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  1. After watching, like many others, the 2021 GF yet again I decided to compare other finals series since 1990 when the VFL was renamed AFL. In the 2021 finals, our mighty Demons team had a winning average of 63 points.and was only surpassed by two teams over a period of thirty two years. Essendon in 2000 had a winning average margin of 73 points, Geelong in 2007 had a winning average of 76 points. Pretty impressive I reckon and something to be proud of. Geelong, in this years finals had a winning average of 52 points by comparison.With a team not crippled by injuries I reckon we could have taken the cats but we will never know. Wasn't buddy pathetic? Next year, we will rebound if we can get those injuries sorted. Looking at the replay and the team photo, I reckon a small, tough and talented red head should have been in our finals team. Go Jake in 2023.
  2. Mitch was a great club man and used to give a few of our stars the run round at training.eg Jake Lever. All the best and so glad you finished your career with a premiership. Maybe you could play a few games with the Old Mentonians and enjoy yourself next season..
  3. I hope South Melbourne will win and win well. Want to see Scotts face if this happens.
  4. If you want to win a Brownlow don't be a defender. All Australian Team Defenders votes in 2022 Tom Stewart 6 Steven May 0 Brayden Maynard 0 Jack Sinclair 9 Sam Taylor 1 Adam Saad 3 Key position players FB( May) and CHB ( Taylor) just 1 vote in total. Unbelievable!
  5. 1. Melbourne 94 votes 2. Geelong 92 3. Carlton 89 =4. Sydney/ Fremantle 83 =6. Gold Coast / Western Bulldogs 75 =8. Brisbane /Port 74 10. Richmond 73 11. St Kilda 72 12. Collingwood 62 =13. GWS / Adelaide 50 15. Essendon 46 16. Hawthorn 45 17. North Melbourne 31 18. West Coast 15 Collingwood's low total of just 62 is surprising and West Coast's miserable 15 must be some sort of record.
  6. Steven May with zero votes amazed me. He had some ripper games. Oh, I forgot ,he's a defender!
  7. 1. Melbourne 94 votes 2. Geelong 92 3. Carlton 89 =4. Sydney/ Fremantle 83 =6. Gold Coast / Western Bulldogs 75 =8. Brisbane /Port 74 10. Richmond 73 11. St Kilda 72 12. Collingwood 62 =13. GWS / Adelaide 50 15. Essendon 46 16. Hawthorn 45 17. North Melbourne 31 18. West Coast 15 Collingwood's low total of just 62 is surprising and West Coast's miserable 15 must be some sort of record.
  8. I completely endorse what other positive members of this forum have said. Negative, whingeing posters are not helping the cause. I am so happy to see that we have many people who can see where our true destiny lies and don't slag our players and staff. Watching a replay of our crucial last home and away match against Brisbane we played our best footy for the year. Sadly injuries ruined our chances in the finals. Petracca showed amazing courage in our semi final but he just wasn't able to be the powerful champion he is and we missed that important factor. One remarkable feat was that for two whole seasons we were never out of the top four. Quite a performance in this highly competitive industry. I have no doubt we will bounce back next year in a big way. I am sticking to my belief that our BEST is superior to any other team. I shall now happily sit back and look at the premiership pennant and large team photo of an amazing team of players who last year produced one of the MOST DOMINANT performances in finals of all time. I also break into song singing the old ditty "They can't that away from me. No, no they can't that away from me" as I look proudly at the pennant on the wall. My wife thinks I'm crazy and she's most likely right. I am CRAZY about the team i have supported for over seventy years. Go my mighty Demons !
  9. Simple answer, injuries. We just didn't have them last year. Injuries, or lack of, can decide who is going to be premiers.
  10. Basically, the chief reason I started this post was to say that SHORT term, Jackson was great( who could forget his magnificent GF performance?) but LONG term Young would have been a best bet to have in our team. Sadly, it seems highly likely that Jacko will be leaving us after just three years. It seems common that West Australians want to return to their home state and picking them always carries a risk. Young is a Victorian and most likely would have been with us for his entire career. Sorry I trod on the toes of a few sensitive posters. That's it from me. QED.
  11. I like Jackson, but the fact remains he most likely is leaving us and we could have had Young. So, are really saying is that my opinion is not important on this forum? Imo you are definitely wrong when you say that Young would not be a game changer on our list. He already shows so much skill and maturity. To play so well in his first final shows his talent. I don't know how you can formulate an actual percentage difference when comparing him with Salem. Time will prove one of us right. Let us agree to both disagree on this topic. Cheers, Little Goffy.
  12. Comparing John Meesen to Hayden Young is not on. Silly comparison indeed. And if we had chosen Nic Nat he would be back in WA and we wouldn't have our champion Max Gawn. He would have been forced elsewhere. Maybe not such a terrible post after all.
  13. So having an opinion is propaganda? And Russian as well? Well I never. With comments like that mate maybe you are just a little Goofy.
  14. Many, many times. But we lose Jackson after three seasons when we could have had Young for his career. Re Jacko though, did you watch the game just played against Sydney? Didn't do much did he?
  15. Sadly, we lost at the draft table when we chose Luke Jackson over Young. Hayden was interviewed by Melbourne and according to close family sources (reliable information as they are close friends),he had told his family that he was going to be a Demon. But the powers to be changed their mind and opted for Jacko. What a win for Freo! They gained a champion defender and its all but certain they will get Jackson as well. Hayden is a great interceptor and those long ( and I mean long), accurate kicks are sublime. But its no use crying over spilled milk is it?
  16. Except it could and should have been a WINNING goal! Scored right in the last minutes of the game. Goal difficulty doesn't come into the equation. Putting us back in front was the issue and should have received more praise from his team mates.
  17. So it would be better if ANB didn't bother to tackle and let his opponent run free? He is vital to our success. Read what Max said about him in his book.
  18. I wouldn't say our boys didn't respond immediately after the Cox kneeing. Looked pretty fiery I thought. We don't want them all getting reported do we?
  19. You should have Jane. And bloody hard too.
  20. What a mongrel act by Cox. Knees Max in the guts and only gives away a free.Not going for the ball. Just a free? Surely a deliberate , dirty action like that is a reportable offence? What do others think?
  21. ANB is so important to his team with his many pressure acts. Dropping him would border on lunacy. He always does what is required and is a wonderful leader in our forward zones. Couldn't agree more with David-Demon on this one.
  22. So who was the mystery player that was cited as having concussion? Nothing on the injuries report. Stirring the pot Lord Nevr?
  23. Fair enough old dee, but he does make some ridiculous comments, one being that age has caught up with our mighty Maximus who played a wonderful game. Cheers, mate.
  24. Have faith. You don't lose natural ability and skill overnight. Let's see what happens in the next few weeks.
  25. Joeboy , you are way over the top with your extremely negative comments when we lose. Happens every time. Hardly any player satisfied your expectations and yet with just 15 seconds to go we were just 4 points behind. I wonder how your comments would have changed if they had been made when we were holding a narrow lead with 5 minutes to go. Seems you are a poor loser I'm afraid. What is known as a FAIR WEATHER supporter. Take a loss on the chin mate. Geez, get a grip.
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