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  1. Maybe he'll do a Trent Croad and return after a couple of years!!!
  2. What I would do: With Big O out for Brisbane, I would back in Gawn to beat their ruck on his own (One dominant ruck v two dominant ruck is much the same output) - rest Jackson for Geelong and bring in Tmac. Tmac is a risk (being rusty) but, he also provides flexibility that if' hes not performing as a forward we can also swap him with Petty/May. Harmes to tag Neale, means he will be in the midfield with Oliver and Viney. This would free up Brayshaw to the wing, and/or allow more time for Trac to play forward (Melksam's role). I'd bring in Dunstan for Melksam, so that he can play crash/bash inside role (take on Trac's and Brayshaws midfield minutes) - it also allows flexibility for Brayshaw to move to defence if one of the small defenders are getting beaten (I fear Hibberds lack of pace) - and cover Oliver (goes forward) if he gets tagged. Note: Tmac, BB, Melks and a resting ruckman do not apply enough pressure to the ball carrier on exit from our forward 50 so Trac/Sparrow/Dunstan/Viney/Oliver can do this. At the moment only Brayshaw, May and Spargo take on the corridor with their kicks - so ideally another player like Bowey may add to this . This comes down to whether you go with a stronger body in Salem, or better ball use in Bowey ( I know Salem's known for his kicking, but this year he's predominantly just taken the very safe option or long down the line). With this lineup you would need a tall as the medical emergency (Jackson would be ideal) but as I'm resting him, then it would have to be Weidman, no JVR, no Tomilson, nope going with Jackson!!! My ins: Dunstan and Tmac. My outs: Melks and Jackson with Jackson to be medical sub. This keeps the structure and team much the same; note, mass changes in finals is a recipe for disaster. What I expect though is no change with perhaps Tmac as late inclusion for Fritsch/Melks/Trac!
  3. Out: predictable slow long kicks deep to the left pocket. In: 45 degree or switch kicks to open up the ground and force the opposition to defend more of it.
  4. Fritsch Petty Oliver May Lever Spargo Our midfield got smashed when/where it counted.
  5. Lever Rivers picket Oliver Jackson Hibberd
  6. They showed a similar metric last night (on the couch I think), but from round 12 to now, with Geelong, Carlton and Swans only playing top 8 sides 3 times. Coincidentally, they are the 3 sides with long winning streaks! Also, I believe two of Melbourne's games against non top 8 sides were Bulldogs and Port; not sure of the other; which makes their effort incredible . Then consider % and the Dee's performance has been even more remarkable!
  7. Melks Petty Hunt Brayshaw Jackson Gawn
  8. Seems it's our defence: https://www.theroar.com.au/2022/08/12/melbourne-must-exorcise-their-defensive-demons-to-win-the-flag/ And goal kicking - but that's probably as much about where we are taking shots from.
  9. Would a Grundy / Weidman trade be in the offing, with a swapping of 2nd / 3rd round picks? Of course pies pay part salary, while still getting a cash dump to chase a GWS player!
  10. Viney Trac Fritsch Sparrow May Rivers
  11. Salem is playing without confidence and therefore most his kicks are high long bombs, this is becoming habitual and now even his passed have to much air. Jackson has been playing a bit part role for weeks, but that is what a kid his age should be doing. We are still losing the clearances, which again cost us. Lever back in is a no brainer, will strengthen backline immensely and help the rebound game (offendence). Our system rely's on two tall forwards (not including a resting ruckman), Fritsch and pressure. Melskam doesn't fit this model so BBB for him, I'd also be tempted to swing Petty forward for Weids, with Tomilson to hold his spot or maybe Turner. Bowey for Salem is also close.
  12. Oh and I'd give serous thought to playing Gus on the wing with Salem/BoweyHibberd HBF. This would further replicate the successful premiership structure!
  13. It's about structure and players playing there role to allow it to work. A good structure will cover perceived dips in form. This then feeds the "soldier in soldier out" approach to success. Unfortunately these last few weeks we've lost a bit of this structural shape: To date we have not found a player to come in and do Tmac's role. This had consequently made things harder for BBB, forced Fritsch to play a different role, which meant there's also no (soldier in) to play his role. Combine these two factors and suddenly our smalls are struggling to "be offensive" - but that's not due to form, as any replacement will suffer the same fate. We also suffered a similar problem with May out, as no-one could fill his role (backline general, gorilla keeper, interceptor and long release kicking) - resulting in weaknesses elsewhere as other defenders tried to cover this. To keep the structure working, I'd bring in JVR to play Tmac's role in place of Bedford; or conversely Tomilson to replace Bedford and swing Petty into Tmac's role. Dunstan for Oliver is a no brainer if injuref, though he could also come on for Sparrow. And that's about it. More than a couple of changed will only further erode the structure?
  14. Petty Lever Brayshaw Hibberd Harmes Langdon Hard to give it to midfielders when they were smashed.
  15. BBB was good particularly in the first quarter, when the game was hot and needed to be won.
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