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  1. That was a huge clunk from Jacko. TMac look pretty good.
  2. Yep exactly, Point I was making is that Goodwin seems to pull a real selection surprise for round 1 games. This year round 2, with couple of months gaps, falls into that same pattern.
  3. Goodwin seems to love a bolter selection for games after a long break. Joel Smith round 1 2017 Corey Maynard round 1 2018 Tom Sparrow round 1 2019 Toby Bedford round 1 2020 and now Trent Rivers. with hindsight none of these selection surprises have really worked so far, lets hope Trent breaks that run.
  4. Has a scratch match against Carlton this week been locked in?
  5. My tip for the final 4 weid, Lockhart, kozie and Bedford.
  6. Harriet Cordner at 177cm named in the ruck.....
  7. Anyone have any info on why Sparrow has missed the last two?
  8. And both will be in the 22. Nev stiff to miss the 40 but a year where there were a number of good small and mid defenders that had great seasons.
  9. Roy Morgan is based in Melbourne......
  10. It was interesting to read about St Kilda striking an agreement with another VFL club so that Lewis Pearce could play full games in the ruck as he was always behind either Hickey or Longer in their own VFL side.
  11. 27,013 Highest attendance for a Melbourne v Gold Coast game - was Rd 1 of 2015 at the 'G. Reckon we knock that off on Sunday?
  12. Gate 1, 5, 13 & 14 will open at 3:15pm for the VFL match Above from Kardina Park website - yes your AFL ticket would get you in.
  13. I think people are underestimating Hibbo's season. Not as outstanding as last year - but in m opinion still very good. Big games from Vince and Lewis needed. Might also see Salem play deeper? Wager is the like replacement but Smith if we want to cover defensively could be the option.
  14. I am actually a bit of JKH fan but a speedy outsider he is not.
  15. Forgive me if double ups. John Messen. Chris Heffernan Brent Moloney Nathan Carroll Gary Moorcroft Peter Vardy Steven Pitt James Cook Scott Chisholm
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