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  1. I noticed the same thing and headband boy also has that rare ability to go tall or short depending on the circumstances.
  2. I 100% agree but the combined team would be the called the Melbourne Demons, the jumper would have a light blue dot under one armpit and we use Norths Homebase if they have one.
  3. On field leadership discussion. We are blessed having May and Lever to organise the backs. I assume Viney, Trac and Max provide leadership for the mids. However we don’t have a ready made leader to organise the forwards which I think is significant so there is a tendency for them to act more as individuals than a cohesive forward team. Your thoughts? Solutions? I see Melksham possibly taking that role but that’s probably not a long term solution.
  4. I reckon our forward line just needs a strong leader to guide and organise during play much like we have in the backline. I wouldn’t be surprised if the other backs refer to them as Mr. Lever and Mr. May.
  5. I read the game day thread before I was able to watch the match. Correlation factor about equal to our percentage gain. Good win and great to see older stars like Lever and May play well and possible emerging new talent on display.
  6. Worry not. The AFL will find wriggle room for any Blues, Pies or late season potential Brownlow recipients.
  7. DeeMee


    Hmmmmmmmm! What a silly boy. Made me realise what a cheap slacker I’ve been having listened to the pod since Grapeviney days so just took out a D’Land subscription. Thanks for prompting me Dee Blood
  8. Probably, i was just wallowing in self pity and playing the Dees victim card.
  9. Hi impact, careless, they must have made it moderate as opposed to low contact. Could be argued either way. Great to see the first player suspended under the Maynard Protocol is a Dee. Thanks AFL.
  10. I think Axis was laying out a bit of sardonic humour, not being literal.
  11. A great couple of wins. Another happy start to a weekend. Professional approach by this group has a good feel to it. umpiring … seriously! Kozzie will 100% get one week minimum, we are not Collingwood.
  12. Interesting proposal to replace Hore who has sore ribs with May who has broken ribs Edit - Just saw thumb report
  13. Thinking the club might be grooming Hore as our regular sub unless injuries call for him to play. Offers a fair bit of flexibility.
  14. Lachie Neale is unbelievable. Maynard dog act virus infecting even the great, never suspended, so fair, great bloke Pendles. Dont like Collingwood winning and the subsequent media wankfest.
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