in his first game get numerous centre clearances in the last quarter to get us over the line against GWS at the G would have known he was a special talent. Those at the club would have noticed the same thing much earlier. But you are right - I or we have taken this thread on a tangent. Whether it was Roos or Taylor or whoever - I don't really care - I'm just bloody glad we got Oliver when we did. And let's hope JT and co can turn pick 17 into gold in similar fashion.
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