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  1. I did that once (senior's moment). I sent a msg to Ticketek asking to return some of the tickets. They agree, and gave me a refund. Not sure whether you've left it too late though.
  2. I take the opposite view. Playing Petracca and parking him in the forward line is almost the 'safe' option. Take the punt ... don't play Trac (his well being surely paramount) and play Dunstan instead. And otherwise be brave with selections .. JVR in, Bowey in ... Melksham/ANB out.
  3. Me. West Coast & Port Power supporters are apparently as bad.
  4. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
  5. I tipped off a mate re not taking cr#p seats, try again and you may get better seats. He thanks me for that advice, got much better seats on the fourth attempt!!!! Ridiculous system.. surely the best seats should be available to those who log on first. The system simply allocates seats bay by bay .... so if you get offered bad seats,, don't take them. Keep trying until you get OK seats.
  6. The filth crowd are diabolical. I went to the Pies/cats game, which was fantastic. However the constant calls of "ball" and booing did my head in. FFS!!
  7. Hey dude, sorry to tell you but the ticketing system is totally [email protected]@ked. I logged on at abou 9.05 am for MCC seats. Was allocated up the back of Level 4 like you. However I read somewhere that new batches of seats are released periodically. I thought I'm not taking those seats. Kept trying then timed out. I logged in again ... and got second row seats!!!
  8. Kozzy should have got a brief run on the ball, at least at a centre bounce or 2 to mix it up a bit and/or get him into the game.
  9. Hmm .... Can't see a huge crowd v Lions as being likely on the back of that performance. Low - mid 60s perhaps? FWIW I'll be there.
  10. Wow ... what a disappointment. Other than a few that were ok, most of the team played very poorly. So many dropped marks/fumbles/missed targets. Credit to Sydney ... very disciplined side.
  11. I'm about to have a slice of carrot cake, and a noice cuppa tea. Then a short pre match nap. (Yep, I'm letting loose!) I've got my thermals laid out, ready to head off in a few hours.
  12. Where was the Dees' light training run this morning?
  13. No it won't. The loser tonight gets a second chance. (Will play Brisbane.)
  14. Thanks for the explanation. Much more helpful than the smart ar#e response of another poster.
  15. Why do the commentators keep calling Maurice Rioli Maurice Jnr. There was only one Maurice playing! Maurice Snr wasn't playing ... he's dead!
  16. Hipwood has disappeared. Matheson, Robinson, Berry doing nothing.
  17. I was there too .... easily identifiable because I was wearing a yellow (high viz) cycling jacket. (I incorporated the visit to Gosch's Paddock as part of my morning ride.) Caught up with the lovely WCW and snagged myself a snag. Good set up there although it was sans coffee when I got there (about 10.15 am). Nice atmosphere ... Training session seemed pretty relaxed/low key. Would be nice to meet some D/Landers there next week ...
  18. I hate Ross Lyon ... he hates the Dees. P.S. It's not the only reason I hate him.
  19. That's where i'll be pre match. Catch you there?
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