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  1. 91’ team was a good team, speaking to past players the consensus was that 1990 was the year they felt got away in terms of the Premiership. This was a great game for Demon fans and one the league took great notice of one A.Jakovich. Undoubtedly his best game for the Dees.
  2. Let’s split it. Two picks in the 100’s.....the possibilities are unreal.
  3. I think it’s due to the confidence in the team that play for each other, the consistency observed - knowing that the boys “have got this” to get the job done. Still excruciating seeing howler turnovers like we saw in the first half. But just buoyed by the support for the team - our 23rd man. Loving the MFC wave of momentum.
  4. Mr.September - short priced favourite for the Gary Ayres Medal
  5. Jack Viney was huge last week and this week. He gives his all. Can’t believe how calm I was throughout the game. Must be a sign of a great side developing maturity before my eyes.
  6. Hold tight and when the time comes - if it comes - perhaps one day if we beat the Pies or go further and win a Premiership - send a selfie with your jumper with the caption ‘Premiership Team’
  7. 1st Elimination Final 2018 - Melbourne v Geelong. Follows 12 years of misery .... In 1987 - Melbourne played North Melbourne, 4th v 5th in the Elimination Final. Then 23 years of misery of no finals ... back then a young Todd Viney (in his first final) snaps goal of the day - the first goal of the game - and the roar that reverberated around the ‘G was heard far and wide, sending shivers down the spine of those at Arden St, every Melbourne supporter and put all other competitors on notice; the sleeping giant had awoken - for what followed was a tsunami of momentum. Fast forward 31 years later and Todd’s son Jack Viney returns to a team firing in recent weeks having created some momentum of its own. In ‘87 the support and noise together with inspired, pressure footy created momentum which propelled the team forward. Today this team ranked one for contested ball, pressure, high scoring is already tuned for finals footy. Mix in the support & noise from the fans and watch the magic happen on the field. Go Demons!
  8. By all means point them out.
  9. Including the media experts. And yet they’ll chew you up and spit you out, when things don’t go the way they think they should.
  10. I mean mindset, knowing your role at every stoppage, every play. They were roving off Gawn,. Giving opponents too much room to be dangerous. (Ref: Papleys goal). Being alert and mindful, being the hunter, proactive and not reactive. obviously execution of skills is everything, decision making - not kicking to Garlett above his head whilst on two defenders ready to pounce. (Ref: Jones) Kicking for goal (obvious), but i50s kicking to advantage, lowering the eyes instead of bombing to packs for interception (Ref, Aliir, Heeney etc). They all add up. And the side tightens as a result.
  11. Seven unanswered goals speaks volumes. I’m not going to pick out examples, but there is plenty to be shown the players what Sydney did, and what the players didn’t do and what they could have done - and have done this season at times - to be sitting on 13+ wins
  12. Bathwater. Falling for the media’s perception that they’ve made it. Not being accountable on the field - picking and choosing when to be accountable and not - doesn’t cut a top 8 spot unfortunately. You have to be the hunter at every preparation, every contest. Complacency is the evil of consistency. And inconsistency is not Premiership quality material.
  13. There’s that clichè again...: “MFC and it’s supporters drinking their own bathwater.” “Have not beaten any team in the top 8.” (Even though Adelaide and North were in the 8 both times the Dees won). Even if we beat Sydney, “still haven’t beaten anyone in the top 8...” They won’t stop. So.. Time to break the shackles in these next 3 weeks Demons - arguably the toughest run home of all in contention. Win all three and top 2 is within grasp (Port over Eagles at home!) and a home final. Aim high Dees! It’s time.
  14. By that reckoning, he’s due to kick 12 this week. I’ll take that!
  15. There’s a lot of noise. I’m hoping they block it out and generate more wins by just following the processes and knowing their roles. That is all they can control.
  16. Congratulations on a fantastic career to date and 300 games this weekend. Still another chapter to write to a decorated career! To think many here queried the 3 years contract, and frankly still do. Shame. He hasn’t really disappointed in nearly 2 years - not just on the field - but the impact off the field for the Club among players and coaching group.
  17. H_T

    Mr Jones

    So insightful. As always.
  18. Vandenberg, Bugg, JKH or Tyson for a young defender (21-23yo) - have a look at Brisbane, Freo, Carlton, Dogs needs and their defenders. Plus Gaff.
  19. And they’re not sober going into the game. These tools had had a skinful.
  20. H_T

    Mr Jones

    This is just BS. And I’m calling you out on it. Whilst I’ve stated I’d like more from him, he was admirable against the Cats mids. Sitting Scott Selwood on his arse n one instance, looking after his mate Oliver who amassed 40 - who was literally tearing Geelong a new one. Sitting in the stand - apart from the last 15 minutes and the frustration that proceeded post game when Geelong fans were turning feral and Dees fans anger - I was immensely proud of our team. This team right now might not know what is possible for them, but if they fricking will click with a strong psyche, to finish off teams in close games - just sit back and watch what happens.
  21. I wouldn’t be surprised if these idiots were the ones drinking in the train on way from Melbourne prior to the game and had a skin-ful. D-heads.
  22. When Selwood snapped truly, the Cats supporters became very vocal and you knew if we didn’t answer with a couple of goals to get that 4-5 goal lead back, it was possible it would go down to the wire. How do I feel? I felt so flat. I knew they gave their all, I cursed a couple of bad decisions, I knew the significance of this game and 2018 - as well as the top 4 potentially go begging. But, they have a big chance to make some amends next week in Adelaide - who will be out for serious revenge from the thumping we gave them in the Alice. If we lose that, it will compound. What some people fail to realise is the likes of Lewis, and perhaps Vince will need replacing - they most likely won’t be as good as they are now; imparting their experience. The dynamic will change again - for the better (?) is a big question. Will we be stronger? Weaker for it? Right now, or before the weekend in particular - we were in a great position to take advantage of progressing with a win over Geelong. Top 4 is significant - it gives you a shot to get to the Prelim with a weeks rest. Yes, we’re still a chance. A slim chance - but the boys need to learn and start winning these close games. Otherwise it’s another season gone by for playing finals. When we’ve been in the eight nearly all season.
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