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  1. Yep, just another irrelevant [censored] trying to regain whatever relevance he had before Fox sacked him. If that - along with Jesse Hogans spray a few years ago - wasn't enough to indicate that he is just another slimey media weasel with zero credibility, then nothing will. I'm glad the club aren't giving it oxygen.
  2. First story was click bait rubbish. Now we have Tom Morris trying to stoke the fire 🙄 I'll toss this one in the same bin as the Glen Bartlett 'news', for the same reason...
  3. +1 Our current default style of bombing it to a pack would be perfect for AN, as he'd likely come down with it half the time. Then the rest of the time when we get it in fast and with more purpose, step up Petty/JVR/Fritsch.
  4. Disappointing post from our self appointed rumour quality controller...
  5. 😎 Commentary team sound a little rattled too 🤣
  6. GWS are going to absolutely belt the Pies and most of their supporters don't even see it coming. Can't wait to see their "oh [censored]" faces about half way through the second.
  7. Forever to be known by me as Brayden "I went to make a football act" Maynard.
  8. Schache offeres nothing imo. I'd prefer keeping Chandler or bringing in Woey, having Petracca spend more time forward and Chandler/Woey picking up the slack in the middle.
  9. Sorry if already posted. I'm not a massive fan of David King, but his conversation here with Gerrard Whateley has helped pep me up a bit re our chances tomorrow night! https://www.sen.com.au/news/2023/09/13/im-super-confident-they-wrap-back-around-the-change-melbourne-needs-to-reach/ ~13 mins mark onwards...
  10. Well worth a listen for those who haven't already done so... https://articles.listnr.com/sport/max-gawn-explains-what-really-happened-during-brayden-maynards-visit-to-angus-brayshaws-house/?fbclid=IwAR0G4jdGSblNi2Tjt4ga9U1NnuFxpV1ykmbRzgWiWTHZq2T7pRbqknXSgmA
  11. LOL, when does Harmes ever not come up in the "has received interest from...." conversation? This would be at least the 3rd or 4th season straight. Is it legit this time, or are these just more unimaginative rumours from people who do nothing more than cast their eye over "ok" players who arent getting a game at the time? If it's true then good luck to him. He has been good for us, but I think he's fringe at best now and could do with more opportunity elsewhere if he can get it.
  12. I don't like speculating on this sort of thing because it is so subjective, but to me his demeanor at the opening training didn't look like someone who was happy to be there. Just seemed to just be going through the motions. Cant blame him to be honest.
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