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  1. On 9/27/2020 at 8:52 PM, DeeSpencer said: 6 years on AFL lists for 18 games. Has struggled to get fit. Has battled with injuries. There's very little evidence that he's ready to be a starting ruckman. Apart from GWS those other clubs you named have much more reliable options and don't need to desperately gamble on Preuss. There's no way that 2 years of doing stuff all at Melbourne has suddenly increased his value. Xman97 = 1 DeeSpencer = 0
  2. Add in 2 to 4 free agent compo picks and our Pick 23 will more likely be 29 or 30 😭
  3. Yeh agree, I think the non negotiable is a Winger and a Key Forward which we’d be able to fit in with not too much issue in terms of salary cap. If we go for 5 or 6 A and B graders, we’re looking at making some hard calls on players to free up some space.
  4. Not really tying it to anything, nor do I think we should do too many changes like the Saints did last year. I’ve just had a bit of a look through some data this afternoon which got me thinking, do we go hard at the trade table or do just a couple of trades. I’ve always been a believer in stability, with not more than say 7 changes a year. Team chemistry and mastering a game plan takes time together. But what the Saints did last year makes me want to go hard. What’s your thoughts mate?
  5. About these graphs: List continuity is the percentage of time on ground by players on the list in the previous season. Historical average shown on the blue dashed line. I’ve posted the 2 teams (Port & Stk) who have gone to the next level this year. Could we try to simulate in some regard or do you think it’s more coincidental than anything? Keep in mind, this is not just new players at the club, this is combined with existing players coming into the best 22.
  6. Yeh, interesting. So hit out rate to advantage is the same. Preuss spends more time forward than Gawn it seems. I have a feeling Preussy boy might have a few suitors. Ruck Contests: Gawn 2020: 57.9 Gawn 2019: 68.2 Preuss 2020: 33.7 Preuss 2019: 31.9
  7. Interesting tweet by Fantasy Freako: Hitout-to-advantage rates in the past two seasons: Gawn 34.0% Preuss 34.0% Ranks =2nd in the AFL behind Andrew Phillips (34.6%).
  8. Agree with having a mid being more accountable on a particular player, and not a hard tag. But neither the Bont tag or the T.Kelly tag was a hard one or even for a big portion of the game! Geary is a different story, as it was a forward tag. We're talking about Harmes going into the midfield and taking one of our guns out. I would have Viney or Brayshaw be that player instead of Harmes. Both of those guys do pay close attention already is some games. Harmes is a whole lot better than those 2 in playing half forward or half back, so on team balance, I don't like the Harmes idea. Also, I wouldn't be taking Oliver or Petracca out so Harmes can tag all day like some of the comments by others suggests.
  9. Your post was bagging Goodwin for not doing it, and saying its not rocket science! You can have your opinion, but don't bag another human because he's not doing what you want him to do. Most clubs aren't doing it much for a reason. Tagging someone usually means that tagger is at every centre bounce with the opposition player. In doing this, takes out 1 of only 3 positions at every centre bounce. When we have 4 inside mid guns of the comp (Petracca, Oliver, Viney & Brayshaw), and struggle to find room for all 4, I don't understand why you would want to make it 5! Add in Vandenberg who I think is a better inside mid than Harmes, and you have 6.
  10. Hard tag?? Hahahaha! I can definitely tell who knows their footy on this forum with just 1 post. He gave him a hard tag for 1 quarter and this is how you defend that tagging isn't is going out of fashion! So many dumb posts on here! Opinion is opinion. If you don't like tagging, then fair enough. But don't give me examples that are false and misleading to others that are reading.
  11. Did you watch any other Collingwood games this year mate? Tell me how many other times did they tag? And tell me, are we talking about Harmes just tagging for finals are we? You’re not comparing apples to apples. WC 15 - Coll 8 in centre clearences last night proves that maybe backing in your own elite mids (which collingwood have) is the way to go.
  12. I could of directed to a couple more also. I just wanted to correct you on Goodwin being the only coach who doesn’t tag. GWS even eased off the Deboer tag in the last few rounds. It’s out of date.
  13. 1- Hardly anyone tags anymore, except for GWS. And look how they went this year. 2- Why not back your midfield in when you have one of the best midfields in the game? I can understand if you have one of the worst midfields. Do you not think GWS would do better by having one of their many guns rotate through instead of consuming 1 spot in almost every centre bounce with Deboer! 3- Harmes would be our 5th or 6th best inside mid, so with 3 spots in the centre at a time, why would you take one of our guns out. 4- Out of our top 6 inside mids, Harmes is the most flexible to play other positions other than Petracca and Vandenberg. Petracca (inside mid/fwd), Oliver (inside mid only), Viney (inside mid only - don’t tell me he should be played in the pocket. Wallis has done it, but he couldn’t get a game in their midfield and isn’t half the midfielder Viney is), Brayshaw (inside mid only), Vandenberg (Inside/outside/fwd) & Harmes(inside/half fwd/half/back). Tagging is outdated, and it’s boring to watch stars of the game getting tagged out of it.
  14. I can't find the data for 2020 or 2019, but in 2018 there was 101 players in the AFL paid more than $600,000. Considering the TPP increases every year, in 2020 it would be about 110 players. You cannot sit here and say Viney isn't in the top 110 players in the AFL.
  15. Here's a copy & paste from the CBA on the TPP. Schedule B – Total Player Payments and Benefits 1. Total Player Payments The Total Player Payments for each AFL Club will be as follows: Year 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 TPP Limit 12,445,028 12,594,368 12,758,095 13,013,257 13,273,522 13,538,993
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