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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Alan Johnson was a helluva player. Dashing from half back or wing, great hands, beautiful long kick and footy nous. Remember some magnificent long goals from the 40 to 50 m out that set Demon fans alight. What a dasher!
  2. I was not suggesting anything mate. Only that he will attract attention from other clubs. Hopefully we will be able to look after him financially. What do you think?
  3. Bloody hell, imagine as an 18 year old kid running out on the the MCG under lights with a packed Northern Stand. The noise, the song, the vibe! Electrifying. The young bloke is going to have a nervous 24 hour wait. Reckon sleep might be difficult as he thinks about what is ahead. An expectant Dee army waiting with expectation and ready to roar at every mark and kick. Exciting stuff.
  4. Exciting young player. It’s like seeing Oliver and Petracca in their first year and realising that they are special players. Windsor is a lightly built player who will take a lot of physical punishment from opponents. He is going to be physically tested every game. He might be tough but it will take its toll as the season progresses. So I hope that he can be rested and managed from a long term perspective because we don’t want to see his progress impeded by serious injury or simply wear and tear. Let’s hope we can look after him because at this rate he is going to attract the attention of all the big cashed up Victorian Clubs. He will be another Oliver and Petracca.
  5. Not a good start. Often professionalism and injuries go hand in hand. There are obvious exceptions but most top footballers and athletes have exceptional standards both on and off the field. They leave no stone unturned in preventing injury and also injury management or rehab. Every team has a list of players who have injuries or are injury prone but do not miss games. The only way McAdam can put this doubt to rest is by playing a block of games that are not interrupted by injury.
  6. Just surprised we challenged this. Result totally predictable .
  7. Rest players after Brisbane. Perhaps Clarry but I suspect he is better off playing footy. You can’t rest to many players at the one time but playing injured players worries me. The body can only take so much before it breaks down and more damage is done. Players coming in must be selected on form. I am firmly against selecting players on reputation. You want players who are knocking the door down at Casey, who deserve their selection based on form.
  8. Exactly thank you mate. Some players get the most out of themselves some don’t. As in life. Full stop.
  9. Kozzy is getting a reputation and a track record that is not good. Times have changed since Uncle Byron played. I suspect his on field behaviour is “in the blood” but his indiscretions are undisciplined and unnecessary. One day it may well cost the team and the Club dearly.
  10. Agree. He’s a classic example of a guy born with a strong will and determination to succeed. And to compete. He has also been patient in waiting his turn being prepared to listen and learn from his coaches. A player that coaches must love. Plays for the team. Makes the most of his gifts unlike others who have tons of ability but don’t have that inner drive.
  11. Big danger game. Yes, the club wants to win but it seems crazy so early in the season to select players who are injured, banged up or sick. I expect all the players even the fit ones are going to be fatigued but to include a guy with broken ribs and others with a range of injuries is high risk. A case of the walking wounded. It’s one thing to get through a limited training session but quite another to get through the physicality and intensity of 4 Q against a desperate opposition. There should be no risks taken at this time with any player.
  12. He looked exhausted after Sat game. Pale and completely spent. Reduced immunity. Lots of possible infection spread with all the players, staff and families.
  13. Ummm enjoy the fraternity of fellow Demon diehards. Personally, I would prefer a nice peaceful environment with the person you love and a glass of McLaren Vale Shiraz, perhaps Samuels Gorge or Paxton, Alexandrina Cheddar and Willunga Olives. There are plenty of quiet spots to indulge life’s pleasures free from the noise of footy supporters. The trick is to avoid the Port Adelaide and Crows fans. Particularly if they win. If we win, take off your scarf.
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