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  1. From the "the dog ate my homework" school of excuses.
  2. Hey, has anyone heard the whisper that LJ may be leaving the Dees at the end of this season?
  3. Sportsbet $1.47 Demons $2.68 Swans Closer to evens I reckon. Swans playing really well.
  4. i was at the 1987 final v Swans. It was carnage.
  5. I knew Gordon slightly. He was a charismatic man .... always made you feel good when you talked to him. RIP Gordon Lewis.
  6. Perhaps the fact that Petty looks 32 counted against him ?
  7. Sadly, I agree. Max seemed to have an air of resignation.
  8. Jee-long v the filth ... I'm actually going to that match. Hate them both ... it's like choosing between typhoid and cholera.
  9. I would like to add my sincere thanks to all those responsible for this great site. And thanks to my fellow posters ... love your work ... well for the most part !!! Love yous all*. And apologies for my sometimes rambling/incoherent posts. *slight exaggeration
  10. I would suggest my younger daughter (who's 24 and unattached) but she lives in Sydney.
  11. Same ... Level 4 ... Row C. I'm happy with that. See you there !!!
  12. I got in the queue just before 10 am, got tickets at 10.10 am. Q43 ... row C (MCC members). Happy with those seats. P.S. FWIW I'm also a MFC member.
  13. Where is training? Gosch's? Are the team training at Gosch's any other day/s this week?
  14. How excellent would it be if Hird gets the gig at Essendon?
  15. Clear 'tweaking' of the game play evident on Friday night.
  16. I hate the filth. I was having a beaut weekend until then ...
  17. Almost a perfect weekend ... so sad that the filth (again) got home. FFS Blueboys, what chokers (again) !!
  18. Best outcome would be the filth and swans both lose, so we play Freo at the G. Highly unlikely though.
  19. We can all speculate, but he clearly hasn't decided. I think a flag this year would probably tilt his thinking towards staying, but only signing on for another 2 years.
  20. It's all been said ^. The joint (Sporting Globe, Richmond) was jumpin last night. Wow !!!
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