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  1. Despite my disappointment with the Weeds game against the Woods, when I read some of the vitriolic comments on this thread I despair for mankind. No-one deserves the garbage some of you post. Would you say these things about your own son or grandson ? Be they footballers or just young adults trying to get on in this difficult crazy world. Not simply the best, simply disgraceful.
  2. Daydream Believer was one of my favourite Monkees songs. In fact I’m humming the song as I write. And it was a nice bottle of red.
  3. Very depressing for Saints supporters. That last quarter so poor on many levels. Ratten has his work cut out.
  4. Sorry mate, did not see your comments but remarkable my comments mirror yours. Great minds think a like!
  5. Gerry Humphries was lead singer of The Loved Ones. The author of Snow Complications was Barry Humphries. The Coodabeens usually play Humphries ode to the snow scene every QB weekend. With plenty of references to the Demon fans!
  6. What we do know is that despite the tragedy, Neale is an inspiration to all. And as the end nears, his contribution to society transcends footy. He has turned his own personal tragedy into something of significance. His life and what he has done with it, has made a difference to the world we live in. And we love him for it.
  7. Apologies. Perhaps should have read...Roger from Snow complications vis a vis Buller, Falls, Perisher and Thredbo. Not forgetting Simon, Drew, Chris and Blair. No trip to the snow this weekend but reckon a few tinnies and gluhwein in front of the fire will be in order, not forgetting some other home comforts. And no problemos with spreading the virus.
  8. Says more about the standards required of TV footy and media commentators than anything else. Or is it niche marketing. They reckon that morons appeal to morons and as such Robbo is good for ratings. Whatever the case, he is appalling. The only positive thing to say is that it should be required viewing for non English speakers trying to learn the language.
  9. Lyon up for grabs and Clarkson heading in the same direction with Jeff getting increasingly angry with the Hawks performances. Mitchell also ready for the big gig. Could see Clarko at Blues but not Pies. A new Coach would want stability at Board level. It’s great when these things are happening at other clubs and we have harmony and light with our coaching team.
  10. Amazing how negative thoughts suddenly start emerging over Buckley’s resignation, something mooted for months. Neuroticism still runs deep in the veins of many Dees supporters. Losing Yze, losing on QB, etc etc. Even if we win the flag, folks will say that we will fall off the cliff in 2022. Or that winning brings defeat that much closer. Danny from Droop St morphs into Roger from Demonland.
  11. Perhaps with the odd exception all our players have improved. That’s the difference over past years. However, TMac and ANB stand out because they have shown real character. The club put them up for sale, a very demeaning feeling for the boys. However, they ate humble pie and came back stronger and better than before. Remarkable determination and attitude. And great strength of character.
  12. Who cares. Human nature that’s all. As in life, you avoid the whingers, naysayers and critics. Just enjoy the ride. We have waited a long time and if you can’t enjoy it now, you never will.
  13. It’s remarkable how much improvement there is across the board on an individual and team level. We know about Oliver, Gawn, Petracca etc but I find the improvement of our kids the most exciting development. Not just for this season but our future. The kids have been sensational and have an enthusiasm and confidence that is boundless.
  14. Totally agree Chook regarding Billy over Nibbler.
  15. All the posters on this site are passionate about the club. And despite the stereotypes, Dees supporters are a passionate mob. Many of us are experiencing something new and different this season. Its a new found belief and confidence in the club and the players. You can see it with the players. There is a new found alchemy within the team. A realisation that we have a group of great players and some young kids who will be great. Something special is a foot. We will lose games and we may not take the ultimate prize this year. You need a lot of luck and at any time that luck ca
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