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  1. He's fairly highly rated and I think most have him in top 30 calculations. If the narrative is correct that we moved up to target some under-exposed Vic talent then Mitchell fills that narrative as he was just scratching the surface last year and projected to have a breakout NAB league season. He fits with what we need and with a lot of players of that ilk - Coleman and Newchurch examples - tied up to NGA teams, he makes a lot of sense as a pick - super quick and with a lot of upside/development potential!
  2. Lachie's dad was drafted by Melbourne and would have been a gun had he not got injured and or come over. Pretty sure Roberts is bottom age this year and a certainty to be drafted next year - gun!
  3. he's Tarryn's cousin, North had him as part of their NGA
  4. As it stands, we have two list spots for draft picks. It is likely Oscar will be delisted but there is very little likelihood we remain at 18 and 19 and that one if not both are different.
  5. I think there will be four, with the outside chance of two more academy players who get taken. So 22 and 23 is the most likely result.
  6. There are three certain academy players who will go before and two other strong possibilities. Gold Coast will probably list their academy players on the rookie list and don't need points nor will push the order back.
  7. They have an Academy player who could be bid from 15 onwards and with the list size shrinkage and possibility the AFL wont force clubs to take three draft choices, I wouldn't come to that conclusion.
  8. Yes, what I should say is that no club would be stupid enough to think that the AFL index bears any resemblance to the true value of the draft picks in question.
  9. if what you are referring to is Ugle-Hagan points, would the Bulldogs be stupid enough to trade Dunkley for material that is going to be consumed in the bidding process? It makes no sense whatsoever.
  10. no club is stupid enough to use the AFL Draft Value Index as a trade guide.
  11. Clubs were only allowed one 17yo that year. By taking Travis Johnstone we couldn't take Goodes, who was effectively pick 11 or something like in the 17yo draft within a draft.
  12. 6. Ed Langdon 5. Steven May 4. Christian Petracca 3. Clayton Oliver 2. Trent Rivers 1. Christian Salem. Pickett was in our best three first half and Baker not far at halftime, but they faded out. Lever and Gawn unlucky but Lever's game blotted by costing us a few goals.
  13. 6. Jack Viney 5. Bayley Fritsch 4. Christian Petracca 3. Clayton Oliver 2. Max Gawn 1. Trent Rivers
  14. 6. Ed Langdon 5. Clayton Oliver 4. Max Gawn 3. Adam Tomlinson 2. Christian Petracca 1. Christian Salem.
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