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  1. If Bedford can bring what he does at Casey to AFL level (definitely think he can) then he'd replace one of Melksham/ANB/Spargo. Same for Chandler who could also come in for one of those three. Would be significant upgrades imo.
  2. Are these the same fickle members and supporters who didn't even bother turning up to the game last night? The ones who in not being there made it feel like a Brisbane home game and amongst other things allowed Harrison [censored] petty of all people to get booed and Zorko applauded? Those ones? Don't think the club or players would give two [censored] about them mate. I sure don't. They can all hand in their memberships and [censored] right off as far as I'm concerned.
  3. The thing grinding my gears tonight is the crowd, and not the ones that are there, but the ones that aren't. Where the [censored] are you all? Absolute disgrace that we are getting out shouted in our home game at our home ground.
  4. Who is a better chance of beating Sydney in Sydney? Assuming we can get past Brisbane, then win the Prelim, I'd rather not have a GF against the Swans. We can deal with our new bogey team later, when it matters less.
  5. I sat next to the grumpiest old man in the history of grumpy old men. Monotonous, not stop whining and complaining the entire match about evvvvvverything Didn't so much as clap or show one shred of interest when we got our little run on at the start of the third, but was all to ready to get back on the whinge train when we lost the next centre bounce. Bugger you, grumpy old man. Made my frustrating night even more annoying.
  6. Yes I figured Pretty long odds that seat belonged to someone here who happened to be reading this thread! All the same, hopefully it gets fixed before game time
  7. I've sent text message to the anti social behaviour phone number. Only obvious contact number shown anywhere around ground. Hoepfully someone there could pass on to maintenance people to swap out the seat. They got 3 hours
  8. Poor bugger in Q50, row B seat 2 has an uncomfortable night ahead
  9. General public tickets almost a sell out. Category 1 - N11, N31, N33 Category 7 - very back of Q1 to Q6
  10. Another good achievement is that we finished 2nd despite playing literally half of our season against top 8 sides. Meanwhile Richmond ....
  11. Can someone who is better at maths than me work out how many points Sydney's pre game percentage lead over us equated to? 10 points? 20 points?
  12. Haha, love it! This was definitely the general sentiment at the ground too. Lots of noise until Melksham kicked his goal, then it was panic, then it was absolute crickets after Kozzy got the winner.
  13. I guess this is the most appropriate thread for this. Apologies if it's a re-post! Either way, enjoy!
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