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  1. Clarification, against the cap. Mitch thought there would be a minimal cap hit with most of the contract going outside the cap
  2. Tradies podcast Mitch Cleary stated AFL will pay the majority and the dees will pay very little of his contract.
  3. There is more information filtering through on what the concessions will look like: https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/department-of-trade/afl-2024-tasmania-devils-to-trade-for-players-using-draft-picks-15-million-salary-cap-bonus-targets-colby-mckercher-latest-news/news-story/7d372c8697ccc249148d9b43a26602d6 Summary they will likely get strong draft picks ie. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, 11 but they will be forced to trade in talent with some of those selections. Sounds like they will also have an additional $1-1.5m in sign on bonuses to sign free agents which will be factored into the compensation pick return for the club losing the player. I would imagine they would also have NGA academy rights to Tasmanian players with either pre-listing or bid-matching capabilities. This sounds like a much friendlier structure than what GWS and Gold Coast had and won't overly hurt the clubs who are rebuilding at that time.
  4. What hasn't had a lot of mention to date is that Shane McAdam averaged 5.3 score involvements, which would rank only behind Kozi and Fritsch from our forwards who each averaged 5.9 score involvements. Having forwards who can not only kick goals but create scoring opportunities seems to be the key here to help with that forward-half connection issue. This would be a similar reason it would be good to pick up Jack Billings on the cheap this year as depth (st kilda paying most of his salary). He is a high score involvement player. Could do much worse and would help
  5. Basically values Petty as Future 2nd and McAdam to us. Every other club says yes because Melbourne loses out so badly in this deal. Thilthorpe, pick 10 and McAdams to be in the conversation for Petty.
  6. The draft talk buzz from Cal Twoomey was that Curtain was slipping down the order and now expected to be available at Melbourne's pick. The draft is also meant to become much weaker from pick 15 onwards (including academy players) so pick 11 is one of the last truely valuable picks for a higher likelihood of a good player in this draft. Given this, it would seem unlikely that North could beat our offer unless they can trade their later picks to move up to pick 7. If WCE can get the same player at 2 as they could get at 6, then this is perceptually not a huge difference in value. The secondary element is that North's later 1sts are all in the speculative picks range of the draft so I don't see them moving the needle if you were WCE. So North would either need to go for picks 2 and 3 or 2/3 with their first next year to be in the conversation. I would say the Dees are in the box seat and that is the reason why we paid so much for pick 11, because we called North's bluff and now they are stuck with a tonne of 1st round picks which are more like second round picks in other drafts due to how far the slide is in this 'weaker' draft.
  7. Which considering what B - grade kpp are being paid in the AFL is a value contract for depth. Dees could just as easily pay out either or both of BBB and/or TMac, so I am sure this is a fluid situation depending on draft-trade period
  8. I know there is significant baggage and NQR about Tarryn Thomas, but North were open a month ago to the possibility of trading him...would pick 13 be enough to get him across? He is the forward/mid that could switch with Tracc. He is a beautiful kick, fast, can apply pressure, good forward craft. He is also a player who with a full pre-season and the right influences around him could be in the true elite in the competition. Hoyne had him as one of the best 6 rated players over the last month of the season. If there are no key forwards on the market and the key backs are overpriced, would be good to buy low on this bloke before he explodes. Would give us a midfield boost and a different type we have been missing, still get another good player with pick 5 to further boost our stocks. Especially is we can't get our hands on the GCS pick, then we should be trying to maximise our premiership window by bringing in skilled players who are upgrades on their incumbents to our 22.
  9. Thanks for the breakdown. Wow, even more reason to go after the GCS pick 4. People say the Swans pick 11 shouldn't be in the conversation for Grundy but the first round might go up until pick 25 this year. Swans pick 11 I have as pick 18 based on bids and this additional North pick...wow, give them Grundy pick 24 and 32 and call it a day. Picks 11 and 13 and a future 2nd to GCS for pick 5 that will become pick 6 or 7 after bids on Walter and possibly Read.
  10. Found this from Rookie Me Central: “Q: Surely Ashton Moir makes this list (top 25 I believe at the time) A: As any keen draft watcher would know, Moir came into the year touted as a top five prospect but hasn’t quite gotten going as a top-ager. He battled through injury early in the year and struggled to regain his confidence, underperforming throughout the National Championships. However, Moir is beginning to show positive signs with Glenelg and has returned to the Reserves grade, so hopefully a League debut is just around the corner. There are so many top traits to work with and great potential to enhance, but also glaring areas of improvement that have seen Moir fall down the order. He could end up being a second or third round bargain given his upside. Happy to be proven wrong.“
  11. What I feel for Tommo is the same of how I feel about Grundy. I would prefer both to be playing but if Goody and the coaching staff refuse to play them unless there are several key injuries...they are far too good and are paid too well be be backups. We may as well be either trading in or developing players who will be getting more of a shot. This is a pretty good draft as any for key position players and rucks. We would only trade for a pick in the 30s if we had a deal that could bundle our picks up to get Gold Coast's or one of the WB's picks etc. If what some have suggested is accurate, with the salary opening we might have this year we could possibly bring in Nick Haynes from GWS for a pick like 39 or later due to him being on a backended contract, smooth this out ala Geelong with Bowes and have a 3rd tall that Goody might actually play for once now he likes Petty as a forward. Maybe we can weasel Moyle from Gold Coast as part of the picks package to get pick 4?
  12. Just want to set the record straight they we paid the equivalent of pick 14 in draft pick points to trade up to pick 27 from Port Adelaide, to give this to the Pies. If Grundy does go to Port Adelaide, they of all teams know how much we gave up to get Grundy, and that was with unknown recovery from injury. I think the trade should be a future first with maybe a future third going back but definitely play hard ball.
  13. Any way we can get pick 39 for Tomlinson if they are so desperate for a tall defender? He would be a fantastic defender for them and fit their defenders much better than his fit with Lever and May. Surely that would be better for all involved then spending 800k+ for Mckay.
  14. Sydney are really desparate for a tall defender. Thank goodness North look set for pick 1 as I doubt AFL will allow WCE to lose access to pick 2 and Curtin, which will most likely be North's preference. Ideally they get mid-first round compensation and have to match a bid on Sanders...that would be the ideal result at this stage I think. Players that gold coast pre-listed weren't ranked in the top 10 in their draft year so really an apples to oranges situation.
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