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  1. Agreed. Geelong came later in the piece and he was influenced by the opportunity to get out of the Melbourne rat race. His dealings with the Demons were above board and honourable. He had a high opinion of Goody and this almost got him over the line. Yes, he changed his mind but this decision should not reflect badly on him. We all change our minds on all manner of things, in particular job offers, but that does not make us dishonest. I am told that before leaving the Hawks, he spoke openly and honestly to Clarko, Kennett and others about the Hawks direction and his own position vis a vis the club. When the Dees beat the Hawks this year, the first bloke he congratulated was Goody. Isaac is one of the good guys. As it is, it worked out for both Isaac and the Dees. He loves Geelong and we were able to focus on our own list.
  2. There’s a lot to be said (particularly as one faces ones own mortality) to live in the moment. Don’t look back and don’t look forward, well not too far. Otherwise, we spoil the moment. We have a great team, existing stars and upcoming ones, we have a club that has regained its pride and credibility, and we are looking forward to finals footy. Personally, I’m not thinking of the Granny only this Friday. I certainly can’t think of trades at this moment. We have a game of footy to play. There is nothing else.
  3. Agree to a point. The only problem is that there will be some old players and supporters who may not be around in 2022.
  4. I remember going to Docklands earlier in Levers first season, the day he did his knee. What interested me was watching Lever organising the troops on the ground before the game. I remember thinking two things. First, it was a thoroughly professional warm-up such that I had not seen before with the team. Second, that this guy Lever was either a cocky prat that may get up the nose of others or that he was simply a complete pro who had the self confidence to take over this (for him) new team. . Basically, it was impressive stuff and also noticeable how the other guys were happy to comply with Levers instructions. Above all it communicated professionalism and leadership.
  5. Exactly Trying to remain detached and reflective but anxiety keeps emerging through the cracks. And we have not even got to the GF. its so much easier watching a game as a neutral supporter. Winning has its pleasure but also it’s pain. If we knock off the Cats we still have another 2 weeks to endure this emotional turmoil.
  6. Thanks WJ. Similar feelings. Shattered is the word that best describes my feelings when Ron left us. It’s like our little world had caved in. As a kid I had written a letter to Ron a year or two before he defected. I asked him for an autograph and from memory told him that he was my hero. I looked up his name in the phone book and there he was, R. Barassi, The Boulevard, Heathmont. Unbelievable. He was in the White Pages like his name was Smith or Jones. Just another citizen but he was not just another citizen. He was Mr Football (forget Teddy Whitten). For a Melbourne supporter, Ron was Mr Football. I hoped for a reply but did not expect it. I enclosed a stamped self addressed envelope. Imagine my surprise and delight when a few weeks letter, I received a short hand written letter from Ron thanking me for supporting the Dees and suggesting that I practice my skills. With the letter, he enclosed a black and white Kodak photo (not a copy or print) signed with best wishes “Ron”. I can tell you there were not enough family and friends to share it with. I hate boasters but for weeks I was the worlds best or worst boaster. I read sometime later that he received hundreds of letters from kids like me and replied to them all. But at that time, it felt like I was Ron’s friend. That I was the only kid in the world to receive a letter and photo from Ron. And I had not even asked for it. I had only asked for an autograph. Years later, I sat next to Ron in a barbers shop in Hawthorn and chatted about footy. It was after Neeld had been sacked and I suggested with a grin that we were looking for a coach. He laughed and said that he realised he was past it when he was coaching the Swans and he was giving a famous Barassi “roast” to his players and he looked around the group and noticed that most of the players were not listening. In Rons words, things had changed and his coaching style had been consigned to the broom cupboard. He felt that it was a good thing. What struck me about that conversation was Rons humility. As Eddie McGuire once said, “Ron Barassi is the only person in Melbourne who doesn’t realise he is Ron Barassi!” The other thing was that Ron was still after all those years, a Melbourne person and had returned to his old love. That night, I excitedly told my wife about my conversation with Ron. My wife despite being Collingwood, told me that Ron was the only non Collingwood player that she liked because she had watched Rons kids segment on TV. However, she did comment that I was behaving like an excited kid in telling her about my conversation with Ron. For that fleeting moment at the barbers, I was that 10 year kid again. And Ron was my hero. And thats why along with all the other reasons, I would love to see Ron holding that premiership cup. That would bring tears of joy and a sense that the MFCs long journey was now complete.
