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  1. The Northey teams had mainly 'no names' ... Jamie Duursma, Dean Chiron, Doug Koop to name a few. No disrespect to them; those guys (and the others) had a RHG and I loved watching them.
  2. Hmm ... not sure if you meant Rounds 16/17/18 ... or earlier rounds in the season. In any event, we won v Essendon and WC in Rounds 17 & 18, but lost v Brisbane in Round 16. I feel for you and others who made the effort and expense of the trip to WA to watch what apparently a pretty one sided match. As Americans say to their vets "thank you for your service". It's kinda amusing to read posts on here post bad losses. It's a battle between the Negative Nancies and the Pollyannas. FWIW I'm somewhere in between. I couldn't see any real possibility of our boys winning this match, and slapped a fair bit of cash on Freo. But from all accounts (mainly on DL) it was a pretty poor performance, especially from the more experienced (older) players. I couldn't watch the match, and certainly won't be watching the replay. The outcome presents a good opportunity to use the quote "Things are never as bad as they seem." (From To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee.) Somewhat surprisingly, Sportsbet have the Dees as favourites v GWS on the Sat-dy. I know it's at the G, but it seems odd. Anyhoo, enough of my ramblings ... or at least for now.
  3. Hard to see us winning. Hoping for a minor miracle.
  4. There's a song about this gent ... some of the lyrics are as follows ... "Our Isaac Cumming, I ask you is he any good?"
  5. Good read. Everyone loved Robbie. My favourite player .... by a huge margin. I don't however agree that had Melbourne won the 1987 PF, we would have gone on to beat Carlton the following week. We were totally banged up, and would have suffered the same fate as Hawthorn in the GF.
  6. As Bert Newton famously said "I like the boy!"
  7. As L.P. Hartley wrote (first sentence of The Go Between) - "The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."
  8. Playing the young blokes has paid dividends ... (How's that for a cliche?) Turner, Windsor, Tolstrup, AMW ... Rather than NQRs recruited from other clubs who haven't really passed muster. (Another cliche.) I think Howes is also a likely type ... Woey, maybe ... Laurie ... hmm, not convinced.
  9. Wow !!! I've been following the match on this thread. (I'm in Palau.) Loving it!! Really happy for WCW.
  10. Please include its full title when referring to it ... "that POS Maynard".
  11. I'm in Palau. Kayo won't let me log in. Am I missing anything?
  12. First time I've seen him live. He's quite little.
  13. I used the future tense - "going". I'm catching the 12.49 train which arrives at Jolimont at 1.03 pm. I presume there will be a massive queue to get in the MCC section.
  14. Did someone say something about a bagful?
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