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  1. That was my first thought if this actually eventuated. Pick 2 and 5 for 1 -> Reid Pick 3 -> Duursma or key forward if we can entice one
  2. Do you know what's the ultimate plans for these picks? Reid and a key forward? I remember you posted being very happy about what's to come, can't imagine many people would have thought Oliver leaving would be a part of that.
  3. Pick 1 and Oscar Allen seems about the right price.
  4. Online heraldsun article titled "Swans' hardball Grundy play" Anyone have access?
  5. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/operation-oliver-clubs-believe-melbourne-star-could-be-available-20231003-p5e9gf.html Only part of the article copied here, there's more discussion on James Harmes land Tom Lynch as well (nothing new that hasn't already been reported today). Clubs are exploring how they could put together a deal to persuade Melbourne to part with one of the best players in the competition, acting in the belief that Clayton Oliver could be available in this year’s trade period for the right deal. Melbourne sources dead-batted queries over Oliver’s future, pointing to the seven-year contract he signed only last season worth about $1 million a year to remain at the club until 2030. However, a source familiar with the 26-year-old midfielder’s situation said the Demons were prepared to explore what clubs would offer. The Demons, currently with pick five in the draft (tied to Fremantle from the Luke Jackson trade) as well as their own pick 13, are keen to get deep into the draft. The possibility of Oliver being available - and sources stressed that Melbourne were not pushing him out the door - has prompted clubs to assess their own salary cap, the suitability of Oliver for their club, and what a trade would require in draft pick terms. The trade period, which starts on Monday, already looms as a busy one for Melbourne, who have been asked to negotiate with Sydney over a trade for ruckman Brodie Grundy, who they only secured 12 months ago on an expensive long-term deal from Collingwood. James Jordon will also depart the club for the Swans as an unrestricted free agent, while James Harmes is seeking a fresh start. This masthead spoke to several clubs about Oliver, two of which said they were doing their due diligence on the premiership midfielder. Other club sources who wanted to remain anonymous said they would find it impossible, despite his talent, to fit him into their salary cap or did not see him as the right fit. Oliver was a star in Melbourne’s 2021 premiership, but he had a tough season after he hurt his hamstring in round 10 and then spent time in hospital with an infection. He ended up missing two months of football, and was involved in what appeared to be heated exchange with a Melbourne official on the training track while trying to prove his fitness, before returning to the team in round 22. Oliver’s management company declined to comment on his future.
  6. Article in the sun stating roos will indeed get pick 3 because of McKays age.
  7. Would North even have any key position players left in that scenario?
  8. Well there's more smoke to this than I was expecting. If Collingwood can put their arms around de goey, surely we can support Clarry through whatever he's going through. Don't like the idea of us ditching players when it gets a bit tough.
  9. I don't think so, could be wrong though. Over the years I haven't noted him to make outlandish claims about player movements. Most of what he says is fairly accurate and I put that down to him having multiple sources throughout the AFL. Doesn't mean he doesnt get stuff wrong or things change along the way. He's not Kane Cornes or a Heraldsun reporter I'll put it that way.
  10. Wouldn't have thought so. For us to even contemplate it Oliver would have to showing Hogan-like concerns. Even then, we would need to get 2 x top 5 picks. Twomey doesn't make stuff up so the only thing I would take out of this is clubs are asking.
  11. Twomey just said clubs are enquiring about Oliver. No suggestion Melbourne would entertain it.
  12. Tell me you have NFI without saying "I have NFI"
  13. Article I believe chaserj was alluding to earlier. North possibly missing pick 3 is the first bit of good football news in weeks. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-trade-news-rumours-whispers-2023-ben-mckay-to-essendon-draft-compensation-for-north-melbourne-salary-brandon-zerkthatcher-to-port-adelaide-bombers-asking-price/news-story/5d1aef1477dbf31af86ccfbfa15858da
  14. Essendon asking for a first rounder for BZ, lol. Dodoro with one last laugh
  15. My concern would be the AFL hiding behind their secret formula. He'll maximise compensation points on age and allegedly his contract is 6yrs, which I think also comes into play. There's enough wiggle room for the AFL to engineer as they please I fear.
  16. Would love for that to be the case. Essendon have picks 8 and 28 but are trying to engineer a first round pick via Gresham compensation to be traded to them for shiel. Approximately pick 13. Roos will match and force a trade so essendon most likely will have to give up either 8 or 13.
  17. Interesting. I don't put stock into anything on bigfooty, but fwiw I read this yesterday. "Blues are actively planning on a huge trade period this year to bolster their picks, and make improvements to their list. First step is to try and lock in another first round pick, and improve their draft pick position There's also talk about a decent name player being offered as trade bait Expecting the Blues to come out and be a major player this off season."
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