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  1. Cal stating we are "anticipated" to use only 2 picks on the national draft and will offer 27 to the pies for Grundy. Swap key for Pies star, Sun settles on new home, Dees' hard bargain - https://www.afl.com.au/news/854362
  2. https://www.afl.com.au/trade/trade-tracker?webview=true&app_referral_name=AFL Live&app_referral_version=08.05.41208 Place to keep track of all players movements this off-season. I'm not good with the Twitter thing if people want to add that as they drop. 1. Karl Amon to Hawthorn as an UFA. Port receive 2nd round pick (#27) as compensation. 2. Bobby Hill and 3rd round pick (#40) to Collingwood. GWS receive a 3rd pick (#43) and future 2nd round pick. 3. Tim Taranto to Richmond. GWS receive a 1st round pick (#12) and 2nd round pick (#19). 4. Jayden Hunt to West Coast as an UFA. Melbourne receives a 3rd round pick (#52) as compensation. 5. Blake Acres to Carlton. Freemantle recieve a future 3rd round pick. 6. Dan McStay to Collingwood as an UFA. Brisbane recieve a 2nd round pick (#35) as compensation. Edit: @Demonland Mods please delete thread, already an existing one that is dedicated to tracking trades as they drop.
  3. Interesting article https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/grundy-to-take-pay-cut-when-he-signs-with-demons-20221003-p5bmvw.html Collingwood’s All-Australian ruckman Brodie Grundy has signalled that he will take a pay cut when he becomes a Melbourne player in the coming days. Collingwood want a pick inside 25 for the 2018-19 All-Australian. He had signed a seven-year deal (before he became a free agent) in 2020 that would pay him an average between $920,000-$950,000 with the Demons picking up the lion’s share of the five-year deal, which is understood to be lower in the final two years. Also Melbourne have out-of-contract forward Toby Bedford, who has asked to be traded to GWS. Discussions on Monday centred around a deal for a pick in the third round. The Demons could also potentially offer Bedford and their pick 33 to GWS for pick 21, an exchange that would bring in a suitable pick to do the Grundy deal. More information in the article but thought these bits were particularly interesting.
  4. We're turning over the list which is what a lot of people on here want. Hope we are smart about it though as Jackson, Hunt and Harmes were for the most part best 22 this year. Can't see Baker surviving either so I wonder if we do have a cheap depth player in sight rather than drafting 5-6 kids.
  5. Colours don't suit him. Thanks for your service Jayden.
  6. 3rd round pick, current pick 52, as compensation.
  7. Clearly happy for Hunt to move on and disappointed in Bedford requesting a trade. Weideman won't be traded which makes sense as we need a back up ruck/forward option. Loved the comment about "there's first round picks and there's first round picks." Rammed home the message Jackson is a generational talent which gives me confidence that we will come away from this trade with at least 1 x top 10 pick. How that happens remains to be seen.
  8. Thanks, swear that wasn't there when I looked about an hour ago
  9. Random question, can't find the trade tracker on the afl website. Are they not doing one this year? Was, generally speaking, a pretty good way to easily keep track of movements but can only see links to the trade articles as they happen.
  10. New trade fantasy because I'm bored. Essendon receive Bowes and pick 7 from GC. Eagles trade picks 2 and 20 to the Bombers for picks 4 and 7 Melbourne trade Jackson and 33 to Eagles for picks 4 and future 1st. Melbourne recieve: Pick 4, Eagles F1 Melbourne lose: Jackson, 33 West Coast receive: Jackson, pick 7 West Coast lose: pick 2 and 20, Future 1st Essendon receive: 2, 20 and Bowes Essendon lose: 4, 7 (Waste of time I know as he's going Freo but Eagles haven't been ruled out yet.)
  11. Yep, JHF was their first. They'll have another one this year to boost up that leaderboard. And next year, and the year after...
  12. Is it? One article I read stated it would only happen after the Jackson trade is done. Hopefully it's the former and no Jackson capital goes towards Grundy.
  13. Can't see anyway North sanctions a trade. This is a far cry from the JHF seen to be so excited about joining North he was sleeping in his Jumper after draft night.
  14. So pick 12 and 19 for Taranto Seems to be likely a future 2nd from Collingwood for Hill Hopper looks to be centred around a future 1st and pick 30 from richmond Mentioned Soldo to head north, presumably to GWS. Bruhn specifics not mentioned but would presumably involve either Geelongs pick 18 or a future 1st. GWS could have pick 3, 12, 18, 19, 21, 30 Plus future 1st from Richmond and future 2nd from Collingwood.
  15. Would be win if we can maintain 2 x 1st rounders for Jackson and trade up our 33 from beford/Hunt compensation for a pick that nets us Grundy.
  16. Melbourne also looks set to bring in a free agency selection, with Jayden Hunt on the verge of joining West Coast on a multi-year deal. The Eagles' interest in Hunt, revealed by AFL.com.au last month, is likely to be enough to garner a compensation selection for the Demons in the second half of the draft. from afl.com.au End of 2nd or 3rd round pick most likely.
  17. Highlights from the last Championship game for those that are interested in the key forward. If I'm North Melbourne I'm not passing him up considering the amount of mids they've invested in recently.
  18. GWS currently has picks 3, 21, 40, 58, 60. Without considering future picks and just looking at a straight swap I think GWS would want to give 58 while we would he angling for 40. Out of contract outside of best 22 player so we don't have much leverage. However, with GWS about to have an influx of picks with Hopper, Bruhn, Taranto and Hill leaving, who knows where their draft hand will fall. When all is done they may only want to take 1st round picks into the draft which may mean they will be happy to move on their 2nd round picks for Bedford and perhaps a future pick swap into next year that favours them. Another poster suggested Bedford and 32 for GWS pick 21 which would be a good outcome. Would be somewhat similar to our Frost deal in 2014 where GWS got our pick 23 for Frost, 40 (ANB) and 53 (O-Mac). Frost at the time wasn't best 22 and from memory most here were surprised and annoyed we gave up an early 2nd round pick even with other picks coming back.
  19. Unofficial progress so far. Out: Rosman, Hunt, Bedford, Jackson, Daw*, Brown* In: Grundy Would be surprised if we kept Baker meaning we could have up to 4 selections in the draft pending potential trading in of other players and how split or list totals with senior vs rookie numbers. Rumours are Melksham and Hibberd to get a further year each and Weideman possibly has interest from St Kilda.
  20. Shame its a hypothetical and not genuine speculation. Edit: yes that's an oxymoron.
  21. Interesting that, unless I've missed it, our alleged "in the know" posters have gone to ground lately. Which could mean a few things. 1. We have something brewing that the club is keeping tight lipped on. 2. Outside of Grundy we have no other trade targets. 3. The posters are bored of the same old player discussion/rumour threads and view most demonland discussions as the quality of trade radio.
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