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  1. Smith wanted a change. He felt stale at the Hawks and a lot of his mates had departed. He had respect for Clarkson but there was not much love between them Its no surprise that he wanted to go to a successful club and had doubts about the Dees. I’m told that privately he has been critical of the Dees and some of their playing personnel. Players backchatting teammates etc. He only wanted another 2 years whichever club it was. And as reported it seems he wants a lifestyle change and to get away from Melbourne.
  2. He wants money and success. So if the Cats can offer the same money or better, his choice is obvious.
  3. Interesting point. You may be right. Success breeds success. I guess MFC in the 50s and 60s are an example. No lost hunger there. Norm did turnover players although the core remained over 10 years.
  4. From memory, Smith performed well in their flag wins but your last comment is the issue. All things being equal, a younger player with more to prove makes more sense..
  5. Over 200 games, 3 flags in a golden era for the Hawks and you don’t rate him? You may prefer Higgins but he is not twice the player. I can understand that Higgins has more long term value due to age and games played but is he what we need in 2021? My main concern is that Smith is at the end of his career and is playing for his pay cheque rather than his future. He has nothing to prove and already has 3 flags under his belt. Hard to imagine him retaining the hunger to maintain form and fitness. He may play a role but will it be enough to make a significant difference?
  6. The pleasing thing so far is that there is little evidence that players want to leave the club. The reverse. A good sign and shows a well managed process in place devoid of rumours and media talk.
  7. Interesting point Rocky. I think all players are on the radar of other clubs and they speak to their managers to get a sense of whether a player has an interest in talking. We have always moved reasonably quickly to lock away for 2-5 seasons our best players. And clearly we have paid market or above market rates to do it. At the same time, the footy department seems to have handled retention and contract issues very well over recent years. On most occasions, the club and player have respectfully followed the process and kept differences out of the media. It suggests that good relat
  8. Every year there are rumours. Although the nature of the industry with players seeking better deals, clubs seeking improvement in lists via trading , agents seeking top dollar and footy media needing to break stories means that we have to put up with more talk more of the time. There will always be players who move to chase dollars and success. Think of Wells and Alves back in the 70s. There have been plenty of footballers who have come to Melbourne despite our lack of success. You can name them. Perhaps it’s getting worse but in the main what’s got worse is the speculation, media beat-u
  9. Interesting and sobering stats. The majority don’t make it so let’s be nice and not use terms like spuds and duds. Otherwise you can apply these derogatory terms to most of us.
  10. Disappointing year for all those delisted. Most have had little or no opportunity to prove themselves. By in large selectors have stuck to the same group of players, in some cases, irrespective of form. Opinions can be formed by past seasons and training form, but there is nothing like current match day form to guide selection. Very frustrating for those discarded. There are others who have enjoyed considerable time on the list but based on form could be on the delist but will survive to fight another day. It is going to be interesting to see the outcome for a number of higher profile t
  11. Agree. Irrespective of opinions about the merits of a player, always a sad time to see players depart and the end of individual aspirations and dreams. Its a time for supporters to be generous in their comments about players. At the end of the day, they are being sacked, and for the individual that brings a lot of disappointment and grief. With more delistings to follow, there will be a lot more grief involving the players, their teammates and their families. Lets use social media in a respectful and positive way by thanking them for their efforts. At the end of the day
  12. Picket, cheer up, it’s not that bad surely. You could be dead.
  13. Despite his age, I would take him in a heartbeat. He had a later start than most AFL players playing country footy in Albury up to 20 years of age. He has had no serious injuries and he retains his speed and run. He is a brilliant link player and kick. He would be a great mentor for younger players. In fact everything we are looking for in a player. He still has 2 or 3 years left if he wants to continue. A two year contract would be a good option. However, I suspect that he will remain at the Hawks unless he gets a huge offer from a successful club, although Carlton may be an option. Th
  14. At an emotional level I would hate to see Viney go. He is Melbourne and the Viney name is Melbourne. However, you can’t blame a player craving success. Sadly, if he decides to go, it indicates that may also be tired of playing for an unsuccessful team and putting up with the negativity. He probably also has a view that a turnaround and a Melbourne flag are unlikely. He may be disappointed and even resentful with losing the captaincy. He simply may see the opportunity to cash in before it’s too late. At 26 is body is waning. In 2 or 3 years he may have little value to another club a
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