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  1. Marty Hore can play tall. Not sure why he isn't mentioned in dispatches ....
  2. Imagine the outcry if Stephen May had cleaned up Josh Daicos in the same manner !!
  3. I love late 60s/early 70s Oz music ... Seasons of Change, Golden Miles, I'll be Gone, Lotus One, The Freak/Hey Pinky (Zoot) ... need I go on?
  4. Hmm, he should stop walking under ladders, allowing black cats to cross his path, killing ladybugs, running over Chinamen and failing to respond to chain letters. I suspect if he modifies his behaviour accordingly he may have better luck.
  5. I was at that match. We didn't 'belt' them. I don't think we can rely on Fritsch to kick 5 goals every match!!
  6. I'm not sure that we can keep playing both Langers & Hunter on the wings. Gus is a great winger (and HB, and midfielder!!) so we mightn't be able to play him on a wing. One of the young fellas might well get a crack on a wing ... I'm very worried about Petty. Those foot injuries are diabolical. JVR is really good. Very confident about his continued progression. Clarry ... hmm. Who knows? Sparrow ... needs to go to the next level. Hopefully he does. And Chandler. And Kozzy needs to improve his consistency. I'm a real advocate of giving him short bursts on the ball to get him into the game. TMac & BBB are cooked. Sadly. I worry about Max. He's not getting any younger, and is repeatedly assaulted. Maysie ... great player, but on the wrong side of 30. Hopefully his inevitable slide is very gradual. Not sure it's exactly on topic, but I really hate the filth. As for Maynard ....
  7. I stand corrected !! Jamie Charman and Beau McDonald also say hi!! Premiership ruckmen for Brisbane, not exactly household names!!
  8. Having an A+ ruckman is an obvious asset. But, as has been said many times before, the Toiges won 3 flags with Nankervis as their ruckman. And for those with long memories, so did Brisbane years ago with Keating*. And another flag with another ruckman whose name I can't remember! *Aaron, not Paul.
  9. If Brayshaw didn't have his health issues, he would be the perfect captain (IMHO).
  10. Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter and Michael McDonald say hi. Personally I can't stand the Michael McDonald (yacht rock) version. Yeah, yeah, I know they won a Grammy with What a Fool Believes. While it's ultra slick, I can't stand it!!
  11. He's a ripper. I liken him to Reiwoldt (Richmond version) in that he's slightly undersized as a key forward, but gives a serious contest every time. Thankfully he's not a DH like Reiwoldt.
  12. What's with the Aussie players wearing board shorts ... Kokkinakos and Purcell?
  13. Nah, I think 'that disgusting piece of filth' is more accurate.
  14. I recently (again) watched the 2021 GF. Gus' performance was off the charts!!
  15. Doing beautifully already, but still plenty of upside.
  16. 2024 ... certain premiers! What could possibly go wrong?
  17. I was at the tribute match too. Like others, it was one of the most emotional experiences I've ever had. Troy last game was a sign of what may have been. Too too sad.
  18. I think poor James Jordon (aka Jordan Jones) is the definitive unused sub.
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