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  1. It was a very strange time to do an albeit excellent contract extension if they didn’t need early bargaining chips
  2. I’ve been really pleasantly surprised at his field kicking. Especially inside 50, really seems to place the ball exactly where he would want it. Any decent forward should know where, but to execute is another thing. But even his searching leads into our half back line that often result in pressure dropping marks end up with a long, calculated pass to advantage. It’s a big weapon
  3. Utterly ridiculous! Was really looking forward to it
  4. Is it just me or is it not on in Sydney?
  5. I think most of us are aware that most of your really vicious posts are when you have had a few sherberts but seriously, your anti Jack and gobsmackingly anti Max posts have made me want to break my phone at times. Perhaps in the future you could count to ten before posting?
  6. Wow, you just don’t get stuff do you?
  7. Anyone doubting the ESS 2000 side as one of the all time greats is kidding themselves. They were going indestructible and we had no chance from the get go. This year WE are the team everyone else fears and can only LOSE it from here. We can’t be beaten Of course im extremely confident we will do it
  8. Yep, not small forwards rectums those two
  9. Gotta be Jones for the medi sun. That’s not just emotions talking (although of course they are there) but his hardness, form apparently and experience would make a difference. Even having him on the bench during the game is another perspective and quasi coach there. If he has to come on and snags a goal it would be tide turningly inspirational as well
  10. Much better from you, see if you can keep it up
  11. Still no sign of Picket Fence? Love to hear his opinion on Max as the Captain of the All Australian side……
  12. Now I’m pretty convinced you just go off the stats sheet
  13. I honestly wouldn’t rule out Majak getting a run on Monday
  14. Miss football in Melbourne. Sydney siders are such tools. Melb fans and Collingwood fans alike
  15. Arm chair critics also think Brayshaw and Spargo don’t do enough. Please go to a live game Picket to see the amount of work this guy puts in! McDonald kicks 3 because he has Adams instead of Andrew’s and Kozzie kicks 2 of his from Weeds crashes, even Sparrow would be saying thanks after that game! He runs big numbers, the mids are instructed to kick away from Harris and he and Tom have good synergy! Melksham on the other hand should make way for Jones if he is in for quality ball use and a mature head down there as he ain’t doing much else
  16. Melbourne Football Club Supporter Syndrome
  17. Still the testicular thing or something new?
  18. So Mitch Brown, Baker and Lockhart all mystery outs? Or did I miss something?
  19. Really? Watching the same game? He is leading up the ground and working damn hard
  20. We always talk about TMac but despite the amazing luxury of Jackson developing so nicely maybe he is the one who could possibly be helped by a rest and have Weid play second Ruck which o believe he does extremely well
  21. Sparrow and Weed the true stars, Maj also looking scary. Gawn can have a weeks break whenever he wants without too much fear
  22. Lost all rhythm, pretty ugly right now
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