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  1. How long until we get the Jed Walter thread going?
  2. Highlights video of the AFL academy team vs Coburg. Our NGA prospect Ricky Mentha in #10 makes a few cameos
  3. First lot of 2024 draft rankings. April 2024 Draft Power Rankings: Mids, father-sons dominate the list
  4. We certainly need to add some quality midfielders but not sure if he's the one, particularly at the price it will cost. I hope we're looking at Isaac Cumming. UFA medium defender that is an excellent kick. We don't really have any depth in this area as evidenced by AMW being repurposed as a defender. Will be best 22.
  5. I'm enjoying the demise of West Coast as much as anyone here, but I do hope the go on to beat the tigers well. Sole reason being to give the AFL a good enough reason to refuse draft assistance.
  6. He's hit a rough patch for sure, but this is his strong suit usually. Think our expectations are high considering what he achieved last year in his second season where he was clunking nearly everything. I'm confident it will turn back that way. He just needs confidence and better service from our mids.
  7. Hasn't looked out of place either, taken some marks up the wing and used his body well.
  8. Turner up forward is an interesting move
  9. I assume it's not just you because there's a lot of Laurie haters here, but his disposal is consistently his strong suit. His next disposal after your comment he laced out schache who dropped it. Every Casey played has had some shockers by foot today. I'm more impressed that with Laurie's defensive endeavour with 11 tackles to half time. His hands in short have been elite as well.
  10. Verrall, Turner, Laurie playing well with Fullarton getting a bit of it as well. K Brown had a couple nice moments including a roving goal. AMW ok so far but some indiscriminate long bombs. Hunter not overly involved and perhaps a bit rusty. Schache and Jefferson sometimes getting in each other's way. Good to see schache back on the ground though after he looked to injury his shoulder early on.
  11. I don't really want to beat them off anyway
  12. Its starting to get some attention now, but their list outside of their top half dozen or so is only average. With all due respect to these players, it's no wonder they're not a certified top 8 team when you have Williams, Baker, Khamis, O'Donnell, Vandermeer, Johannisan, Duryea playing regularly with a young Sanders and Gallagher. Macrae is out of form and probably past his best and Daniels not preferred in the side and has significant limitations, his skills by foot have deserted him over recent years and are inconsistent at best. Smith obviously out injured doesn't help their shallow midfield beyond their core 3. Bevos been there a while now and done quite well with the list he has in my opinion. It will be interesting to see if the heat ramps up on him though. They're trapped in that mid-tier level currently.
  13. At the very least it will be in Kozzie out Salem. Will have to seen who plays well at Casey. Depth is real thin. I don't think Tholstrup and Woewodin are ready or at the level yet. Petty, Brown, JvR and Fritsch hardly got near it but you have to perist with that group unless you want to substitute one of the talls for Fullarton (surely not Schache). We need to work out what we're doing with Oliver. Get his hand right and stick him in the middle. If he's not fit, give him 6 weeks off and make him do a mini pre-season. If not that, play him through the middle for 60% and work his way up.
  14. 6. Gawn 5. Lever 4. Langdon 3. Viney 2. Chandler 1. T-mac
  15. I know Oliver isn't at full fitness but at least give him some centre bounce attendance. Absolutely wasted at half-back.
  16. Haven't seen our midfield be so inept in years.
  17. We get to stew on this all weekend. [censored] Thursday night footy.
  18. Can't help but feel we have a lot of arrogance in playing unfit or underdone players. Oliver, Brown and Chandler all look shot.
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