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  1. When he does something he looks good. Polished. But for mine, he does not do enough. There is no further improvement likely. If Melky gets a regular game we have problems. Much rather see his spot go to a young player that can develop and have more years left in the system. However, I agree he is a handy depth player to cover injury. .
  2. Feel sorry for Adem if he misses out. Can’t help but think that he would be a better long term option than Scott. The young Bombers would do well with a guy like Ooze with his calm head and development skills. But early success is the key to keeping the knives at bay. That will be a problem at Bomber land. Any club with Sheedy seeking to influence decisions is not healthy.
  3. Very similar to marriage OD. All the same emotions, irrational behaviour, arguments, passions, praise, criticisms, joy, despair. And increasingly often these days, separation and divorce. With others choosing loyalty against all the odds.
  4. People choose to ignore things or maintain silence be they trivial or important for reasons that we can all deduce. The past tells us that. How often do we choose to keep silent on things we have witnessed, heard about or aware of. Truth telling can be dangerous, risky and sometimes best avoided. Most people want to maintain harmony and not speak up. Sadly, this behavioural response has consequences and can damage others, particularly victims of bullying, racism and abuse in all its forms. Not to become involved is all to easy.
  5. Dees out in straight sets. Geelong and Swans in the GF. Just feeling profoundly depressed today.
  6. Brayshaw, the other one. Or Cripps?
  7. Agreed although hard to imagine we could have been as bad as Brissie. But watching the Cats was depressing. Reminded me a little of my thoughts about the Dees a year ago. A great blend of age and youth, of talls and smalls, great defence, great ball movement, running players and forwards that kick goals, and great list depth. And I hate to say it, but well coached. Formidable. But as we know, a year is a long time in footy.
  8. It’s funny you know. Its easy to accept the landscape or reality of AFL trades. We supporters should understand this with a fully rational mind. Yet we have no problem throwing ourselves enthusiastically into discussions about trading in new players in order to improve the team. And we have to acknowledge that players decide to stay or go for reasons of self interest. And clubs are ruthless in culling players. .As a club supporter we like stability and loyalty when the club is going well. We want our best players to remain loyal to the club yet are happy to wave goodbye to the spuds. We are emotional and feel betrayed if a good player or one with potential wants to leave. We feel that a player should remain loyal despite the fact that the world and individuals no longer value loyalty. Crazy hey.
  9. Agree but also the clubs have to adopt a hard edged approach to trading out players or encouraging players to talk to other clubs. Think no further than TMac and ANB.
  10. It’s a meat market and is getting worse each year.
  11. We forget that young footballers like Jackson are overgrown kids but with immature minds. Families and mates are important to them. Full independence is often delayed. And let’s face it, Perth is a very desirable place to live and it’s small town mentality has attractions over a traffic ridden urban night mare that is Melbourne. I don’t see that the burdensome commute from the inner suburbs to Casey as an attraction.
  12. Really? Incredible. He helped us win a flag. Can’t ask more than that. The boy wants to go home, his family want him home. And life in AFL can be very short with high risk of injury influencing trade worth and long term remuneration. Sorry to see him go because he has the potential to be a champ but understand and accept his decision. Most people would make the same decision.
  13. We will never know but it was a bad look, reflecting a lack of discipline in regard to alcohol consumption and attitude. May is a fantastic player but his aggressive argument and banter is a problem. One of those things that if the team is winning it gets forgotten about but when things are not going so well looks bad. It must rankle with some players as it did with Melksham. Again May probably gets away with it a lot of the time because he is such a great player. I also suspect that Lever is a calming influence. But it looks bad and can only generate doubt about team spirit and it’s impact on others. Most of the time May generates his aggression towards his opponent as he did against Franklin but bad mouthing teammates is the other side of the coin. It needs to stop before it all ends badly. Off the field, the mix with alcohol is particularly dangerous.
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