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  1. For those who like podcasts, and movies, the actor who plays Roy Kent, Brett Goldstein, has a good one called ‘Films To Be Buried With” - interesting guests, lots of chat about life etc, through the movies we’ve watched.
  2. Unless the AFL have some brilliant, rapid plan to create more equitable seasons year on year, this 10-game nonsense is half-baked. By definition.
  3. The polar opposite for me, never seen him avoid anything, other than a dumb decision. Picks his moments smartly, but is one of the hardest nuts at the club.
  4. And they had only occupied the land for a measly 800 years or so! Beautifully summed up, CBF.
  5. Great stuff from Nibbler. I have an inkling his impact post-playing is going to be significant, and hopefully in the football world. Future leadership role in football/AFL at a national level beckons. I met him (and his BM Billy Stretch at a Football art exhibition the week of that dreaded prelim in Perth). Was mighty impressive then, as was Billy, interested, engaged, humble and articulate. Not surprised at the player/leader he’s become. Love the NARRM and what it represents - bricks in the wall of respect, legacy and attribution. The massive contribution of Indigenous Australia to football was underappreciated if not blatantly neglected for 95% of its history. Anything and everything that can be done to redress that now is mighty welcome. As a middle-aged white male myself, my question always to the naysayers is - where’s the harm? Yet to hear a sensible answer.
  6. Ditto. Assuming more will come. It’s a winner.
  7. You’re talking about this, RBG, 😎
  8. Wonder how the Eagles free kick differential at home games looks? Much better methinks. Edit = +6
  9. Here’s some perspective….. was the Eagles lowest score at home this year (none else under 40). Umpires gave them 25 free kicks to our 18, because Perth. Shocker I know. We are 9 - 0 this year, top of the ladder, 2 games and percentage clear of 3rd, and just cracked our highest win margin against WCE in Perth. Some of you on here still aren’t happy, or at least satisfied. Go talk to Kellie Underwood, because she’ll be right with you on having no concept of that perspective.
  10. I dunno what’s annoying me more, the commentators, or the umpiring. Both are an embarrassment.
  11. It wasn’t. Well not in the laws, anyway. Old school Perth umpiring today. To the Eagles credit, they haven’t played anywhere near this intensity since they rolled Collingwood earlier in the season. Considering all the rank stupidity, including Ryan (who’ll get 3+ weeks), McGovern’s neck massage on Jack Viney, and the appalling latitude the umpires are giving them, we’ve weathered it well. All class, these Dees. Unflappable.
  12. Most of what you say is either wild hyperbole or factual nonsense, like that. You can’t possibly be surprised at how the rest of us on here react.
  13. Shouldn’t you be flying north for winter?
  14. Commentators apparently not interested in the obvious feature of this game, being that West Coast haven’t hit double figures. They really are woeful, and sorry Jordie, you are hardly any better. Umpires apparently also not interested when Eagles get tackled and dispossessed. Margin’s going to blow out big time this quarter though I feel.
  15. When he leans back on the ball strike, he always hooks it. Needs to keep his body weight going forward behind the leg, a la Ben Brown. It’s very predictable, sadly.
  16. Unless we lose a quarter, will win by 8 goals+ I reckon. Depends entirely on Eagles effort. If they’ve genuinely checked out, it’ll get ugly.
  17. As someone of NZ heritage who was born in Melbourne in 1965, started following the Dees during the shizen 70’s, before spending the late 70’s in Auckland and latching onto a rugby nation who apparently couldn’t lose (and I follow them still), my barracking life always had a kind of yin-yang balance. Now all I’ve got is YIN!!! [censored] balance, I prefer this.
  18. I was sitting level 2A on Lingers wing. He could’ve laid out a blanket and cheese platter, such was the space he had/was given.
  19. As Meatloaf sang, you took the words… Spargo’s off the ball work was massive…halved at least 2 contests where he was outnumbered, tackled to kill the release like he’s the best at it we’ve got. Love the boy!
  20. All the official ones on here….. and my fave ‘demon’ behind Jack’s calf. What about bringing the fuschias back? (far right).
  21. Both. The Herald-Sun/Murdoch press, to their regrettable indictable credit, know their audience. Robinson is that version of a football supporter that a whole demographic of ‘men’ want to be. He can be a ‘bloke’, he cares, can express passion (for footy at least), and reckons he knows more than the average punter because he spends so much time watching the game. That his analysis is empty and poorly delivered if not butchered, as compared to real journalists or insightful ex-players doesn’t matter, because he represents that demographic. It’s the old ‘I could do that’ sense of relatability.
  22. Here’s the completed triptych (finally worked out how to get all 3 at web-ready resolution). Will be doing a print run in next 2 days, so please anyone else (aside from those known) let me know by PM if you’re interested. They are Demonland exclusive currently.
  23. Great idea! If not this one, have an indigenous designed clash guernsey for keeps.
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