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  1. Wouldn't be upset with Cerra but sounds like he's Carlton bound. Would much prefer to put our chips in for King next year.
  2. Looks a great prospect and can see the wraps on him. Do find it curious though that he is rated as top 10 universally in the draft and didn't even make the top 10 in Dandenongs B&F. Missed a lot of games due to state duties?
  3. If we're lucky enough to salute again in the coming years I would love to see him present the cup on stage.
  4. Who's getting a MFC tattoo? I'm sure there's going to be a few.
  5. Being greedy here but I need to be there at the G. As good as watching the win was on the couch, I really want to be part of the atmosphere at the home of football.
  6. Ended up kicking 59.24 for the season. 12.4 during the finals.
  7. So... who else is going to watch the replay until sunrise?
  8. Can't believe the turn around. Was feeling very sullen during the second quarter and was terrible company for my partner who had jumped on the bandwagon in support. That second half... Speechless. All I could do was stare in disbelief as we slammed on goal after goal. Don't think i was any better company as I was glued to the TV in a somewhat dissociative state. I only wish I could have been there to share in the passion and joy of thousands of fans that have been through the pain and suffering that only demons fans would know. But demonland has done a damn good job at bringing us all together, particular through the toughest of recent times. Thank you @Demonland and everyone else associated in running this site. We deserve this.
  9. Hoping there will be more items soon. Need to spend my lockdown savings on something worthwhile.
  10. Yeah, a premiership is good and all. But have you guys ever gone to the snow? So much fun.
  11. Enjoy the night everyone. My first and last post until the games over. Hope it's a good night for us all.
  12. Sam Petrevski-Seton has requested a trade to West Coast. https://www.afl.com.au/news/679045/blue-wants-out-former-no-6-pick-requests-trade-home
  13. Anyone know where I could acquire/purchase one of these jumpers? Have seen this jumper pop up a couple times in old highlights and looks amazing.
  14. Hibberd coming to the end of his contract as well, may win a reduced 1 year extension. Wouldn't be surprised if Brayshaw was extended for a few more years as well but at less of a premium than his 2018 year. What this amounts to is anyone's guess. I suspect, like you've suggested, that they're making sure there's enough cash to satisfy Oliver as well as leaving decent pay rises for Jackson, Pickett and Rivers. I'm sure they'll leave some cash in reserve for a player in mind as well.
  15. Think we will lose him for peanuts. We will have to look at a younger kpf in the coming years either by trade or draft.
  16. Long term security for Tom and they have most likely reworked his average salary to give us TTP room. Pretty happy with this.
  17. Curious timing with the grand final around the corner.
  18. True, just realised Chol was a free agent due to being delisted previously a few years ago. Talk is a probable 3rd round compensation pick. I'd imagine you're right on CCJ as well but as we saw with preuss ruckman sometimes carry a premium. Sounds like North is the destination so pick 38 seems far more appropriate than pick 20.
  19. I wouldn't rule out Richmond as a candidate. They're losing Chol and CCJ which will net them 2nd and 3rd round picks presumably on top of the 2 x first rounders they already have. They will have the cash and trade capital. Surely a more appealing destination. Edit: As much as I would love to add Cerra, I'm hoping we have our eye to the future for a gun KPF. King, Georgiades, L. McDonald etc..
  20. Should have been goal of the year.
  21. Port choking massively. Fans will want Hinkleys head I reckon
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