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  1. Salem can play anywhere. Maybe swapping with Viney.
  2. Quarterback, distributor, architect, whatever. We've had a few; Brett Lovett Travis Johnstone Adam yze The flash Now it's time for someone new, either toumpas or watts. It's the only position that really fits them. Watts most definetly.
  3. A quarter back is someone who sweeps behind the pack setting up forward thrusts
  4. 2018 Hogan - 101 Petrecca - 82
  5. The 3 midfielders a built like men, they are the real deal. JKH could have played all of 2014, these new recruits will put their hands up for rd1.
  6. Incredible result. FB: Jetta, Dunn, Howe Hb: Lumumba, Garland, Grimes C: Watts, Tyson, Vince Hf: Salem, Dawes, Toumpas Ff: Gawn, Hogan, JKH Fol: Jamar, Jones, Viney Int: Petrecca, Brayshaw, Neal-Bullen, Cross Emg: Pederson, Kent, McDonald, Garlett Inj: Trengove Developing: Frost, o.McDonald, Stretch, Spencer, Fitzpatrick, Hunt Happy happy days Demonlanders. No more holes in our list. A perfect balance of skill, hardness, flare, aggression, talls and smalls. 2015, it is on!
  7. Bang on about most things, including Clarke being a cat.
  8. We should always be aiming for finals, if we have a chance, then it's a given.
  9. And a 5 year deal to a guy who can't even string a sentence together without fumbling. Madness. The club deserves to go broke. bloody joke.
  10. Deja vu alright. Goodwin is an assistant coach. Not head man. Really, if you are going to select a middle weight intellectual, why not go Voss? Bailey was a mistake, Neeld a disaster Roos an interim And now, the uninspiring, morally tainted culture builder, Goodwin. FMD, when are we going to get it right? Boring, uninspiring, hastily made decision.
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