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  1. Great performance. Good comeback game for Hunt. Hopefully he keeps up that form. I think the wet conditions helped ... it meant that we weren't continually outmarked in F50.
  2. Given my current mood, I'm sure it will be good enough!!
  3. I'm going to make a cup of tea and have a slice of orange cake at 3/4 time to celebrate. Hopefully the celebrations aren't premature.
  4. WEID !!!!!!!!!!! I never doubted him.
  5. Sportsbet have Demons favourites @ $1.72. Age "experts" ... 10 Freo, 4 Demons. Hopefully the bookies have got it right.
  6. It's really just an article about Jason Taylor with a stupid headline.
  7. Never in doubt ... Good news nonetheless.
  8. Here's an idea out of left field ... When we're being continually thrashed in the air up forward and/or the oppo take intercept mark after intercept mark, perhaps sometimes just 'kick it to grass' and let the small forwards run onto it? Surely better than being continually outmarked. Or is that just another Baldrick plan?
  9. This filth success is doing my head in. It's worse than the Demons doing poorly. Imagine if the GF is filth v puddy tatts!! I'm an MCC member and have been to every grand final (other than 2020/21 obviously) for about 15 years. If these teams play off, I wouldn't go.
  10. team 3 word analysis ... deserved to lose
  11. I'm not watching ... who's playing on Weid? How many has he kicked?
  12. Interesting article. Dennis Cometti played/coached footy, albeit 'only' at WAFL level. Isa Gohu (sp) is an awesome cricket commentator. Daisy is, of course, a fantastic special comments person. Offers interesting insights and doesn't prattle on like some of her male counterparts (read Garry Lyon et al) who are just air fillers. Jonathan Brown is also a great special comments person. He's like Mr Ed ... only speaks when he has something (worthwhile) to say.
  13. Tomlinson's not a forward ... or a winger. His only position is as a backman (which he's OK at) or nothing.
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