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  1. Haha very well played Sheedy - just as a side note I will be there and won't boo $cully - I think he did us a favor by leaving
  2. I hope you can apply the same strict criteria for judgement on a few other players who haven't made it this year who have been at the club a few years and made zero impact - Dunn, Petterd, Bate, Spencer etc
  3. Haha really enjoyed that comment!!! There is a lot of shite talked about us at the moment - a lot of it is crap. But we can't dodge it either - we aren't good enough at the moment and deserve the scrutiny It would be a bigger blunder bu the club not to address the 'issues' and deal with them at the end of this year
  4. I'll start by saying I don't know............ But personally I assume there is a big problem at the club at the moment and it has built up over the last 12 months. The sooner the clean out happens the happier I will be. Whoever or whatever the issues is/are they need to f'off and let this club rebuild with everyone pulling in the one direction - winning f'n football games. I am sick of the ego shite at the club - get rid of 'em
  5. the last bit was meant to say - players need to accept the new mantra or f'off stupid I phone I cbf haha
  6. That is a joke right????............ I am not sure if i understand your post correctly but Neelds game plan is (all be it a different version) of team playing contested foory who have a defensive edge eg: Pies, Cats, Crows, Swan, etc contested, defensively minded foooty (note I do realise the Crows are very offensive but contested footy is a big part of their mantra) So your completely off the mark if your arguing that..... The style he wants to introduce to the MFC is a proven way to play conistant winning football and finals footy winning finals footy If you are saying his methods are wrong surely this is only speculation???? It takes time to implement these new mantra's the MFC has lacked under Bailey and Daniher.... I'm with Neeld 100% - But you are right he needs to be judged to be kept accountable - players need to jump on of f'off
  7. Spot on OP Spoke well - I like how the club has come out against all the criticism and represented itself well! Now for a win!!!!
  8. Just to add - deserves to be listened to and is spot on
  9. Spot on Biffen More then you can say for our so called leaders playing at the moment
  10. Spot on Nutbean The only way this will change short term is exactly like you said. In saying that as a club we need to address who wants to play for the MFC and who is here just happy to be an AFL player. And move them on asap. Pay out contracts (if possible) now and remove the crap rotting this club whoever it is.....
  11. Great news! I also have on good authority that young Jack will be signing with the MFC very soon. Expect to see Jack training with Casey in the next year or so. GO DEES, it's bloody exciting times.
  12. I hope we go hard after him, a better option then Hale IMO.
  13. Exactly, Bruce cops a lot of criticism but he is probably the best stopper we have at the moment, even if he does get beaten occasionally. I would think Dunn would be dropped for Sylvia.
  14. Looks good, and i can actuall log in again and post! Yay!
  15. Yep that is a shame, he has been playing well. I'm a big PJ fan, get well soon big fella!
  16. I agree mate, I though Aussie played really well when he was on the ground. His 1st and 2nd efforts were great, and that chase and tackle of 2 Geelong players 1 being G Ablett which caused a turnover booked him a place in next weeks team IMO. He dosen't look like a specimen of fitness but at least he has a real hard crack, and attacks the footy and tackles!
  17. Its almost not worth playing these two for the year and letting them get over it. I don't know with OP, they may never be over it... Go ricky, looks like a good kid... Like Jonesy, give him some game time and watch him bloom!!!
  18. Its damn possible, with all the injuries we have we almost have no choice. I hope he does play in the midfield, green to FF and PJ to CHB.
  19. More injuries to senior players, i am almost in shock Although it's depressing, there is some positives, at least some kids will get some game time, and hopefully (get on my knees) the softness and weakness's we seem to carry will fade with the injection of new players... PJ to CHB, i liked him back there in the 2nd half. You don't need him to mark, he is quick, agile and can spoil. Could be a long termer for CHB, and rivers can play on the 2nd best forward, Carrol 3rd etc.....
  20. Thanks guys loving the new site!!
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