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  1. 6. Ed Langdon 5. Steven May 4. Christian Petracca 3. Clayton Oliver 2. Trent Rivers 1. Christian Salem. Pickett was in our best three first half and Baker not far at halftime, but they faded out. Lever and Gawn unlucky but Lever's game blotted by costing us a few goals.
  2. 6. Jack Viney 5. Bayley Fritsch 4. Christian Petracca 3. Clayton Oliver 2. Max Gawn 1. Trent Rivers
  3. 6. Ed Langdon 5. Clayton Oliver 4. Max Gawn 3. Adam Tomlinson 2. Christian Petracca 1. Christian Salem.
  4. 6. Steven May 5. Christian Petracca 4. Clayton Oliver 3. Ed Langdon 2. Christian Salem 1. Michael Hibberd
  5. 6. Steven May 5. Jack Viney 4. Christian Salem 3. Jake Lever 2. Christian Petracca 1. Sam Weideman
  6. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Ed Langdon 4. Christian Petracca 3. Jack Viney 2. Angus Brayshaw 1. Aaron VandenBerg
  7. Not knocking the sentiment, but it's going to be a very tough top 5 to get into when you have Gawn, Petracca, Oliver, Viney (good season and huge B+F poller) and May all involved.
  8. It is with a heavy heart that Clarrie's game does not get 6 votes. 6. Christian Petracca 5. Clayton Oliver 4. Angus Brayshaw 3. Sam Weideman 2. Michael Hibberd 1. Ed Langdon
  9. She is still at the MFC as head of media I think
  10. Yeah the sentiment was good, it just reeked of ignorance factually.
  11. The response was in relation to the earlier post, which was wildly wrong and impugned the coaching group, not a comment on the efficacy of Brayshaw.
  12. He started in the centre and had 1 possession to halftime I think.
  13. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Jack Viney 4. Steven May 3. Christian Petracca 2. Jake Lever 1. Christian Salem
  14. O'Dea will be a loss. She didn't have a great year but I think in terms of actual football technique she is one of the best players in the league. Just moves and uses the ball like a genuine footballer. Running capacity is probably her problem but you would want to get a very good trade haul for her. Jakobsson's girfriend plays for St Kilda so that is probably why she is moving. Decent player but surely market value is shot. Kath Smith seemed destined to be one of our best young players before doing ACL, you wouldn't lose her without getting quality in return. Thought Cordn
  15. Why are you basing a stupid and under-researched post on a game off a four-day break against the top side after a 2pt loss against the second top side. Its nonsense.
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