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  1. I expect it’s more to do with being kind to the losing team added to the usual beloved top players discount.
  2. you could sync to one of these: https://www.youtube.com/user/harrypotter6116/videos
  3. I don't see why reportable offences should be overlooked just because we won. Seemed clear to me that #4 hit his neck, not his shoulder and no question he intended to bump. I wonder what those downplaying this would say if Clarry couldn't play on and we lost the match. As for Gawn, the players may well be mocking him - who could resist?, but I can't see how anyone could bang their head into the ground like he did just to play things up. His head clealry moved too fast into the ground. Maybe his arms waved about unnecessarily, but look at the replay. Where did the momentum for his head hitting the ground come from other than from the tackle?
  4. sue

    Radio calls

    All I can find are these clips: https://omny.fm/shows/the-rub/dennis-comettis-call-of-the-2021-afl-grand-final
  5. Speaking of such things, wasn't there a head high bump by their #4 on Oliver(?) early in the match. Need to see replay.
  6. It's all the sweeter after years of struggle. MFCSS need to be redefined. What words start with 'S'? Success? Superiority....
  7. If you don't have a latop, you could use a browser on your phone with 7plus if desperate. I see the AFL app has annoucned it is showing the GF. - presumabl they are making it free. and not just for subscribers.
  8. If you have a laptop, 7plus link below seems to work at the moment. Presumably on any browser on any device. There have been earlier posts saying it is retricted to certain devices, but I suspect that was for displaying on a TV screen? https://7plus.com.au/live-tv?channel-id=Seven
  9. It's rare that I have anything nice to say about the Pies, but Brodie. & Darcy have got it right. https://www.collingwoodfc.com.au/video/1019122/brodie-and-darcy-s-message-ahead-of-the-grand-final?videoId=1019122&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1632181519001
  10. didn't know where to put this https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-22/afl-grand-final-melbourne-clayton-oliver-christian-petracca/100483306
  11. That's what Libba proposed a few days ago. I hope the umpires read it because it is a free to block someone trying to get to a contest.
  12. Precisely why I have some hope he will be deterred from a repeat performance.
  13. yeah, I'm sure the medical licensing board would rush to look into the case. (sarcasm/end). Almost every player has some sort of injury all the time, so proving anything would be impossible. Did anyone look into those clubs during the season which had a sub used every other week? Perhaps a Royal Commission? I couldn't resist an update: In fact I reckon most AFL docs are more in danger of being in trouble for not taking off half the players every match. Can't imagine my GP allowing any of them to stay on the field - health and safety.....
  14. sue

    GF Umpires

    Didn't the Swan make a stink about that. If so, perhaps it will inhibit him from doing so again.
  15. Libba has already publically said they will try to block is run off the pack. Isn't that illegal?
  16. Very good. It will be the first game day thread I'll ever read after the start of play.
  17. Well at least it might get a few Bombers fans at the match to barrack for Melbourne.
  18. Tanking is a completely different issue. It is cheating by the coaches and management without any involvement by the players. I presume you are not saying our players (like players in other tanking teams) threw matches?
  19. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/lyon-to-present-the-cup-should-the-dees-triumph-grant-if-the-bulldogs-prevail-20210914-p58rlz.html
  20. Come on MR, don't knock the BoM. Us oldies recall when they were lucky to forecast 1 day ahead - indeed their forecasts weren't much better than just predicting tomorrow = today). Now we whinge if they get it wrong a week ahead. Of course there will still be errors particularly in difficult regions, but forecasting has improved out of sight. The same cannot be said of predicting the outcomes of footy games.
  21. Why this concern that the 2 jumpers will look too similar and be confusing. Seems our best hope of evening the free kick count. 😀
  22. Seems most would prefer to play Port in the GF. It would be interesting to see a poll on which team people would prefer to win tonight (casting aside all prejudices and viewed only by who you'd prefer in the GF). Maybe one before the match and another one afterwards.
  23. At last an explanation for why the Dogs do so well with frees. Nothing to do with being first at the ball etc. They just don't have any backs or bulls. 🤔
  24. So maybe he is just bluffing and all this speculation as to how to handle 4 talls may be pointless, however entertaining for D'landers. Presumably our match committee is considering all possibilities.
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