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  1. Just quietly but how bloody good is it to see Hunty back to his running strong form, he couldn’t get a game a couple of years ago but now is having a huge impact on games When he and Langdon go on runs together down the wing, it’s so awesome to watch
  2. Horrible first half But kicked 10 goals to 2 in the second And we’re still undefeated and atop the ladder Let’s do better next week Dee’s
  3. Lids off boys Looking forward to playing the Dogs in the granny
  4. 1 down 1 to go Hopefully a good omen for tonight
  5. They picked up ex Giants and Carlton player Kristian Jaksch who played FF, so Decs back in his better position . He did however play forward in their preseason game and kicked 5.4 Also I think you’re underestimating the Gippsland league, lots of good players running around including ex AFL, VFL and many tac cup boys
  6. Thought I’d give a little update on Dec for anyone interested This season he is playing at our home town of Moe as a development coach/player Back into his true position as a key defender and has killed it in the first 2 games On Saturday they played Maffra in Maffra and won 69-26. Moe haven’t beat Maffra away in over a decade He was dominating so much they sent a defensive forward on him but it didn’t work, he took a huge number of defensive and intercept marks and was a big reason Maffra only kicked 3 goals for the game Moe picked up a few good players this ye
  7. Does anyone remember how we were all screaming out for another decent winger in the 17/18 seasons? They got in Tomlinson to do that role, didn't work, but now hes looking very settled down back where he belongs We looked like we had miffed it, and then comes in this long haired bloke from the West and we could not have picked up a better Wingman I love him
  8. I know Clarry, not super close but enough to know him I can’t ever see him leaving this club, he loves the club and loves the boys and I can’t see that ever changing
  9. That’s it I’m turning gay for Kozzie
  10. Man I always rated OMac so highly, Keilty used to tell me he was one of the hardest blokes to match up on during training. Always used to really upset me to see him being s**t on by our supporter base But watching him tonight filled me with a lot of joy, as well as some anger about how our club treated him Go well Oscar and I hope you have a dominant year
  11. Just secured a ticket on level 2 of the MCC reserve Can’t bloody wait
  12. Trac looks better then he did last season Some promising signs today even if the tigs were coasting a bit Bring on round 1
  13. If we don’t [censored] turn this around after the half 😡
  14. Any footy lovers would have known how powerful a defender May was at the Suns When we picked him up everyone was very excited for what he could bring to our club By his own admission he had a horrid last year mostly due to his own poor preparation (and to be fair, moving to a new city and having your missus leave you soon after would poorly effect everyone) But this year he has shown us all just how great a player he is He might me my favourite player now AA for sure.
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