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  1. David Hobson (opera singer/composer) is a tragic demon supporter. Heard him being interviewed where he said that even during performances he will get the score at interval breaks or anytime he is not on stage. Loves the dees.
  2. I"ve watched Toby during his time in the under 18's onwards. He is electic in his movements; looks incredible at times when he has the ball but unfortunately doesen't get involved often enough. His average disposal numbers are low and his impact on the game is negligible even at under 18 level. A will of the wisp maybe, be but more a fly by night footballer at best. Should he put the work in, get fitter and believe in himself to do better he could be a very good player.
  3. Max on RSN 927 this morning said both Viney and Jackson have put there hand up to play this week.
  4. Workman doing renovation at my house use Haymes Paint. They said it's the best quality. I personally have used their Woodcare "Dexpress" Merbau on the outside deck. Comes up a treat and lasts much longer with more "lustre"than Cabots or British paints that I have used before.
  5. Just announced on 3aw that Jay Caldwell has requested a trade to Essendon
  6. Not good enough at this stage. Doesn't get involved in the game enough where he can have an impact. Low possession count and doesn't have that x factor. Early days yet but signs are not good.
  7. Richmond are giving away Dan Butler for a late pick. Carton & Saints in the running. Carlton have now pulled out because of the Papley trade. With Garlett delisted why not go for Butler until we have other small forward options available.
  8. Pedo is playing for Phillip Island (Bulldogs) next year. I will definitely be following his progress as I live close to the footy ground. His family has moved there and Pedo and his wife are hopeful of securing teaching positions on the Island. One of my favourite demons.
  9. Lockhart had no impact whatsoever. Very disappointing in the finals.
  10. As you can have 3 Cat B rookies you would think the club would take a chance on this kid unless they think he will not make it, or have someone else in mind.
  11. Brett Anderson compared him to Jobe Watson on SEN this morning. He hopes we pick him.
  12. The original interview was with Garry Lyon, Tim W and Hamish. KB just replayed it on his show. SEN audio has the interview
  13. Watching his highlights he reminds me of a young Liam Picken. Courageous, good mark, shows desperation.
  14. Overuse of handball. No one wants to take responsibility in kicking the ball. Partly caused by no players up forward to kick to. Playing dry weather football in the wet doesn't work.
  15. Could have drafted Cripps ahead of Salem. Jason Taylor's decision?
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