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  1. Sadly I agree. Tomlinson will come in for Petty. Dunstan in for Oliver. Rivers in for Bowey. If Bedford is out, then not sure who comes in ... hopefully Hunt.
  2. I like the guy, but he was attrocious yesterday, and the previous round/s. Doesn't bust a gut to get to contests, and when he does he just sticks an arm out lamely. Sadly not many (if any) other options.
  3. Agree about Petty. He is an absolute gun. I thought Ben Brown was terrible. His first goal was a gift ... the result of a dropped (uncontested) mark by a Crows defender (Murray). His only other goal was in junk time. His inability to impact on contests is a problem ... he either fails to get to the contest, or 'attacks' the ball meekly with one hand. He was great last year, but his form this year is worrying. Weid did what Weid does. Shame he can't 'clunk' marks. M. Brown was passable. He did better than his namesake. Hibbo ... mixed bag. Did some good things, but got outmarked twice which cost 2 goals. Overall an OK game. Bedford ... until he kicked his goal ... didn't know he was playing!! Kozzy ... rarely sighted.
  4. Such a tragedy that the filth got up against GC. I'm still in mourning.
  5. Filth now a goal ahead ... oh dear ... I don't think I can watch this any more.
  6. Scores level ... Suns have stopped. I'm fearful...
  7. I hate the filth so much. Come on Suns ... do it !!
  8. I got on the Crows at $4.90. Now $4.40. Hope I lose my money!!
  9. I've always been reluctant to travel interstate to watch matches ... the thought of flying back after a drubbing, or even a loss, isn't particularly appealing. The only interstate match I went to was v Swans, about 5 years ago. In an upset, the Demons won at the SCG!! I was visiting my thirdborn (who lived/lives there) and shouted my secondborn a trip there. Very enjoyable long weekend !!!
  10. WCW ... hope you have an enjoyable day at the footy. Where is everyone else going to watch the match? If anywhere. I'm going to the Sporting Globe in Richmond.
  11. Blues lost on the scoreboard, but won 21 - 9 on the free kick count. Despite that, the booing by their fans was outta control.
  12. Twas a bit of a free kick Carlton scenario ...
  13. I put a safety bet on Crows @ $4.90. After LJ news, now $4.40.
  14. Ratts will be looking for plenty of "scoreboard nourishment" ... (FFS !!!)
  15. Wheatley and robbo are just weird. It's like watching a condescending pastoral care worker humouring a dementia patient. Binman .... those 2 sentences alone will surely see that post winning the post of the year award. Those footy shows don't come close to your podcasts. As for King, given the way he wibble wobbles, he would be an ideal host for a new show "AFL 180". (FWIW I can remember when he was player and attended my son's Auskick (late 90s). Surprisingly he was really good with the kids. ) Lyon (both of them) are morons. The Ross variety thought that the Dogs would win the 2021 flag because Goodie was coaching from the bench, putting him at a disadvantage. The Garry variety simply prattles on, particularly when providing his 'special' comments during matches. I used to think that Jonathan Brown was a meathead. I was wrong; he clearly isn't. I respect him. He is one of the few that is like Mr Ed ... he only speaks when he's got something to say. For example, he came right out and said that the Saints don't have enough top end talent. I don't mind Reiwoldt either ... that's Nick, not his odious cousin. I don't mind Montagna either. He was totally on the Dees last year.
  16. I hope it isnt all balloted seats. If the Dees make the granny, I'd hate to miss it ... I'm ok with queuing up from sparrow's fart if I miss out in the ballot. PS ... I'm also an MFC member.
  17. Sri Lanka's keeper is called Dickwella. Sounds like a name from a Carry On movie.
  18. That is an excellent observation.
  19. Fox AFL News. Lead story was the subhuman De Goey back at training. Then 2 other stories ... one was Hardwick saying the club should do everything to keep Baker. Can't remember the other story. The fourth ... yes the fourth ... story was Clarry signing on. Can you believe that?? It is massive news.
  20. It all makes sense .... He was on the bench when Bedford kicked his second goal v Brisbane. Clarry stood up and raised his arms. He looked so happy ... it had the look of "I love my team mates, I love this club".
  21. Thankfully the Club has not listed him as 4 - 6.
  22. I love inter alia his round the corner snaps for goal.
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