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  1. I would have facepalmed myself don’t worry
  2. Outs: Sparrow, Spargo, jordan in: Harmes, bedford, bowey Edit: subbing myself off. Hunt was brilliant on reflection.
  3. I was buoyed by this game. Frustration comes from us being the better team and kicking ourselves in the foot with poor execution and leaking easy goals. I rewatched the Pies goals and I don't think us at 100% effort we allow many of them. Would be great if you could please go through three areas in particular: our back half stoppages to get your feedback on why we were lacking pressure and allowing uncontested exits from Pies on several occasions. There were several from our back 50, very unlike us, where we allowed a kick down the centre from kickout and From back flank where there was a Pies set play kicking to the side of the square and they beat us to the fall of the ball Also good to understand why you think the Pies were outnumbering us at the fall of the ball, particularly in the 2nd half. Other was why in the 2nd half (assuming Pies brought extra to the contest?) we over hand-balled and didn't make some obvious ball movement strategy tweaks to kick it out to either contest or set up players in space like we generally do when we are on. Are they practicing the handballing part of our game so it is switched on come finals when we are making strategic changes to beat opposition? All in all, even despite the mishaps if we kick AFL average in front of goal and don't have a couple of turnovers where we out for easy goals...we should have still won by 3-5 goals despite the above breakdowns. Definitely not panic stations nor were Pies the better team, they won but played 100 times we probably win this game 95 times.
  4. Probably worked out for the best, we picked up JvR and Howes, when otherwise would have had to use the point to match GC early bid. This year has many more talls in the top 30, so if Luke Jackson can get us 2-3 picks in that range we might be better off hunting for a long term replacement this year than last.
  5. Hi Team, love the pod each week. I wasn't able to go to the game in person so would be great to get your analysis on where and how our system broke down to produce: 0 tackles inside 50 to 9 (partially our efficiency inside 50 but still stark number), 18-32 stoppage differential, 47.5% efficiency i50 for Dogs, very unMelbourne like Can you talk to Gawn's/Goodwin's postmatch comments mentioning the dogs winning the territory battle and played in their style post game...how did the Bulldogs force us into a shootout and is there anything structurally or in our system we can tweak outside of 'the curse' to help correct these breakdowns in the lead-up to finals. Goodwin seemed to know what the problem was but be good if you could do a reverse Goodwin and lay out what you think the structural issues were and possible fixes as you do so well each week. The other game's we have lost we have played our style for the first half and gotten run over, this seemed the first match of the season where it wasn't played in our style and our system was well off. I for one am pretty happy that despite being outplayed and the game played in the Dog's style, we still probably should have won the match. Speaks to us being well off our game but on pure talent still so strong we can match it with anyone even when we are off.
  6. I think they will trade out Lobb and Logue who are both worth early 2nd round picks to move up to Bulldogs 1st pick or another clubs pick in that range, then trade 1st this year, 1st next year and Meek. So 10, 15, F1st and Meek for Jackson and our late 2nd (right now pick 35). Would have Jackson as pick 1 in value Plus Lloyd Meek.
  7. Couldn't agree more. If what the talk out of Freo is true that is coming through over the equivalent of 3 first round picks for Jackson, then they are going to need to send through 16 (with AFL approval to trade this), F1st and the compensation for Lobb and Logue (both mid 2nd round picks?) to cover Jackson. that would be the equivalent after comp picks to be roughly pick 1 plus early 3rd rounder in draft points value. We would have the cap space to sign Brayshaw directly/match and I don't believe pick 19 is enough for Angus, so I would have them trade exciting young talent(s) as compensation or he stays. If Freo want one or either they are going to be a worse team depth wise in the short term (our premiership window).
  8. Agree. There is no like for like replacement. This current draft has a few really good tall prospects, admittedly not an expert and don't seem to be of the same quality as the similar players are not projected currently to be in the top 5, but I think if we lose Jackson we would want a back of top 10 pick and a pick around 15 and a future 1st to pick up 2 prospects, one being a potential B.Brown replacement and another for Luke Jackson. F1st to help keep adding to our list and give us trade ammunition to add to our core. Talls like Ben Brown and Jackson don't grow on trees are aren't usually available on the open market.
  9. you are right, to fit him in and remunerate him far in excess of the dees they lose most of these players and they lose their depth and their talent on field for the next 3-5 years takes a significant hit all to bring in Jackson, while making us potentially stronger in the next 2-4 years...agree stranger things have happened. Lot of pressure for Jackson to be a top 10 player in the future if they do that.
  10. This whole talk of Fremantle pitching Jackson is like Melbourne pitching Adam Cerra, but Luke Jackson is worth double the price. If Cerra was pick 6 and at the time a mid 3rd rounder which brings it to pick 4ish. Fremantle can't trade their first this year as they traded out their 2nd and 3rd round picks. Even if they could, pick 16-18 is not anywhere close, and next year 16-18 is nowhere close, which means players. Which players combined with a future first adds up to 2 good top ten picks in value? Jye Amiss, Hayden Young and a future first? Are they going to be able to pay the price required to bring Jackson in? At the end of the day when Gawn is close to retiring we have Jeff White's son Kalani. I doubt Jackson would move to the Eagles. Not impossible for Freo to take Jackson away from us but far fetched they have the collateral to get it done. It is probably only between us and Freo at this point. Freo upping the coin to bring Jackson in will mean they have to let go a couple of decent players on good coin to bring him in and have the money to keep their younger brigade in the next contract cycle. They will probably have to trade Lobb and Logue, and maybe plan on Fyffe and Mayne leaving in 1-2 years (or on a tiny salary beyond that), without bringing any free agents in to cover depth. In the short run their depth is weaker, and dropping their overall talent...high risk high reward. Meanwhile Melbourne will have extra cash set aside for Jackson as well as these young prospects and additional pick to further increase our depth. Jackson is a potential superstar and will be missed but strangely enough, in our premiership window we probably get stronger for the next 4 years and Freo weaker in the same period.
  11. Maybe look at a couple changes: In: Viney, Laurie Out: Dunstan, Melksham I think Laurie has been in good form at VFL level and probably the next best winger outside of the current 22 the team has available with Howes injured, who is both tactically astute enough to play the role as well as having the pace/endurance to play the role. Benefit being it allows Brayshaw to stay back if possible as he has been in All Australian form there. Otherwise you could bring in a half back flanker and push Rivers or Bowser up to the wing for a week.
  12. @Davos and @adonski care to provide some insight as to where you are getting these 'vibes'?
  13. serves me right for trusting the online draft calculator.
  14. Is it possible that we go for Bulldogs pick 23? Taking the AFL media on face value for how many picks each team will be taking to the draft, only ourselves and Geelong have the arsenal and want (picks to take and value) to improve the dogs draft hand. If we trade 37, 49 and 57 for pick 23, dogs would effectively be 815 draft points up on the trade Without the trade and in a worst case scenario (pick 2 bid), their draft hand would be: 2, 61 (current picks slide to 61), 93 With the trade: 2, 57, 65, 93. Not sure if that is appealing enough to do the trade but something to think about. Maybe we can get the 'slider' of the draft plus a bolter at 23. Then go into slight deficit next year to match the Taj bid.
  15. Agree, rookie deals are for 1 year, and the maximum length of time is usually 3 years on the rookie list but is now one extra year due to Covid impacts. Only senior listed players can be given multiple year deals in my understanding.
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