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  1. We need a backup ruck, and our backs are looking thin. If May or Lever go down then we are in trouble. Hibberd, Jetta are becoming depth. I expect though Tmac is likely be backup KPB and ruck. I would try him on the wing (if he could regain his mobility)
  2. Am I missing something, Key forwards are in the team to mark the ball not bring it to ground, that's the role of a key back!!!
  3. Its actually very simple, Max just needs to punch the ball forward (allowing us to run towards goal; they alternatively have to gather and turn into our midfielders or dish of to someone heading towards congestion). A couple of these will have them quickly drop the Center behind the ruck, allowing our midfield to have the numbers advantage for a tap.
  4. Tom's right! Many supporters seem to think that unless a player is elite, then they must be junk and fair game for abuse (not being relevant). No team has won a premiership comprising only A grader's (supported by elite) look at our very own Stephen Armstrong as a Weagle premiership player. There's even a Morton who won a premiership. Oscar performs admirably and as strange as it seems I am more relaxed with him kicking than most of our other talls (he's safe, despite others like May being better kicks). Many seem to base a lot of their opinion on his early output when he was thrown
  5. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. our forwards haven't functioned for two years, it will not again without change. What that change looks like is the question. In fact, the 2018 blip aside, it hasn't functioned for a very long time. By function I mean conversion relative to opportunity. Talk of building structure around Weids, Jackson, Brown, is reinforcing this when you consider Fritsch is our most likely to generate a scoring opportunity. To many of our forwards like to get the easy over the back goal, not the
  6. He will win it next year (still qualifies, I believe)
  7. Like what North are doing, by going hard for free agents with over the top offers, it forces other clubs to increase theres beyond the reasonable; impacting their list management. Carlton will now be vulnerable to raids on their younger players.
  8. Noting the lineups, this could easily be "first goal wins"!!!
  9. Jetta Tmac Lever Hibberd Omac Lockhart Rivers Brayshaw Salem Trac May Viney Fritta Weids Bennel Gawn Trac Langdon Hunt Hannan Tomilson Spargo AVB for Brayshaw if injured, ANB for Hunt or Tomilson if we can forsake some run.
  10. Actually, it is sometimes easier to reach 200+ games at a weaker club; where you may be gifted some games early, have less competition for spots, and then hung onto a little longer at the end of your career.
  11. I rate Clarko as the best in the business by a fair bit, but Go through history and see how many premiership coaches have won a premiership at their next club(s); or even been successful. Leigh Mathews is the only one that comes to mind. Voss I expect will have served his apprenticeship properly this time, and hopefully mellowed somewhat (aka buckley). Mitchell does have appeal but likely a year or 2 to soon. Yze worth a look, Unlesd he"s changed, Lyons destroys culture and we'll be complaining even louder in 2-3 years time. Who's the assistant at Geelong?
  12. You have gone about this the wrong way, ask yourself (better your friends who support other teams) what draft pick they would give up to get our player? Example: Gawn 2 first round or a top 5 pick Trac and May a top 10 pick Oliver a first round pick many are happy to give up a top 10 Lever, Fritta, Weids end of first round/early second round Brayshaw, VIney 2nd round pick Langdon, Rivers ironically Jetta is still valued all get a nibble for a third round pick The rest aren't rated as anything more than grabbing if free or trying to get a steal. Harmes is an e
  13. We keep giving votes to the midfielders yet we keep getting smashed there; maybe it's by default the forwards at lazy and loose in defence. The defence has to fail at some point.
  14. Our small forwards don't defend, (chasing is not defending) so at a maximum we can only carry one of Melks, Bennel and Picket; noting none of these 3 present as a great marking target. Fritsch stays in because he does present and mark the ball (the goals will come) - therefore a potential dangerous matchup. Note he misses a lot of shots because he's taking them from the dead pocket for his foot - which is more about team play (leading patterns) that has now ruined his confidence for in front of goals. I like the idea of Viney forward to win the ground ball and play defensive/aggress
  15. Team selection should be about balance. We need to find a second tall (Frisch is a 3rd tall, not 2nd); one that can drae6a defender so Weids isn't double team. At the moment of all our current options, the only two that could adequately fill this role is May and Gawn. Either could work we just need to find someone that could do their role. Prues has been okay so that's possible; Omac maybe, but probably a better option is for Tmac to revert back to his days as fullback. With the ball coming to him and only needing to spoil it will likely build his confidence as well. A fit Tmac also had the
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