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  1. Maybe it'd be the same as what you said but just in reverse. He is AFL, I am club with home game GA. I'm lowest denominator, so wait till my allocation time? I'll try next week and see what happens 👍
  2. Question for AFL members, but for next week... My friend is an AFL member and he wants to come to our game next week vs Richmond. I have a home game GA membership. How would I get us seats together? Take his barcode and then enter that along with mine, when my allocation is available? So 5pm Tuesday? Or would I have to wait for public release time the following day?
  3. If I go to watch the game at Box Hill, this is what I'll be doing. The VFL game is also live on 7, so I guess could try watching last quarter via 7+ app whilst on my way to the G
  4. Other than the "only one seats per purchase" and buying two, everything else is normal. The L1 tickets on the wing are $60, which is what they are for that particular area (bays M8 to M15) The tickets your friend got for $27 are general admission, which is also normal for any GA seating section.
  5. They open up L4 if there is more demand for seats than there are seats available on L1. There wasn't, unfortunately. As L4 tickets are available this week, I assume it'll be a bigger crowd than vs Cats
  6. I've done it on both. Today was PC as I'm at work. Last week and previous on phone
  7. Sorry, but no. If you did that an exactly that, it won't ask for payment.
  8. OK, I'll try.... Log in to Ticketek Click on our game In "select date" drop down select "Club Members & Public reserve" DONT click on ticket and pricing info. Instead enter barcode/s in box below, where it says "Hawthorn and Melbourne members, please enter your barcode(s) here, one per line" Click on "unlock tickets" Seating type use drop down and select "Melbourne allocation" My membership is GA so from here I select "General reserved" Up the top of there'll be two $0 tickets you can select from. One for Adult reserved seat, one for Junior 1-5 years
  9. Yep, same. It wasn't hard. I really don't understand what all the confusion is about.
  10. Yeah, cool... 🙄 How'd the truth bombs about Pickett work out for you?
  11. Well, from what Langdon says, it sounds like a lot of between the ears stuff, rather than technical. He must have an effective way of getting through to them.
  12. There's a bit more here re Langdon/Choco for those who didnt get beyond paywall...
  13. Lever didn't know. Robertson said it all in his post match on ground interview with Lever. Verbatim... "May is ok, just a cut, getting stitches" Saying that out aloud on the mic for everyone in the ground to hear, leaves it pretty easy to assume he'd had a call or an update re May. Next time should probably keep his mouth shut as we've obviously found out now that he was completely wrong.
  14. GA tickets are $27. Entire top level except MCC was closed (as you no doubt saw if watching) and there were heaps of gaps down the bottom, so should have been tickets available today. Online though, not at gate Maybe you were looking in wrong spot?
  15. Sorry, Robertson said it to Lever. But yes,.obviously a much better outcome, even with 12 day concussion break, if needed.
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