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  1. Agree. Have watched a lot of the post game interviews, round-ups etc., and by that I mean a whole Sunday’s worth, and this is the one. Emotional, honest, humble. Just brilliant.
  2. Not the turning point. More just funny, but Daniel’s sure gonna feel a wee bit silly this morning I’d say. A bad case of premature standover aggression.
  3. Yes, and yes. Credit to you for owning it. My bad I guess for having a problem with supporters potting players unfairly, but it deserves calling out, so I did. 😉
  4. For anyone who hasn’t yet, watch his presser with Tracc, on MFC site. Says it all. Wonderful vindication of both their efforts.
  5. To have one of the most impossibly difficult, minutely scrutinised, and horribly fragile and fickle jobs there is, which Goody’s was coming into this year - as the media was happy to tell all of us - but then to stick fat with a group of guys who shared his belief through courage and trust, really must make last night inconceivably sweet. You reckon we’re all happy? Imagine how he feels. Well done Goody. You are the man.
  6. @Supermercado, I’ve had The Last Hurrah sitting on the coffee table since it published, having committed early to not reading it until we won last night. Staring at me it was, like some 57 years gestated totem of promised success. I’d love to know how you’re feeling now?
  7. Sanity are advertising a blu ray, but later release date. Also a collectors edition premiership pack, with extra ‘stuff’. Also later. Looks like they’re gonna make us double dip….DVD first, then blu ray, then whiz bang everything edition.
  8. That’s cos he’s 14 years old. Amazing kid.
  9. This is all too much. I don’t know what to do now. My mighty Dees are the best team in the league. And by a f****** street. The whole basis of my supporting life is gone, because I’ve followed a team that doesn’t win premierships, for every one of my 56 years. IT’S TOO BL**** MUCH!!!!! BUT I [censored]ING LOVE IT!!!!!
  10. Cos they’re rushing the ball in and swarming the contest, then contesting better at ground level than us with receivers just off the contest. They’re first to the loose ball, and first to any contest, and in possession, their skills are slaughtering us. That’s their brand, and it works when you allow them to dominate the pressure game. We got rattled, started fumbling, kicking to no-one, and giving nothing handballs. Only chance we get back into it is contest harder and blitz the ball forward at every opportunity. Every opportunity. It’s gonna take something special. Go Dees
  11. How do we stop it. My fear is they now know their pressure game beats ours, because their skills are better. More contributors needed.
  12. *First goal = Kozzie (one of 3 in 1st quarter) *Norm Smith = Christian Salem *Most goals = Kozzie, finishes with 7 *Margin = 41 points.
  13. Perfect @binman. I wanted to post a big pre-game rev-up for all Demonlanders, brethren in nerves and ultimate exultation tonight, but the nerves are beating me. Nervertheless, we’re on, we all can feel it, and as you’ve said, can’t wait to celebrate with you all on the flip side. GO YOU MIGHTY DEES.
  14. That’s extraordinary, Skuit, and your instinct about its non-coincidental nature is worth trusting. Not to get too heavy, but if you follow your thread to ‘brain filter theory’ - based on consciousness being non-physical, and that Alzheimer’s renders his ‘filter’ dysfunctional, who’s to say it wasn’t revealing a consciousness link much like that which animals exhibit and act on naturally. His mania therefore could have been a form of pre-cognition of the earthquake. There’s a whole plethora of ‘non-coincidences’ people have like this, most of which go unreported sadly - due to fear, shame, ridicule, etc. I can already see some here reading this with a WTF dismissal. PM me if you want to chat about it.
  15. Jumping at shadows, dworship. @sugar made a legitimate point about the Tom Wills issue, and the media timing, which will always be designed for maximum exposure/controversy. What better moment for them than Grand Final week. It’s got no more to do with MFC than anyone, even if Wills did co-write the originating ‘Rules of The Melbourne Football Club.’ My hope would be, as I wrote, that it leads to a greater awareness of Tom Wills, his life, times and activities (all of them) than has existed til now. About time too that Greg Healy, a too easily forgotten former captain and loyal servant to the Dees, got some name recognition on Demonland 😎.
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