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  1. Petracca and Oliver you have to pay right. Any other side would’ve did the same if they were theirs and paid far more on a free market. Outside of those two, I’d be hesitant to bust the pursue strings too much.
  2. They are the type of club to jump on that. Reason why they don’t need to rebuild.
  3. He spoke very well Selwood. Geelong were the best side in it last year we just knocked them off during our once in a century purple patch. Geelong have consistency down pat. Very much Melbourne Storm like in that regard, and like many sides that string flags together over a close period they all have that resilience underpinning their cultural make up. Richmond also have that. Hopefully we one day have that, it’s rare. Geelong be hard to beat next year too. MFC a long way off those heights. Hopefully we find the right man for the job to get us there.
  4. I’d be taking Bowes contract and pick 7, instead of taking Grundy. As a back up for Gawn I’d ask for Meek in the deal with Freo. Would also be saving the pick that would be wasted on Grundy. Stupid idea to go after Grundy. It’s the Westbrook type situation that everyone else knows is a terrible fit for us - but apparently we know better. Whoever tells the players to bomb the ball into the forward 50 continuously is probably the one who is big on Grundy. We could end up with Bowes, pick 7 and a second rounder. Or we could end up with a second ruckman we don’t need.
  5. I’ll play it safe and say I’m confident you’ll see us continuously bomb the ball inside 50 without lowering our eyes.
  6. Oliver has been the leagues best player the past couple of years. But we have others taking votes from him. He’ll still win one, because like Ablett jr, he is just that good.
  7. Really bad umpiring. It’s like they just make it up as they go. Comically bad.
  8. Games all round getting harder to watch these days. Just blatant favoritism by umpires. Getting sick of it.
  9. Probably have Freo on par with us. But we were no where near the top 3 sides. Even on a dry day Freos game plan made us look below average. These sides are all very well coached. We have the best list in the league. But we’ll need some rejigging of our game plan as this year we were exposed.
  10. Gawn up forward will cost us a lot of goals as he doesn’t understand his own limitations. He is a terrible kick. He shouldn’t ever be up forward. The fact he has been is largely due to the fact we have a terrible forward line, which instead of rectifying it sounds as though we aim to further clog it up with ruck players who don’t belong anywhere near the big sticks. Trading for Grundy is a bigger waste of time, picks and resources as I’ve seen lately from MFC.
  11. That’s why we could acquire Meek in the Jackson deal. To cover Gawn. There may be no good forwards available this year but why hinder us salary wise from trading for good forwards the next 5-6 years. Paying Grundy big money to be a back up just in case Gawn goes down - is bad management. What do we even do with 2 stand alone rucks who can not play forward? Grundy is a terrible kick and Gawn worse. Whoever told Gawn he should attempt as many goals as he does should be sacked on the spot the bloke is a shocking kick. Now we are adding another bad kick in Grundy and paying him as much as we would pay a quality young forward.
  12. Nonsensical trade. We need a quality forward.
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