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  1. Petty played well, Oliver and Viney have sublime kicking, Fritsch is tough as nails. All positivise
  2. If they got a point for ****ig up simple opportunities we'd be premiers
  3. Because may is soft... I mean better on a poorer opponent
  4. Most likely 2 will be gone by this time next year. Kid should focus on developing not stats
  5. Duke will need to rest throughout the season. Hunter is good depth until he's no longer required.
  6. Agree. I've never had anything against Jack but when he does speak it's always someone else's fault. I think jack would benefit from taking some responsibility
  7. I think the gernsey is something will tinker with over time naturally. Not really a big deal.
  8. Wot a ripper, good luck to the young fella. Great start to his career, keep it up.
  9. There are likely things internally we don't see that Goody is rewarding. I agree game day it hasn't shine through and it isn't commentary of the player will make it or not.
  10. I was happy to see him do well. Its a big if, but if we can move teh ball fast and utilise his strengths, he may kick a few this year with the way the game is now played.
  11. WHile i 100% agree with you, i am going to go out on a limb and say from a leadship POV i like what Goody did by rewarding players who displayed the values teh club wants. Did the players take their opportunities, well taht is debatable, do I think they will make it, again debatable, but i do think it was good leadership.
  12. NRL is the same? Sydney people don't go-to gamez
  13. Thanks Mr fence. Interesting considering Goodwin thinks he'll play next week. Fullarton for me has to play 1s. If we are going to be any good this year Fullarton has to play and play well.
  14. I think Petty, Koz and McAdam all make us better, and i hope we can get them all fit and firing. But let's be patient, it's a long season
  15. Thanks Pickett Fullarton i feel is a big in, can chop out for Max abd play as a tall and make a contest. Koz is an important in? Anyone stand out to replace Bowser?
  16. Agree with that, i think Billings is starting 18, but we will see next week. Schache and Laurie, i get we rewarded their selections but in saying that there are obviously big doubts on them long term. I agree with yo about Laurie, i don't want to bag individuals and blame them, but tbh i feel he is the same as Schache, and it dosen't fit our game style. I think Koz, Fullatrton, Petty and McAdam are important ins if they're fit. I feel its a bit of a reubuild this year, and trying to find a good balance of skill and experience.
  17. Im looking forward to seeing Fullarton get a go. Anyone else pushing for a spot?
  18. Always makes me laugh at people getting upset at the media. They're irrelavent, they're job is to sell clicks, not get it right.
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