  7. Disappointed at the time, but thankful Isaac Smith chose Cats over us. He has slowed up so significantly that the benefit of his outside run has evaporated and his poise and delivery with it.
  8. Like many others, I hate the Bombers with an intensity that is disturbing. There must be a stronger word than hate. Send then to Manus Island and throw away the key.
  9. Yep I am with you Mono, last couple of games watched, I turned off the sound. Could not bear to listen to the commentary. It’s hard to believe that it has got worse, but I think it has or my tolerance level has waned. Whatever, it does not matter, I just can’t take it any more!
  10. I have only seen the collision once on TV news. My first reaction was that the bump was fair. That Mackay made a full on attack on the ball, and turned his shoulder into Clark at the last moment to protect himself at time of impact. My second thought was that it could be regarded as reckless and that MacKay could have avoided such a brutal collision. Of course this was with the benefit of hindsight knowing that Clark had his jaw broken and may be drinking from a straw. So I’m not sure. They are professional sportsmen and not playing in the amateurs or minor league. It is their job and they are well paid. There is risk but also reward. They also have physical strength, agility and know how. Again only having seen the footage on TV, I thought the attack on Oliver was worse with potential for serious injury. . There are always differing opinions about whether any incident is within the rules and spirit of the game. And there is also the broader question as to whether it is good for the game or not ? . Hard core footy fans love it and see it as part of the game. It is good for TV ratings and for media news. However, as times change, there will be increasing litigation over incidents and injuries on the footy field. And for all those footy fans who love the aggression and physical contact, there are many more who regard the game as brutal and who abhor it. More importantly, there are increasing number of parents who will not allow their kids to play footy. This impacts on participation rates and also continued interest and support for the game at all levels particularly school and junior levels and non professional senior levels.
  11. Many years ago, I played school footy along with most kids. There were few other options other than hockey or cross country. Footy could be tough but generally fair. If kids transgressed with punches or other physical action off the ball, they were sent off the ground. When I left school I played with an old school side and university side. After 2 years, I realised that my idea of footy was not shared by others. Attacks on the player, resulted in broken jaws and other injuries that could be life changing. Like many others, after a few years, I stopped playing. I loved footy but was not prepared to take the risk. And my love for playing withered on the vine. Years later I was delighted when my boys took to footy. My pleasure in seeing them line up for their school was soon mitigated when I watched young kids being belted around by bigger aggressive kids who took on the behaviours of AFL players. Aggression towards their opponent, both physical and verbal. Their disrespect for the umpire was palpable. At some point, probably the day when I saw one of my boys pulverised by his opponent and then subsequently watched as his opponent attacked his injured shoulder, my attitude changed. My concern was shared by many others. As a result the school could not attract enough kids to play footy. However, the soccer teams were full. In fact they were oversubscribed. I like watching tough footy but I did not like watching my boys get smashed. So my disappointment in their decision not to play footy when they left school was matched by my relief that they would not risk further injury. So if footy is to survive and remain recognisable to all of us, the governing bodies need to have zero tolerance for attacks on the player on or off the ball. Otherwise, the number of kids playing the game will continue to decline.
  12. Despite my disappointment with the Weeds game against the Woods, when I read some of the vitriolic comments on this thread I despair for mankind. No-one deserves the garbage some of you post. Would you say these things about your own son or grandson ? Be they footballers or just young adults trying to get on in this difficult crazy world. Not simply the best, simply disgraceful.
  13. Daydream Believer was one of my favourite Monkees songs. In fact I’m humming the song as I write. And it was a nice bottle of red.
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