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  1. theres almost no chance he has seen him play and he's a historically putrid judge in any case.
  2. 6. Max Gawn 5. Christian Petracca 4. Jake Lever 3. Clayton Oliver 2. Jack Viney 1. Bayley Fritsch
  3. An enormous 16 intercepts by 2 clangers
  4. Lever led the league in intercepts this round
  5. 6. Max Gawn 5. Ed Langdon 4. Jake Lever 3. Kysaiah Kropinyeri-Pickett 2. Jack Viney 1. Jayden Hunt
  6. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Christian Salem 4. Max Gawn 3. Christian Petracca 2. Kysaiah Kropinyeri-Pickett 1. Jayden Hunt
  7. 6. Jake Lever 5. Steven May 4. Clayton Oliver 3. Tom McDonald 2. Charlie Spargo 1. Christian Petracca
  8. So a player (Bowey) who you wouldn't have drafted ahead of the third and fourth last players taken in the entire draft last year, in addition to a totally undrafted and unlisted player, is now miraculously, in your view, as talented as our highest draft pick in the last six years?
  9. Thanks, he kicked a set shot goal very nicely, but was quiet from what I remember, did look a good size and moved well, but couldn't get into it. Is he on Casey's list?
  10. I think Glenn Molloy would be extremely disappointed with that post :)
  11. For those who watched the B game and have an interest in Casey, some of the players to the best of my eye were 8. Jack Bell 10. Corey Ellison 11. Andrew Courtney 22. Mitch Lewis 26. Tye Hourigan (not 100% it was him, but may have been) 29. Ryan Sparkes 34. Riley Baldi 42. Tom Freeman 44. Luca Goonan Few others (14, 28 etc) not sure who they were, 14 may have been Kyle Stainthorpe.
  12. I haven't seem him play, but his accolades in the Alice seem to suggest he is very good at that level and he has been involved in the SANFL with North Adelaide, suggesting he is no mug. To go the effort to train and play there wouldn't be something done just for the fun of it, he must be able to play a bit.. The encouraging thing about him is he has made rep squads two and three years ahead of time, generally that is a sign of good talent. Another positive, which can be a negative, is that he is tiny. To be able to perform at a good standard against your peers under age and conceding
  13. Fairly certain he will be a bottom ager next year and draft eligible at the 2022 draft.
  14. They could all be handy if given the chance. The three ex-Gippsland Power graduates, Baldi, Sparkes and Hourigan, were all above average NAB League players and very good team players but probably lacked the X-factor to be drafted. Baldi is a pretty highly-credentialed junior rover who can play forward, wins a lot of the footy, cracks in, does everything pretty well, but probably just not penetrative at his size (he's probably 175cm) to be have been drafted to play midfield at AFL level and not tricky enough as a forward. A poor man's Caleb Serong. Sparkes is a wingman/flanker,
  15. Great post, Horne, Daicos, Murley, Rachele, Roberts, Sinn and Sonsie all probably would be in top 10 plantoms, Burgoyne probably as well. I think you refer to Gavin Wanganeen's son Tex Wanganeen. There is another Wanganeen, as well, who should be in that list - Nasiah Wanganeen - who incidentally is the son of former North Melbourne defender Eddie Sansbury but is an intriguing indigenous prospect - 187cm 64kg at the moment, loves to carry the ball from half-back.
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