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  1. Stewart won’t play against us. That’s a plus.
  2. Nah was on the fav, which got too far out of its ground. Ran home for a nice 4th, which just rubs it in further as I had a betback applied.
  3. DeGoey is finished. Bloke did nothing wrong and now spends his days pandering to a rabid media contingent. These blokes need to get back to putting their head down and training for what they’re paid for - playing football. Just ignore the media, they are parasites. A simple “no comment” is always the perfect response.
  4. Impressive by Fagan. Clearly disappointed in his team tonight. Real professional.
  5. I actually think Jackson as a ruck doubles down on our pressure game.
  6. Suits our game play. If he doesn’t sign on I could see him not liking his decision.
  7. “We should’ve lost the game by a lot more than we did” - Chris Fagan.
  8. This is just regulation for Harmes. Most underrated player in the game, and lowered a prime Dangers colors as a tagger. Good to see him on Neale. Lyon getting bruised helps us. Bailey not playing now helps more. Zorko not playing screws their structure. Lever is BOG. Really impressive. Viney stepping up, best quarter from him I’ve seen. Jackson is our type of ruck. He plays our type of game style - grinds. He’s been great. Sticks tackles and does a lot off the ball. Harmes obviously huge. Ben Brown looking best I’ve seen him this year really great touch. Sparrow is a problem for Brissy. They had no answer for him early. They blanketed Oliver, and Petracca was trying, but Sparrow was being effective.
  9. I’m actually surprised how bad Brissy are. We are just mentally cooked. If Oliver and Petracca ever want to own a game it’s this
  10. Unders for Jackson at market value is probably 700-750k. His market value, or what others are willing to pay is possibly upwards of a million a year. I don’t think it’s disrespectful to offer 700-750k. We have Brayshaw OOC, and Oliver next year. We simply cannot afford to lose either. Out of the 3. I’d play hard ball with Jackson. And if he didn’t take 700-750k, the yes, he’d appear to have left for more money.
  11. I’d offer him unders. Stay with club at a rate which fits in with our salary - or leave for money. It’s actually not a great look to leave. The club should just do the right thing by the team. We have Brayshaw out of contract this season, and I’d offer him around fair value. If players leave for money then so be it. Anyone who leaves for money isn’t going to be there to grind when needed if they stay anyway. We need overly committed football players. Outside for Gawn, Oliver, and May, we shouldn’t ever break the bank of any of our players.
  12. DeGoey might as well wear a skirt now. The emasculation of him is near on complete. He acted up, but didn’t commit any crime, and should’ve just ignored the media. Instead he chose a different path, prodded the media, and didn’t hold his line. They made him apologize, publically humiliate himself, and pretty much be a little sissy. Like the Australian media do. Like they did to Dustin during the chop sticks, but Martin is cut from a different cloth. Jordan is pretty much finished as a footballer now. Certainly is as a man. My advice to Jordan in the future would be, if you didn’t commit a crime then just remain silent and get on with life, don’t prod the media just simply ignore them. Better than the alternative which he now cannot come back from, your opposition now know that when the going gets tough you’ll bow down.
  13. Yep. Players out on the p*ss. Bullying culture that runs rampant (Gawn even made mention of it a few weeks back about language). Bartlett making complaints about Goodwin, Gil on record acknowledging the possibility of dismissal, Dr leaving due to bullying. May/Melksham punching on whilst numerous players on the p*ss. Just a brief summary. I’d be dismissive of all this if it were a country footfy club, but as reigning premiers, nah, we are in disarray. Not even to mention Bartlett Vs Roffey being played out by the media.
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