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  1. I would rather see Jacko get stuck at Norf if Freo are not prepared to offer a suitable trade. Call freakin Freo's bluff if it comes to that. I do however have a cunning plan*. If it will keep him at MFC, the Club could offer him a 2 year extension with the proviso that if he still wants to leave (after the 2 year extension) the Club will do whatever is reasonably necessary to facilitate a trade to his preferred club. Hopefully he will have fallen in love with Melbourne in the meantime and not want to leave. Or fallen in love with a Melbourne girl (or boy if that is his preference) who doesn't want to leave Melbourne. Gotta think outside the square. *as per Baldrick
  2. Nah ... all those 10 years players had well and truly retired by the 90s.
  3. Watching the Norf/Crows match. It's actually quite entertaining .... kinda like watching a country footy match. It's about that standard.
  4. That's a great word. Well played !! 'Crotchety' is not bad either, but not as good as 'pernickity'.
  5. Saints ... very ordinary side. Steel ... shot for goal ... kicked out on the full. He's not a A grader. Recruits ... Jones & Crouch. Very average players. And too many players who aren't physically big enough.
  6. Has anyone mentioned loading? 🤔
  7. I was at the game ... WOW !!! I think there should have been more mention of Harmes' game. He was (like the usual suspects) fantastic. Also, Hibbo did a great job on Cameron. Hopefully we back up against the Crows. The Lions are woefully out of form. Their midfield (sans Bailey/Zorko, and perhaps even if they played) is not in the same league as our boys. And their tall forwards are very flakey. We match up very well against this side; hopefully we play them in the finals. Freo (obviously), Jee-long and Richmond pose more of a threat. I think we've got the Swans, Carlton and Bulldogs covered.
  8. No lawyers ... or guns .... or money?
  9. Wow .... that's awesome. A true legend ... RIP. Not quite the same, but I had an awesome experience on Friday night. Went to a corporate function (CEO was retiring) at Crown Palladium, 800 there ... they had a special surprise guest. The CEO told everyone to get on the dance floor. Then doors behind him opened ... It was Robbie Williams, with full band/dancers!! At first I thought it was an impersonator, but no ... it was actually Robbie Williams! Flew out especially for the private show. Even Triplechins (MC for the night) was on the dancefloor, and was videoing the show. I'm still in shock.
  10. Has he actually admitted guilt? Lisa Wilkinson says hi.
  11. Shame there were no AFL/VFL players with the surnames Wakeman, Emerson, Argent or Rolie! But how could you not include any of the Lord boys in deference/with reference to the late, great Jon Lord !!!!
  12. I wish Preuss was still on our list.
  13. What do you think of Weightman? 5 goals to half time ... no free kicks either.
  14. GWS v Doggins ... entertaining match. It's a goalfest, virtually no defence by either side.
  15. Hmm, I just put some money on the Gorillas. (Considerably less than a gorilla though.)
  16. As I've posted several times before, I don't understand why the commentators don't call this out. More relevant than most of their air filling. AFL directive not to criticise umpires?
  17. The starting odds for the Swans ($4.20) and the filth ($4) offered by Sportsbet were ridiculously generous. The odds reduced in the following days. I put money on both these sides, and won a tidy sum. Or should that be tidy sums? Having said that, I would have preferred to lose my money by seeing the Dees win. I never bet on the Dees ... if they lost it would feel like I was punished twice.
  18. I have totally avoided all replays + football shows since Monday. Can't stand hearing about our apparent demise, and the rise of the filth. Will probably continue to do so until the Brisbane match.
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