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  1. Brayshaw and Pickett dead in front should’ve converted. That being said, Hawthorn probably deserved that game. We aren’t playing well. Lucky to draw that in the end.
  2. It was his opposite foot. That being said, it sounded rushed anyway. Mid week I was thinking why would they. I think it’s unlucky and not related, but still a valid question.
  3. Must win game. Prime time TV slot. We need to start performing when given these opportunities. Not just for our season, but for our future supporters. We need to put on a really strong performance.
  4. No need to panic. Too many positives. We need to double down on our processes and sticking to them always - especially in the face of adversity. Mostly we’ve done this. We’ve had to too much - because we always give away starts. We should focus on winning clearances. Yze has had his time in there and failed us miserably. Time to get someone who is an experienced midfield coach. Solving our midfield goes along way to fixing our forward 50 entries, which in turn helps us score, and takes pressure off our defense.
  5. I like Farrell from Port. Fiorini as mentioned already by someone. He’d be a good get. Pretty much any left footed, hard running wingman, would compliment our list. Ed Richards perhaps. Someone not getting a run in other sides but could compliment us, without busting the bank.
  6. I am no Goodwin fan, but he has a great connection with this group, and all big names have signed singing his praises. I think Goodwin saw his deficiencies in his coaching and astutely outsourced much of it. I think he has the right people around him, but I don’t believe they are placed in the best positions. Yze for example, he is our midfield coach, which is an area of the game most important. We get smashed in there. Goodwin brings in Yze, puts him in charge of the midfield, and Yze has really limited experience. It’s little surprising we are getting seriously embarrassed in the midfield clearances. We have the best tap ruck in the past 20 years, the cleanest hands in the game in Oliver, yet we waste it all in the middle. As a result we are always on the back foot and Lever and May have to do far more work than they otherwise should.
  7. Alex Sexton is worth a shot. Outside of that, maybe chase their third pick. Not sure we have a lot to offer. They may bite at TMAC and Brayshaw. It would take that to get it done. Both clubs should do that. We could then inject more talent, and chase a winger through free agency.
  8. ANB should get better with age. Improving skills is something that comes with more experience and time beating on your craft. It’s always been a weakness, but it is improving, as it can and should. With improving skills and more confidence in his skillset, he does not look as rushed, and is able to use that time to focus, whereas in the past he panicked a touch. I’ve noticed effective improvements across the board. He has always been a good runner, had great will and determination. I think he will improve further into a really decent b grade player, much like Harmes did.
  9. I’d be getting rid of them. Both have more than had enough opportunity. Injuries haven’t helped, but to contribute you have to be out there and these guys unfortunately haven’t been able to get on the park. The delicate balance is to determine the likelihood of them getting out there, in comparison to an unproven player. Opportunity doesn’t sit idle when we are always trying to unearth future stars.
  10. I haven’t followed the AFLW since Harris left the Dees. I’d watch again if she played for us again. Good time to come back to the club. Only helps boost our profile.
  11. The VFL is for development. If they are up to scratch and develop well they progress, if not they drop off our list and most likely go back to playing a lesser standard post football.
  12. Looks a winger to my eye. Has plenty of pace and willingness to take the game on, looks a nice kick.
  13. I like Kane Farrell from Port. Gettable. Good kick, classy user. Don’t know if he’d transition to a wingman, but he’d add something different to our side regardless. Would be a best 22 player.
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