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  1. I love hunt..and Im crossing my fingers he's the medi sub. But if it was Hunt I could live with it. Both sparrow and Jordon feel like bigger losses. When we've watched a player develop and see him finally starting to re become what he showed us a few seasons back its hard to let go. But I think you'd have to agree that losing hunt to bring in Cerra is a def step up. You cant stand still in this game...flags or no. If you're too content and not moving forward you're simply getting passed by other clubs.
  2. Such a wonderful piece of writing. Thanks for sharing your dee history.
  3. welcome back Ash...yes WE'RE having a great season and you're part of it!
  4. This is the core of his genius McQueen. He lets other people shine around him and do what they do well. He coaches from the boundary and let’s yze watch from above ( he’s the only coach that does this all game) He’s very calm and measured but choco is explosive. He showed by example what being part of and committing to the team looks like.
  5. Gosh a lot of us here have had to eat copious amounts of humble pie in 2021 havent we. Not just the goodwin guys but theres been quite a few pies made to feed folks here in regards to Lever, May, Neale Bullen, Spargo and Harmes as well . In regards to my particular slice...( Im sorry Spargo) I can only say that humble pie never tasted so good and please serve me up another big slice on Sat night!
  6. I reckon for about the first time in living memory I feel confident in saying we will win one before they do.
  7. A great listen. So much of where we are now stems bk to Jackson and Roos. If we win they will also be immortalised in our history I reckon.
  8. Such a great read. Good to feel connected to these demon greats again… across the great divide. It brought them all back. I can imagine how proud and loud jimmy would be right now. Robbie will always have a special spot in my heart, as would anyone who saw him play or knew him. Still a cut above anyone else i’ve seen. Good to feel the connection with Troy and sean and Colin again also… hope they’re all wishing us on from wherever they are. I want to win it fr all of them too. I don’t think Dean Baileys family will be doing the same though. Sending a thought out to him and his family .. with an apology to u all for being mixed up with this club at its nadir. Hope u can find a way to wish us well.
  9. Watching the 64 "replay" always had me feel my team was from the past. Not relevant to today. Barracking for them for the last 50 years has mainly felt either embarassing ( highlighted in 2013/ 14 / the lack of a home base/ the press feasting on the tanking debacle) or just ill fated ( 1987 prelim/ the off season when we lost Schwartz, Jakovich, Charles basically for good/ Trengoves foot/ Scullys heart/ the great men Jimmy and Robbie passing...etc etc ) When we were good we were just never THAT good and when we were bad we were beyond horrible. This season, come what may, I already have had those feelings shifted a lot. A flag would open a whole new dimension to me as a dee. Would feel like it was all worthwhile somehow.
  10. Wow. If true I find that extremely strange. Even just as a precaution you get a scan dont you? If he breaks down 10 mins into Q1 Im sure decision will be heavily scrutinised.
  11. How many good news stories can I actually cope with? flag favorites, brownlow favorites, record membership, financially flying, 5 x AA’s etc etc If we win the flag and then get a home base my karma may well be complete ….and i’ll be taken from this earth. But i’ll be happy as i go :-)
  12. great show as always . thanks fr all you do..
  13. in case we lose and everyone returns to hating each other… let me just say i love you all. passionate, disagreeable and argumentative as some of u may be , you’re all part of my dee heart. It’s been a hard road to travel as a supporter and this morning I can feel how much we’re all in it together.
  14. same first game! 1971, the first half of it anyway, holds some of my favourite memories. Partly the age i was I think. strangely ( not) i remember little about the second half of that season.
  15. It was SUCH a big moment wasn’t it . scores level a minute to go. Plus it was Such a nothing action, an action that prob happens 50 times in a game, that basically decided a final. couldn’t believe my eyes.
  16. loved reading this thread. I don’t think i’ve ever felt so connected to the supporter base, nation wide, as right now. For the first time it’s like we see how much we really need each other. It def lifts my spirits to feel you all over there. gotta yell fr all of us.
  17. To be honest the aspect of this article i appreciated the most was a far more accurate description of the failed merger from our perspective. How we fought it. Up until now it’s mainly been all about how we wanted it and the hawks didn’t. So i was glad to feel some deeper truth being brought to that time. It’s amazing what real success can do to address ongoing narratives about the club!
  18. this 👆 Talk about tempting fate… for a frikn parade?
  19. hope you guys bring up the issue of whether there will be one week or two weeks from PF to GF. i’m not really getting ahead of myself as we may or may not be there. But wonder what it will do to the port or the dees if they extend it to 2 weeks pre gf.
  20. That’s a different commentary to what is being said here GNF. you’ve normally got great mail. not impressed with the car park proposal?
  21. Agree to disagree HT. i guess to be fair to your point though, and adjust my original i reckon he was dead set gifted 2 and you could argue the toss on the other two. if it was against the dees i’d have a hard time swallowing that.
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