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  1. He is a lot better than Cripps. Oliver has levels, whereas Cripps is more or less one dimensional
  2. Gender shouldn't come into competency. We need good commentators irrespective of anything.
  3. If Bowie and/or Laurie turn out to be half decent, that is a decent flip off Tyson.
  4. 8 years and a supreme job. I personally like the way how Bartlett just operated in the shadows and went about his job. Over that time we didn’t hear a bad word about him. PJ and Bartlett in my eyes really set this club up. We were an absolute shambles before they got here. Now the torch has been passed on, hopefully Roffey’s appointment coincides with our potential new facility arrangement. Having her alongside Pert, if those two cannot get it over the line - no one else could. Sometimes the timing is right, and this appointment hopefully appears to be just good timing for all.
  5. Weideman is one of those players that was always going to need time. He is a pack marker, but has a slight build, so he is going to need to develop into his frame - in order to get the most out of himself. Ben Brown is a different type of player, more of a lead up forward. I think Weideman will compliment Brown nicely, but ultimately, Weideman is still at least a year away from hitting his straps. I rated him as a junior, just wouldn't have taken him because anyone with half a clue knew he'd need many years to develop.
  6. Rivers is ahead of Young, and will be a better player all throughout. Rivers can impact games, whereas Young can just hit a target, even his decision making is not great in a quicker game of AFL. Rivers was made for AFL. Real impact player.
  7. That he does. He is such a natural athlete and player. Probably my fav.
  8. I agree. All 3 look as though they could be A grade stars. Rivers a safe bet to be an A grader and he was taken with our later pick. We truly lucked out on trade night.
  9. That blonde [censored] smoker doesn’t need to be umpiring all our games
  10. GWS are ordinary, mainly due to not having anything resembling a game plan at all. They have some talent still. Hopefully we come into this game with better execution going inside 50, and also improved accuracy to goal. Two simple things, because we need to make the most of our ruck dominance. I’d like to perhaps see Salem trialed in the middle for this game, see if we can penetrate some long low kicks out of the center deep inside 50. Open the forward line up a bit. Won’t happen but last weeks 19 behinds was an embarrassment. Lucky we played an undermanned St Kilda.
  11. Good to get the win. 19 behinds is deplorable though, and letting Howard just amble back and take intercept marks is poor form. We need a forward line. Good to see Petracca lower his eyes inside 50 at times, hopefully some of the others saw that and realise that it can be done. Its basic football and we are beyond pathetic at delivering inside 50. Good signs from a lot of players (mostly those not in the forward line). Majority team effort.
  12. We have no midfield leader at present. We have some rare talents with unique tricks, but leaders they are not. A leader would have the midfield functioning like a well oiled machine. Best tap ruck in the league. Midfield get slaughtered by weaker - better led - midfields.
  13. Once in a generation midfielder. Thankfully we have two of them at present. Must keep.
  14. TMAC was good today. I think when both Brown and Weideman come back in, that we will see long searching leads up the ground from TMAC, and that will be a headache for opposing teams to match up. Brown is of similar type in that he leads up the ground, is a hard match up physically. It’s going to be near on impossible for opposition teams to combat our 4 talls. Combine this with crumbing forwards we’ve acquired lately - it’s going to look much different in 6 weeks. Today was a poor performance. But I will reserve judgement about our improvement over the offseason until we have more pieces.
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