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  1. I feel dirty going for thr filth, but this is just too good 🤣
  2. And more ice now on other side. Right - knee Left - ankle
  3. Sparrow off and getting the ice on. Upper leg
  4. Rosman with an ice pack on the bench. Very high up, inner/rear thigh. Hamstring?
  5. Mitch Robinson like squeal whenever he is in space and demanding the ball. Can see why they don't always honour it.
  6. https://twitter.com/CalTwomey/status/1413374928263385088?s=20
  7. Gate 3 park about half full. Stream of cars coming in as we speak
  8. I'm sure it's been mentioned plenty of times, but I've obviously missed it. How has the nickname of "Dogga" come about?
  9. "You [censored] lost that for us" Classy. This from the guy who climbed down from his high horse to tell Kossi off for pointing at the scoreboard 🙄
  10. I find this page very handy for such musings.... https://predictor.squiggle.com.au/ 🙂
  11. Another small nitpick LH, but (unless I am missing something???) I make it 45 total - 37 senior, 5 'A', 1 'B', 2 MSR Love your work and thanks! 👍
  12. Gee, that's a long wait. I'm not familiar with your location OD, but assume that is the reason? I had my first jab on Sunday (as a walk up) and can go back for my second in 3 weeks.
  13. Eddie says he has the exclusive scoop on Footy Classified tonight.
  14. Yes. Also played for us in the practise match v Bulldogs, where he Smith & Majak were vying for 2 spots on our list. Big unit
  15. I know right? What an outrage
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