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  1. Naturally you can question the choice of venue. The common objections have been mentioned. Establishment, old boys club, wealth, privilege, private school, sexist. Perhaps membership and attendance reflect some or all of these characteristics. However, these clubs have all seen better days. The movers and shakers have long deserted these places for more upmarket venues. They represent the past, not the current or the future. In the main, they are sparsely populated by old retired gentleman catching up with their peers. Having attended most of the clubs on the invitation of publish
  2. So you prefer Murdoch media platforms Jnrmac for objective, non partisan and informed commentary?
  3. Max is like a good red wine. Initially immature, with doubt about its quality and longevity. He has developed and matured with each passing year and keeps getting better. He has become an accomplished and fine player, a good leader and a damn nice bloke devoid of the ego and hubris of others. He has remained loyal and wears the colours proudly. And we are proud of him. By the end of his career he will enter the pantheon of Melbourne greats. He has achieved this lofty height by sheer hard work, dedication and commitment. All the greats achieve their status not by luck but by sheer
  4. Yes, I don’t get it. In the immediate term it’s very reassuring and provides a confident approach by player and club in the clubs future. But it’s a financial risk. How long does Max have left given the battering he takes each week and the way he plays the game. 100 per cent effort every week with players falling all over him. . Like Jake Lever, I worry about guys with dodgy knees ! Whilst it’s an important signing, we wait with bated breath on Clarry. I hope it does not remain an issue all season, but I fear it will as his manager tries to maximise his bargaining power by en
  5. I like your comments. Lord took huge pack marks despite punishment from opponents. Like The Rock of Gibraltar. Laidlaw was underestimated being a very smart player in the air and on the ground. And what about the speed of Bluey Adams and Brian Dixon, the ball magnet of the team. Remember that Norm himself in his playing days was used as a small decoy full forward to the likes of Mueller, Cordner and others. It’s forgotten that Norm was a great player who despite his decoy role kicked a bagful of goals. So it is not surprising that he used small decoy type full forwards as a coach.
  6. Let’s hope that if true, Kobe learnt through the club/coaches and not the media. I would also hope that players get some counselling and support after being cut or not offered a place. It’s still disappointing for the player that his expectations have not been fulfilled.
  7. Interesting to look at the names in 59 & 60. These teams had something. They were great teams, with team spirit, belief, grit and determination and mobility. They loved Norm who was inspirational and a great tactician. It only took a Norm Smith roast for the team to come out and lift after half time. They had great players and leaders on the field. However, what strikes me is that the teams were also made up of good ordinary players. Not stars but players clearly playing a role. Players like Alan Rowarth, Dennis Jones, Trevor Johnson, Fenton Smith, Len Mann, Clyde Laidlaw
  8. Agree. His commentary on horse racing and athletics particularly the latter is unsurpassed. He accurately informed rather than entertained. With footy he tried to entertain rather than inform. Hence, the over the top hyperbole and saccharine laced comments. A good decision to give it away as his commentary had long become predictable and irritating. However, the thought of JB and BT is almost worse. JB should not be allowed near a microphone. Get ready for the boys show with the loud macho boorish antics and commentary as Jim and Brian attempt to entertain us. Th
  9. Amazing how differently we see things and that difference explains why opinions not only vary but are quite.....different.
  10. You have to remember that back in 1965, the Demons were “the Team.” Half the footy population loved us and the rest hated us. We had a huge supporter base and most kids who barracked for the Dees wore 31 on their back. So when Ron went to Carlton, the impact was seismic. The shock that went through supporters and the footy world was of a magnitude that has not been felt since. Dismay and tears were the order of the day. Times have changed so that if Dusty was to leave the Tigers the impact would be like a wind change rather than an earthquake. Despite Ron leaving, the respect for Ron co
  11. Very encouraging. Our ability and willingness to stay in the game, kick away and then maintain the lead in the last 10m was good to watch. High energy levels and team spirit was evident. Also encouraging to see young players step up and show good application. Jordan, Sparrow and Spargo seemed composed with footy smarts. I love Spargo’s tackling pressure, energy and creativity. But gee whiz we better hope that Gawn stays injury free. Such a dominant force and leader. Nevertheless, a time to be positive.
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