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  1. Its part of the City of Gold Coast
  2. Anyone got an away membership and willing to give a ticket or two away? P.s. my partner and I are both Trident members even though we live in Brisbane. Unfortunately that doesn't get us in to this game. Happy to give away our tickets for the Adelaide home game, reserve level 2.
  3. Nup, he referenced that game as well. They are a few hundred tickets short if 85k
  4. John Ralph just said 80k now expected on Saturday night. Amazing.
  5. Are we not #1 in the comp for marks inside forward 50?
  6. Given a 75k limit, looks like we would be at 55k crowd so far. Still a fair few general public seats left.
  7. You can literally pick your bay?
  8. You have to wait until 5pm for lower priority. Then enter all your barcodes at the same time. So effectively, you have to wait for the lowest membership in that group to become available
  9. Damn, I had that option. Went with N11 so im close to the bars in the Hassett Ryder rooms etc.
  10. That should be working, assuming you didn't select something else before. Once you select a bay, that's it for the session time (10 mins).
  11. Where? Any know what's its like in the ponsford section near the MCC? Was thinking of going N49/50 instead of GSS N10
  12. My email apparently no longer exists or linked. No idea what the person did on the phone. My account has been the same for years. Total shambles. Will get it sorted in the morning.
  13. Trident member. Was a redlegs, went to trident yesterday and they had to update my barcode. Same for my partner. I'll be stressing all morning until I get it before 1pm. I'll email membership.
  14. Didn't get it. Excellent.
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