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  1. Melbourne Football Club Supporter Syndrome
  2. Still the testicular thing or something new?
  3. So Mitch Brown, Baker and Lockhart all mystery outs? Or did I miss something?
  4. Really? Watching the same game? He is leading up the ground and working damn hard
  5. We always talk about TMac but despite the amazing luxury of Jackson developing so nicely maybe he is the one who could possibly be helped by a rest and have Weid play second Ruck which o believe he does extremely well
  6. Sparrow and Weed the true stars, Maj also looking scary. Gawn can have a weeks break whenever he wants without too much fear
  7. Lost all rhythm, pretty ugly right now
  8. Expecting to be howled down but what about an enquire to Kade Simpson? I seem to remember him saying he would consider a return, was still playing great footy as he retired. If we genuinely think we are a serious premiership contender, he would be strong coverage for the two players that if injured we would miss the most in Salem and Langdon. We have arguably better players but we have some form of coverage for our star midfielders and I even think Majak is good enough coverage for Gawn if he was missing for a couple of weeks. But Salem and Langdon don’t have obvious coverage with all due resp
  9. Jed Anderson still not committing, personally he is exactly what I’d like to see coming our way. Age, skill set, pace all bang on. Shouldn’t cost the earth either?
  10. Disagree, excellent foot skills and could release Salem into a more damaging role from half back. I know Riv is slated for that spot but again as opposed to pick 57 or whatever we could rightly expect for Hannan I just see more upside
  11. Love to see a play for Lin Jong rather than a pick. Similarly to Hannam had injury issues but has a precocious ability and is a low risk investment
  12. I have one coming in soon, only took over 10 days ago. Currently Mumm and some local bubbles, moving to Lanson and some ripping west Australian offerings in the very near future. I’ll supply the towels if we are thinking some celebratory bottle shakings. Don’t aim for the tvs ok?👌
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