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  1. If we don’t [censored] turn this around after the half 😡
  2. Any footy lovers would have known how powerful a defender May was at the Suns When we picked him up everyone was very excited for what he could bring to our club By his own admission he had a horrid last year mostly due to his own poor preparation (and to be fair, moving to a new city and having your missus leave you soon after would poorly effect everyone) But this year he has shown us all just how great a player he is He might me my favourite player now AA for sure.
  3. He also has been, just got kept out of Norths side by Goldstein and our side by Gawn, which is why so many were surpised when he decided to come to Melbourne other then another team with less ruck stock where he'd get a lot more Senior games.
  4. If we kicked straight it could have easily been another 40-50 points Well played boys, I’m not angry this time
  5. How the hell are we winning this I’ve been a fan of Goody for a while and even defended him a lot but it’s starting to really hurt watching this horrible play, even I might start calling for his sacking
  6. Dropping Oscar doesn’t make sense to me, thought with him the team it allowed May and Lever to play their roles a lot better
  7. Nervous as hell for this Realistically we should win comfortable, irrespective of the ladder position, given the 2 teams form the last month but part of me thinks we’ll stuff up this game too
  8. That was incredibly frustrating I’m angry but we were [censored] for 2 quarters and still almost beat one of the best teams in the comp so ill take it
  9. I think the most disappointing thing was we had some very impressive passages of play. Some of those plays that led to goals was 2018 Melbourne. To drop off from that in the second half and lack in so many other areas hurt to watch.
  10. How did we lose 3 quarters of football and still manage to win? That was infuriating
  11. Cheers mate Decs doing well, but has been missing footy a lot. In fact he has missed it so much he thinks he might go back to Casey next season.
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