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  1. I have just read that Phil Read will be playing for the Geelong VFL team this season. What happened here? Was he not required at Sandy or did he get a better offer from Geelong? Maybe he just didn't want to be associated with Melbourne after being delisted. Does anyone know the full story?
  2. WHAT! Whelan is gone for LEGITIMATE SHEPHERDING with his back to the St Kilda player. Surely, the AFL aren't going to ban shepherding from our great game. This is not basketball! What rubbish.
  3. I agree with most of your points but you are way way out in your rubbishing of Jones. He had 11 possessions in the first quarter alone which is not the usual indication of an overwhelmed player. ( "Totally overwhelmed" in fact according to you.) He kept on putting himself in and set a shining example of guts to some of his more experienced mates. Give the kid a break Joeboy, he's going to be an out and out champion for the MFC.
  4. I have it on good authority that the current aerobic fitness levels of our boys is far far superior to levels of the past few seasons. It seems Bohdan and his fitness boys are developing a team that will not fade during a match and more importantly not fade towards the season's end. Also they are very pleased with the excellent progress made by Moloney. Roll on season 2007!
  5. I too am very unconvinced about the severity of Cousin's suspension. He could be back for round 1 in my humble opinion. He's too good a player for the Eagles to leave out .
  6. Like most people, I am not worried about the loss today but I have just one question. Where were Davey and Pickett today? I hope they are not injured already.
  7. Could you please add me to the DVD list of the great Robbie Flower. Bobby McK.
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