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  1. Watch the replay with alternative commentary I suggest listening to Perth's Triple M, being Dennis Cometti's last ever Grand Final If anyone does, have a good listen to how the commentary team is questioning whether Melbourne will be able to stop the Bulldogs momentum about half way through the 3rd quarter, its very funny knowing what is about to occur
  2. I love these so much brother I’ve watched every one at least 10 times by now Any chance you could do Langdons 4th quarter gut running and goal? I love listening to the commentators appreciate his wing work just as much as we all have over the past 2 seasons
  3. Another update, Dec has been given the Senior coaching role at Moe for the next 2 seasons as a coach/player (see attached for a well written article about it all), I'm sure with his AFL experience he will be able to take Moe to extreme heights over the next few years Dec was named as the CHB in the team of the year, came 4th in the Coaches votes for the season, but didn't poll a single B&F vote from the Umpires, go figure lol P.S. CARN THE DEE'S 2021 PREMIERS BABY WOO!!!! Declan-appointment.pdf
  4. Not to be an arrogant bastard but I have to say I told youse so This years Flag is ours to lose boys, let’s get it done.
  5. How do we dominate teams like Port and Brisbane and the Dogs but draw to hawthorn lol This bloody team man is gonna give me a stroke
  6. Lids been off since the Richmond win But that was just that much sweeter
  7. It was 100% the Radio Call as I recognized the callers and I used to listen to them all the time, I think whoever edited the footage of the VFL goals just amped up the audio to make it sound better Streaming rights are complicated, if Kayo have a deal to the VFL games, even if they don't stream a game noone else is allowed to. It infringes on all kinds of property rights and ownership, I dunno I'm no lawyer but that would be my educated guess (would also explain why it was fine to stream the preseason games before Kayo took over the streaming rights at the start of the season)
  8. I think Old Dee is correct, as it seems Kayo have the streaming rights for any VFL game this season As for the footage and commentary you saw, the footage is done every game for the players and coaches to analyse, and the commentary would have been Casey Radio doing the live call that just happened to be picked up by the mics on the camera
  9. Just wanna say I’ve been on record for years saying that Goody is a good coach Nice to see my faith in him is being justified
  10. I’ve managed to get to 2 of his games, when my work schedule allows me too It’s been good, they’ve got some real solid defenders for a local club and with Dec in able to control them from the backline it’s working so well
  11. Another win today in round 5 sees Moe undefeated and atop the league ladder with over 200% points Dec killed it again today, was named 3rd best on but won the Cam Bars favourite player and a slab (he doesn’t drink so I’m sure the old man will be happy)
  12. I'd recommend reading any of the articles written this year by those 2 authors on the ABC, they have been doing an amazing job
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