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  1. Agree, I would add that Petty is pretty young and in a few short games showed more up front than Weid has over a longer period (other than a one off Geelong finals game).
  2. Interesting that we started the season rotating our mids through the forward line but in the last few weeks they appear to be a lot less rotation. Having a set structure with ANB, Kozy, Spargo and designating Sparrow, Jordan and Harmes to primarily rotate through the forward line is actually taking away from our incredible depth in the midfield. Our best forward set up probably consists of only having 1 designated small forward such as Pickett and having a bunch of players rotating through the centre. Our best forward set up probably also has us not playing 7 players behind the ball but having an extra mid. My preferred lineup: Brayshaw B.Brown Fritsch Harmes Weideman Viney TMac Jordan Langdon Salem Petty Rivers Hibberd May Lever Gawn Petracca Oliver Sparrow, Jackson, Bowey, Kozy
  3. Dees were able to 'fix' their issues at clearance but other elements of their game have dropped off which they can look to address at the selection table. We lost the turnover points allowed/conceded which I believe we were previously no.1 with post clearance contests and intercepts. Salem was a very noticeable out with our backline lacking the link up as well as a good distributor sweeping past the clearance to distribute on the outside. The other area of concern was the ease at which the Crows i50 where they were given time and space to pick out mismatches and hit players on the lead. A lot of this came from the inability of our forwards to maintain the pressure on defenders with Seedsman and co able to link up and deliver to Tex and Co. Great that we trialled the ultra big line up but now need to adjust the forward line for both full ground pressure and win contests forward of the ball. We also far too reliant on Salem and require an additional good ball user behind the ball to ensure teams can't tag Salem and hinder our ball movement as what we saw. My changes would be - Out: Jetta, Hibberd, melksham (inj); In: Salem, Bowey and Sparrow TMac moved to the wing, is a better runner than brayshaw and helps out the defense in a way that Brayshaw can't, which allows Gawn to work more forward. Brayshaw is a known goal kicker, puts immense pressure on and is a good distributor, an also help our oliver/petracca/harmes rotate forward/mid. Hibberd is a tough out but we need a better distributor in Bowey to compliment Salem. Sparrow is another player who puts immense pressure with great defensive running as well as the ability to rotate through the midfield. Bulldogs have some very speedy outside players which require Sparrow's running capacity without the ball. If we can match Liberatore in the contest and stop the Bulldogs spread, big if, then we win the game.
  4. Why wouldn't they use the north game to try something a little different: Out: Jones and Melksham In: Ben Brown and Weideman Brayshaw shifts forward, TMac shifts to the wing, and Jackson shifts to an athletic 'medium' role instead that Melksham had. Should have no impact on our pressure stats should BB and Weid have the same hunger to tackle as we have seen with the rest of the team.
  5. If you want consistent performances you need to have a relatively consistent side. Should be making 2 changes "tops". Swinging 4 changes is not a good way to provide consistency and start building cohesion. I would move Jones to be the Sub, which I think could be a role where he excels in unless there is a specific player that is underdone. In Viney (if fit), Out Jones (Sub)
  6. Fixed, thanks membership team!!
  7. I bought the 3 game membership this afternoon (on the fence this year) and similar to 'the Lobster Effect' I was not sent nor when logging into the member page, as you described perfectly above, I have a blank page under 'membership type' and 'barcode'. Is the membership barcode sent on a delayed basis? Sent an email to membership department but hoping for a response in time to reserve a seat through Ticketek. Purchase confirmation came through no worries though. Thanks 🙏
  8. I have a feeling that TMac will be an option only if Jeremy Cameron deal is done to Geelong. Essendon and others don't want to lock away salary space if there is still a possibility to snare JC in the preseason draft. My gut feeling is he has a chance to move if that JC deal goes through in the early afternoon. I believe he has already toured the facilities at a few clubs and so it could be one deal that happens last minute. Dedoro will have a statue built of him if he is able to bring in an early draft pick, dunkley, caldwell and cameron.
  9. @Lucifer's HeroYou are the resident expert on list matters...
  10. Agreed especially when Mahoney publically stated that it they weren't looking at a first round pick, that would include giving up the value of a first round pick. Initial information from North Melbourne was that they wanted the then pick 23 for Brown. We might be manoeuvring to find another way to provide the equivalent value of that pick without giving it up. It would be very disappointing having been told that first round compensation was not on the table to then give up mid first round value. Say what you will about Mahoney but he is a pretty straight shooter, would be surprised if this were the case. This is the type of shenanigans you would expect from Dedoro or Bell.
  11. Dees seem to be the most strategic making decisions based off the delay between the AFL and AFLPA arrangement. The list size change looks like it will be minimal this year 38 senior and 44 in total including category B rookies. It would seem there will be further list reductions next year which could mean that there will be less players picked up next year in the draft as well. This would help explain why there were so many players brought back on 1-2 year deals. We keep a lot of flexibility next year to take advantage with both salary and list space flexibility.
  12. Dees want to keep pick 26. The swap that would make sense is Dees send 33 & 43 for Ben Brown and 57. This equates to pick 25 in draft points.
  13. Hi Titus, my understanding is that the former club payments are within their salary cap. In the situation you describe above, Collingwood would have $200k less in their salary cap for their actual playing list. This is not unlike Melbourne reaching an agreement with Kolodjashnij to pay out his contract, but with the added negative of taking up a spot on the roster...if another club took a flier on him we would be paying the gap in what the existing club paid and his contract. Similar situation happened when the Dees paid 15% of the Jack Watts contract as part of the deal to get pick 31 back from Port Adelaide. https://nz.news.yahoo.com/dees-defend-paying-watts-play-072601422.html
  14. What is Brodie Smith worth as a trade to Adelaide? Does anyone have a sense as to his realistic value? How do people see us potentially able to get Brodie, Brown and use a future pick plus players for GWS 1st round compensation pick?
