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  1. Why wasn't Kozzie pressuring him like he did in our two wins against them this year?
  2. I mocked those who lost their minds when the sides were named and I stick by it. Bringing in Chandler, Bowey or Bedford wouldn't have changed anything tonight or last week.
  3. May want to re-evaluate that. We have a great starting midfield, a very good defence and a C-grade forward line.
  4. I don't think so, sounds more like he's saying we should've put the game away earlier.
  5. So it was the coaches spraying the ball everywhere but through the sticks in the 1st half was it? The coaches were the reason Kozzie dribbles the ball into the post? The coaches the reason we couldn't win a one on one contest in the 2nd half, were outnumbered at the drop of the ball and didn't pressure the ball carrier? Give me a spell.
  6. Hmmm he wasn't great but I thought he almost singlehandedly willed the momentum back our way during patches in the 2nd half.
  7. C'mon, selection wouldn't have changed the result. We were completely outplayed in the 2nd half, same as last week.
  8. I banged on about this last week but I thought the supporters were great tonight. Decent turnout with 62k and the place was electric at times especially during the 2nd half. Unfortunately the team didn't get the job done but the supporters were fantastic.
  9. Just pray we don't play Collingwood in a GF or you might find yourself in row HH of level 4.
  10. That was hilarious, "umm Geelong is not in Melbourne dude"
  11. It's madness, you'd think he was overlooking AA stars - Bowey might consider himself unlucky other than that there's no real options to bring in from Casey. Bedford had a chance earlier in the year, had one good game and that was it. Chandler maybe but unlikely he offers much more than Spargo or ANB who are proven premiership players. TMac is underdone and JVR isn't going to debut in a semi final. The sooking on here is ridiculous.
  12. You never know, what if the Cats suffer a bout of gastro like the week leading in to last year's Prelim? Many here have completely lost it going by this thread. Yeah we may not win the flag this year but we are still in it and a win tomorrow night will see us in the final 4. From there anything can happen so strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride. The whinging and moaning is unbelievable.
  13. That might be so but what's it got to do with this week's selection?
  14. We have a home base, we're just not allowed to train there
  15. When you first open kayo (after selecting your profile) go up and it should allow you to select any of the live Foxtel sports channels to stream (Fox Sports 1, 2, 3, Fox Footy, ESPN etc) If you select this instead of the event you want to watch (eg Melbourne v Brisbane) it should help with any buffering etc issues.
  16. Or watch the live channel instead of the event tile
  17. Any chance they can invest in some high frame rate HD cameras so we can get footy in 4k and have goal reviews where you can actually see frame by frame what is happening (like NFL reviews) and not just a blurry mish mash of pixels?
  18. He's 20. Will only keep improving. Won't hit his peak for 5 years. This downplaying of his ability is ridiculous.
  19. No way would they backtrack if they've put an offer out and got an in principle agreement. Would make their name mud with player agents.
  20. Channel 7 turns the crowd sound down so you can hear the commentators - unlike the radio broadcasts.
  21. Probably leaving it for walk-ups - this morning I was trying to get seats in M19 but it would only give me the option of undercover. Level 1 open seats were only available in M17. I had to just keep trying and wait til those bays were sold and they released the open tickets closer to the wing (got tined out and had to go back in again).
  22. Was discussing it yesterday, my sister reckons it's because we don't have enough wog supporters I kind of agree, us wogs just love yelling even around the dinner table and Collingwood, Richmond and Carlton in particular have a big proportion of southern/eastern European supporters.
  23. Good news if we have to play Sydney or Collingwood again
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