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  1. Sublime player and inspiring leader. Love her celebrations and she is always one of the first to congratulate others. True Demon !
  2. Thanks WCW Sounds pretty good. How would it compare with Casey oval?
  3. I was wondering if this ground is up to the mark for AFLW games and VFL . Is the surface OK? Our girls seemed to play pretty well there on Friday though. Thoughts?
  4. NUMBER 2 Robert Flower, Stephen Tingay, Nathan Jones,Bob McKenzie snr and now Jacob Van Rooen Number 11 Max Gawn, Jim Stynes, Greg wells Gary Hardeman and the great Laurie Mithen. Have to add Laurie Mithen to that list. Absolute champion.
  5. Not at all surprised by Clarry's great sportsmanship. He is one of the bravest, toughest I have seen but going by opponents body language he is well respected by his peers and the opposition. They simply respect his toughness and fair play as well as his skills. Well done Clarry that action didn't cost us the game.
  6. Well spoken Jaded. Poor form by ucanchoose.
  7. Thanks so much Wilson7, A very moving video.
  8. Not sure about Roger Dean being still alive but I heard that Ken Bennett who was a Collingwood player in the 1958 GF has just passed away. I remember him as a small rover type. Quite a coincidence to lose two players from the same match in such a short time.
  9. Such sad, devastating news. As a teenager I grew up watching the great Ron Barassi marvelling at his fierce, never say die attitude and skills. What a legend . He was the prime reason why I followed the mighty Demons. The greatest Melbourne player to have pulled a Melbourne jumper and as an old man, I have seen many great players but not quite up the standard of this mighty man. He could fly in the packs with the big boys and moments later he was grappling on the ground with the smaller faster players.Tackling? Those long arms would lock in an opponent and stop them in their tracks.You knew when you were gone with a Barassi tackle. So hard to believe that his big heart lies still. RIP dear Ron and my deepest symphony goes out to his immediate family and friends.Thank you RDB for the joy you put into my life.
  10. ANB 'Was rarely sighted" Standard comment by Joeboy on Alex ,who played a bloody good game.Not his fault we lost.
  11. For many weeks now we have been winning games with at least 6 of our premiership team not playing for one reason or another. Against Hawthorn, not a bad side, we had just 14 of our Premiership team playing and yet we still won the game well. How many clubs could manage that and still be in the top 4 with the best percentage of all teams? Geelong lose Selwood and crash. All this despite some posters saying over and over again we lack depth. Thoughts?
  12. Assuming that we finish 3rd or 4th. Do we want to play Brisbane away or Collingwood at the MCG? Of course getting up to second would be perfect and that's not out of the question. I would prefer Collingwood on the G. What do others think?
  13. I am honoured to receive a reply to my post Joeboy. Such a happening is so very rare. I do read your thoughts with interest but you do seem to be greatly influenced by the result of the game. Lose by a point and the majority of comments are bad making it look like we had lost by 10 goals. Did you really dislike Dom Tyson or was that a tongue in cheek comment? Keep up the good work and I will try to be less negative in my thoughts. Cheers from an old, experienced football follower.
  14. ANB first man picked almost! a team player through and through. He brings others into play with his tackling , chasing etc. I am sure Joe boy has a list of players with a prescript copy to match them all . eg Neal Bullen ' was rarely sighted.' His comments too are very dependent on the result of the game. I would have liked to read his thoughts had we lost this Brisbane game. But we didn't did we my fighting never give in Demons?!
  15. Rivers dash through a pack of Lions evading all of them finishing with a booming long kick into our forward line. Close to the play of the day. He is great this kid. Will get better and better. Great win Dees.
  16. Probably about 3 but the one in 2021 was the best. Great win from behind and minor premiers after the siren!! What a joy that was and of course, what was to follow.
  17. I was chatting quite a while ago to Ken Melville (Best and Fairest in our 1955 Premiership team) and he said that even in its many premiership years, Melbourne rarely won in Geelong. So nothing new here. What really irks me is that almost every year we are forced to travel to the cattery unlike Collingwood, Carlton, Essendon and couple of other AFL pampered teams. Grrr! End of rant. PS For those who don't remember Ken, he was a minister of religion, played as an amateur, and received some scripture books for winning the B&F. How times have changed.
  18. Lloyd and Robbo leaving Oliver out is surprising given the form of Clarry and the fact that he is equal 6th to win the Brownlow. He is having another fine season. We will see how the final and official AA team ends up.
  19. And I think we have a 19 to 1 success rate over Collingwood in finals over the years. 1958 still leaves a bad taste in my mouth though.
  20. You don't fluke AFL Premierships. A dominating one as well.
  21. Repeat, they are a good side. In the last three games they have beaten Sydney in Sydney,Geelong and now Melbourne on the MCG. Three pretty good scalps I would think.
  22. Oh dear! we lose two games against good teams by a kick and the reaction of gloom and doom by some of our regular contributors including Joe Boy is so predictable. Win, we are the best. Lose. we are rabble and all is lost this year. Honestly, what mindset do they have? 7-4 and a great percentage and they complain. What do you think Geelong supporters are feeling right now? Do you think they have thrown in the towel? Sensible non Geelong supporters would never write them off as premiers 2023, me included. We will still give this flag a shake.
  23. Dropping Sparrow?????? Tough call I reckon.
  24. Common sense prevails! Absolutely no immediate reaction from any Suns player. Players respond straight away when something dirty has occurred. They knew, like most of us, Jacob was just trying to spoil the mark. Look at Jacobs reaction too attempting to give a hand to help Ballard up and showing he was sorry to have caused an injury. Well done young man! I was also very impressed with Kozzy's genuine concern for the injured player as he stayed at the scene for quite a while.Great to have him on board at the MFC.
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