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  1. I think it will be pretty much 'steady as she goes' selection wise. BBB in for Weid ... Harmes med sub. ANB is out of form and was terrible v Freo, but he is important to the structure of the side. Same with Sparrow and Spargo. Hunt and Melksham have played their roles well. Rivers has been OK. Go Dees ... if we lose this one my whole weekend will be ruined.
  2. The definitive mondegreen. Well played. There's a bathroom on the right ...
  3. Yes, it is a worrying trend. And not just by footballers. There is an easy answer to work out whether it should be "I" or "me". Say the sentence removing the other person's name ... e.g If it's "Abercrombie & I" just repeat the sentence deleting "Abercrombie &" ... Same with "Abercrombie & me". Try it ... https://grammar.yourdictionary.com/style-and-usage/when-to-use-i-or-me-in-a-sentence.html
  4. I know he's not currently in the mix, but if BBB remains injured and Weid doesn't improve I suspect the powers that be will seriously look at Joel Smith as a forward option. If nothing else he has a 'red hot go' and would at least make more of a contest than BBB and Weid. Also, his brain fades would be less damaging on the forward line than the back line.
  5. No way the filth were going to drop Cameron
  6. She constantly used double negatives which gave her comments the opposite meaning to what was intended. Double negatives are used in many songs ... "I ain't got no satisfaction". Which means the singer (Sir Mick) has indeed attained some degree of satisfaction. Should be "I don't have any satisfaction". Another example is Kiki Dee's (lol ... Dee) song I've got the Music in Me which starts "Ain't got no trouble in my life". Which literally means that she (unhappily) had trouble in her life because her status was not of a person with no trouble in her life. The following lyrics suggest that the opposite meaning was intended. I also hate "I seen the Demons play on Friday night". FFS. I'm just warming up.
  7. The "everythink' woman also said (and presumably still says) "youse" and was (and presumably remains) a frequent "double negative" user.
  8. Past tense of bring = brang!! I worked with a woman who always said "everythink". Drove me crazy.
  9. That won't happen. it will be at least 60% Collingwood supporters.
  10. I've got my ticket. In MCC members, so hopefully we'll outnumber filth supporters.
  11. I hate Jee-long (clap/clap/clap). Scott Selwood Rohan Hawkins Cameron their stupid home ground their stupid supporters
  12. Ask Cameron Ling about that !! https://libredd.it/r/Geelong/comments/plic1r/cameron_ling_lost_family_home_over_dire_business/?sort=new
  13. I (sadly) remember when the Dees had a similarly bad record at Doglands.
  14. She's so lovely .... well done young lady.
  15. Point of order ... he was actually referring to Mark Lee
  16. He disappears when he turns sideways.
  17. Port ...11 points down ... Marshall, shot for goal ... misses everything ... ball goes down the other end. Carmichael takes an uncontested mark!! Goal. FFS.
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