  15. By signing Yze I assume that the review has finished. Now they are in the process of hiring/firing/shuffling staff in response to those findings. The Yze article and hiring would appear to say three things: 1. Goodwin will be retained for 2021 for better or worse. Yze quotes referenced working with Goody, that would give a strong indication that Goodwin will be head coach going into season 2021. 2. Yze has experience in development, kicking/skills development, Match Day Strategy and Opposition...Our performance in 2019-20 would suggest we are missing in every single one of these attributes. With less coaching staff I would say Adem will have inputs on all of these but mainly hoping for his expertise in Match Day Strategy and Opposition. This would surely encompass assisting with the team selection/positioning which equally needs improvement. 3. Without referencing any other coaches at Melbourne other than Simon Goodwin, it would appear Alan Richardson is either shifting roles/moving on. This has been hinted at but this article would be the closest we have had in terms of confirming this. Hard to think he would not reference a notable name as Richardson if this wasn't the case. "I'm really excited to be back at the club, but more importantly, I'm excited to be working alongside 'Goody' (Simon Goodwin) and the coaching staff," Yze said. Interesting times ahead.
  16. If they put in strong assistants and don't perform because of Goodwin's ineptitude, then glad we have a very highly rated assistant who would be ready to take the reins. Can't make much of the review without seeing the other changes. We need Pert to come out with a detailed explanation after he finishes his review to explain why he has made the changes he has made and why he hasn't made others. I need to understand what the club sees in Goodwin who has underperformed with the list at his disposal, the list built under his guidance. Richmond and Port Adelaide were able to identify their issues and turn them around to save Hardwick and Hinkley respectively. Goodwin has not been able to solve the issue of scoring without leaking goals, he either does one and not the other; we also don't have a recognizable consistent game style. Still more questions than answers at this stage.
  17. Hi @Demon3 are you able to paste the tweet or send out who posted it? Love to know where this is coming from. Like that the clubs keeps things close to the chest these days...but somewhat frustrating as an impatient fan demanding progress.
  18. Hopefully that means a complete review of every individual with no free passes. Hope Pert has someone more qualified helping him. He doesn’t have the background to access decision making of a lot of those positions. I wouldn’t have thought it had started now but is in the final stages. Not having 1on1s with the players would be a wasted process.
  19. Couldn't have said it better myself. You are just too logical sometimes...you don't feel like running for a position at the footy club to right the ship do you?
  20. Agree with that, has been blessed to be in positions with elite talent but hasn't made them better teams, rather relying on the top talent. Real Madrid have been better off with him released and has been bouncing around ever since.
  21. I would hope it is more than 2 changes. A club's CEO isn't necessarily the best person to perform the review...I was hoping for an external expert similar to what Geelong did in 2006. Hope Pert knows what he is doing. From the outside there appear to be systemic issues over the last 4 years from our record against top opponents, inconsistency in both performance, selection and game style that only two changes would feel like scapegoating individuals rather than producing real change...If Mahoney is the only notable change then I believe that would have seen the entire football department overhauled bar Goodwin. If Goodwin somehow survives, just making finals in 2021 wouldn't be enough, I would have the pass mark as Prelim or bust. We are on the verge of becoming irrelevant again with him in charge. Better off using the redundancy rules this year and bringing in Ross Lyon or somehow getting Clarkson (acknowledge this feels a pipe dream after what we heard on the Hawks BnF).
  22. Agreed. As per one of @A F's previous post, the most logical answer is that the club is completing a more comprehensive external review. Guess work is that they should have started that review process after the Freemantle loss with the timeframe being 4 weeks instead of the smaller internal review last year (roughly 2 weeks). A lot of assumptions and guesswork here but we would expect something before the end of the week in terms of outputs. A F, you conceptualize these things really well, anything to add?
  23. Agree with you there Demon17. I have Goodwin as a bottom 4 coach in the competition down there with Leon Cameron, Rhyce Shaw (unproven yet) and Ben Rutton (Essendon have gone backwards since he has had more influence on their structure). If you keep Goodwin, I would want a sweep of most/all the assistants and install really experienced and capable assistants...they basically run the show and Goodwin makes sure they have everything they need to succeed. He is a jack of all trades and master of none at the moment...needs to stop micromanaging and overanalyzing. I get the feeling he tries to do what our best players try to do, win it by going in harder and winning it through his work instead of as a team. Leave his ego to one side and let the best assistant coaches on the market do their thing.
  24. Do you think so A F? I think we have made the most obvious of list changes to date with another 6-12 to come. There has also been no movement on Assistant Coaches unless I am mistaken. We are also one of the few clubs out of the eight that have made no noticeable movements towards other club players other than Tom Morris presuming we are interested in Saad and Polec of the clubs outside of finals (another being Hawthorn). I would imagine they are in the midst of a review. Last year's review went for roughly two weeks. I would hope that this one would be of similar length and that the reviewer elicits 1 on 1 feedback from all the players, coaches and football department staff a la the Geelong and Richmond reviews seem to have done. The last review seemed to use a few coaches as scape goats, blamed the health and fitness of the players and sight lack of wing players as the crux of the issue (opinion) . Will be really interesting to see what they access to be the issue, not using Covid-19 (Hubs/travel) as an excuse. If we see larger delistings, more news on opposition player interest and movement on our assistant coaches then I think that will be the sign that we are resigned to Goodwin as Coach.
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