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  1. Weideman and VB will be in the team for next Thursday withBowey a smokie
  2. I would give Petracca - minus 10….pathetic effort from him today,
  3. Agree totally, I also rang the club on Friday- complaining , WHY, haven’t they named the Casey team before 3.30 pm Friday….ridiculous ..pitiful marketing to the extreme,
  4. It wasn’t - actually quite factual.
  5. Yes- out for 3, but where is Mitch Brown.....disappeared ?
  6. Stupid statement in my opinion.
  7. Bradke is 20 years old , give him time
  8. Currently only in a 3 day lockdown, so, should be back by Mid week.
  9. Weather could be a factor ,as showers or rain is expected. If so, good to get Weid , and other falls in earlier game.Covered well with emergencies..We will know more at 2 pm tomorrow
  10. Agree mostly, I was very impressed with Deakin Smith as a small/ mid defender, I feel Rosman could develop into a wing or even CHF type.I feel we do need to develop a key tall back and tall.forward .Bedford could develop into a running mid/ small forward , loved his game at Casey, along with Chandler .I also feel we need a top class mid.
  11. With Mitch Lewis suspended for next week, we may not need to replace May this week with a tall.We might bring in Hibberd to gain AFL fitness but I would bring in Petty or Daw to go up against Lynch .I would bring back May to play against Swans if fit, he may have to borrow a helmet from Bradshaw
  12. I agree fully, but think Daw a big chance to come n
  13. Fantastic effort from you guys for your reports....very much appreciated
  14. All last years recruits are a long way off it...may take a year or two to make it IMO.
  15. THANKYOU, great that your back on board , appreciated indeed
  16. I, and several others do...it would be nice to have us members and supporters kept up to date with ALL list players not just some...it is a team , and Casey is one of us...
  17. It should happen , day of match..it is not to much to ask for.....for Gods sake
  18. Totally support your views, unsatisfied
  19. Well said , strongly suggest and hope you represent many of us and bring it to the attention of Pert etc..
  20. If you do , strongly hope so, refer them to Demonland and this thread, I am another that has had a guts full of their pathetic treatment to us members/ supporters..
  21. Surprising result but best wishes to both of them....
  22. Yep....but he ( Riccardi) looks to have the makings of a very good player- top class and 100 games in him.
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