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  1. They weren't very lucky in last year's finals series. Having said that, I doubt that there is a causal link between your choice of undergarments and the outcome of football matches.
  2. Not a PK fan, but that was a really good performance. Ash Naylor on guitar ... great guitarist, great guy. Shame he is a filth tragic. Bull sisters ... love them.
  3. I query how many of these performers actually sing/play at this type of gig.
  4. Excuse me!! Maguire's name is actually Triplechins.
  5. Indeed. I found it amusing that he said that he had "been prepped" for the interview!! The other captain I really like is Darcy Moore. The antithesis of a filth person.
  6. Great post. FWIW, another player who takes too long to process options is JJ.
  7. I think Grundy will be selected for this match. Turner out, Tomlinson or Hibbo in. Smith ... sub.
  8. I'll be at the open session on the Wens-dy. See yous there !! I can think of someone who will be having a conniption over my mauling of the English language. Can you guess who?
  9. I was in Sydney for the R24 match. While I was there, I was attacked by a freakin magpie. Not sure if it was some sort of omen. In any event, I survived the attack.
  10. Don Adams (Maxwell Smart) v Jason Akermanis
  11. I'm in the Brewongle stand too. See you there.
  12. This is why I don't believe in karma. Too sad.
  13. Yeah ... nah .... Not big enough.
  14. Thanks. I bought tickets (2) for me and thirdborn. Anyone else going?
  15. Shame about the predicted bad weather on Sunday. I'm heading to Sydney to spend some time with my younger daughter who lives there ... and of course to attend the match!! Is there a pre-match function for Demons?
  16. A rat who deserted a sinking ship ....
  17. Nothing worse than stage fright ... from someone who's been there.
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