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  1. If Petty is out the spine of the reigning premiers would be Tomlinson, Turner, MBrown and a horribly out of form BBrown . Still reckon we smash 'em!
  2. I assume like last year we won't fill out our roster via trade and draft. Likely we will leave ourselves list space for free agent signings (like D. Smith and Majak) and mid season draft selections.
  3. Was this written by Toby Bedford's manager? Toby has some talent but is a way off - competing with Spargo/Kozzie/ANB and behind Chandler, Melksham and Jones to do so. If you were looking to replace Viney it is Sparrow.
  4. I feel i have played Saturday perfectly. Organized a trip to Werribee zoo Saturday morning and have the grandparents coming along as well. Will give the kids to the grandparents after the zoo to go home for their nap leaving me free and easy in Werribee right on 1pm....
  5. I reckon both Sparrow and Zorko's are free kicks and nothing more. But I thought that about Marlion Picket as well......
  6. Both clubs have byes scheduled for next weekend. Hopefully easy enough to just push this fixture back a round.
  7. So no Baker or Petty. They could be ins, traveling emergencies or injured!
  8. I must admit I like the VFL filling the gap of no Thursday night football. I enjoyed being able to watch Footscray v GWS last week, and the production value of the Foxtel broadcast was far far superior to the channel 7 broadcast of Casey Box Hill a couple of weeks back that felt like it was filmed on an iPhone streamed back to the truck on 3G.
  9. In latest on MFC website - Laurie out for 6-8 weeks after injury at training (fractured eye socket).
  10. Anyone have any information on why Bailey Laurie didn't play on the weekend?
  11. Hibberd did a really good job on Dusty a few years ago but I'm sure he has the capacity to go with him any more all around the ground. I think someone like Viney lining up on him for stoppages in the middle of the ground and Hibberd ready to take him as he moves forward is more likely than a singular hard tag.
  12. With Fritsch out. I wonder do they bring in a tall like Mitch Brown? Or perhaps just go with Sparrow as the replacement and play Melksham deeper (I think this the most likely).
  13. Cheers, this matches up with my research. I reckon to get to the G before the bounce going to have to be leaving the Casey game early in the last quarter.
  14. I see the VFL season kicks off next week with Casey's first game scheduled from Sunday at 12:05pm away at Box Hill. I am from the other side of town, so was hoping for some advice from those out East about whether they think it is logistically possible to watch the Casey game and then catch the train into the G in time for Dees at 3:20pm.
  15. That was a huge clunk from Jacko. TMac look pretty good.
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