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  1. I’m glad the club is newly optimistic, with a never say die attitude... but there does come a point where you have to focus on 2019.
  2. Even Priority 1 holders need to register their interest and confirm a seat, they are guaranteed to get one so it’s not a ‘ballot’ in that sense, but there would be a few people who paid for a Priority 1 membership who for whatever tragic reason can’t make the GF, which I suppose is why they are not just allocated automatically.
  3. I would add that Lever, while obviously hopefully a champion for the next 10 years, had not yet gelled in that round 4 line-up and is not as big an ‘out’ in reality as he seems on paper when comparing from that game.
  4. For Geelong, despite Gaz, Joel and Danger cheating Elimination Maxy in the ruck Jumps and taps majestically Clarry sprints away. I think the wait and stress has made me slightly deranged.
  5. I would agree that there is a real problem with it for continuing to potentially stigmatise the population with HIV as being far more dangerous to others than is remotely the case (basically zero risk).
  6. But of course the only benefit of being bitten by a hepatitis Bee is you can become a hepatitis Dee.
  7. The risk is definitely small, probably not quantifiable, but also not zero. The risk of HIV transmission would also fall for players on treatment (extrapolating from other groups). Hepatitis B and C are actually more transmissible but the majority of afl players would be low risk for these two being generally born in Australia and not injecting drug users. I would say the risk of catching a BBV playing footy is almost certainly less than something worse happening to you like a severe spinal injury. But the difference is however small, this risk can be reduced by removing the player briefly, so even though the NNI (number needed to interchange) would be very very high, it’s probably worth doing.
  8. Agreed. Could even expand that to no Hawks and only two GWS to round out the current, and likely final, top 4. And not sure of where the cut off falls but Jake Lever is also only 22.
  9. Humble pie absolutely taken and I’m not sure I’d have been as restrained as this if I was gloating in your place, so good on you for that. Though to be fair the maths was spot on; the psychology way off!
  10. Could you send Simpson to the gallows for it? Possibly not, but if you’re happy that you can see that it was one coach 4 votes to Gaff but want to belabour the pedantic point that technically we don’t know if it was “he’s a good bloke really and I gave him a little cuddle” Simpson or “it was an off ball hit that had me comforting his distraught mother” Lyon, (paraphrasing), then I guess I’m learning my annual-ish lesson of why I read but do not generally participate in internet fora.
  11. Normally enjoy your work MS but it’s definitely one coach 4 votes, presumably Simpson because of the two how could it be Lyon, I’ll explain below: Yeo must have two fives, as he got 10. So the only way Redden can get 7 is a 4 and a 3. That leaves one ‘4’ still to give and as nobody else got 4 or above except for Gaff it must be him.
  12. 10. Daniel Cross? Another Rivers...many Rivers...many Rivers to Cross? And perhaps LG and Kenners just got their numbering wrong with the David Rodan number 7? I suspect they meant 3 to be so sure of it, And/or player anagram of Rodan.
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