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  1. Is that the MFC fragrance? Smelt like [censored] until the last couple of years but has now really come up smelling like roses.
  2. Sporting clubs are not for profit in Aust? If so does that mean they're exempt?
  3. I was in Fiji for work when he signed his last contract, I think I driving to work listening to a podcast and just so pumped thinking about how good he and OMac and the rest of the team were going places... fast fwd I'm sitting in the home office in the dingy second bedroom/home office pumped for us to win a flag.
  4. The MFC might have to take some accountability for that, wasn't he told to bulk up so he could play as a big strong fwd? In doing so lost one of his key skills in his running capacity?
  5. Good sell, I hope we've invested it all in Tesla, Rivian and bitcoin.
  6. Wilson's take on Neale and his situation was grossly over the top, the whole show is now terrible and very hard to watch.
  7. geee wiiz you really went for the older demographic in this one DS....
  8. Imagine Carol’s reaction to this, Doggies having a little dance party and beers on Sat. Good on them, looked awesome.
  9. hhaha yeap that's the one, the one celebrating very loudly.
  10. haha i was in the middle of the first shot of the celebrating fans.
  11. We've been very very lucky injury wise this year so would be happy for him to see out his contract, knowing he will have limited opportunities but provides a good fall back if needed and leadership. In saying that I like that the club is not hiding from these kinds of things and is open with the players. Last year it was TMac and ANB, go have a look and if nothing materialises this is what we need from you to improve...
  12. Crickey and he finishes stuck on 99 all out. Brutal.
  13. Gone but not forgotten - https://carltondrafttshirts.com/products/towball-jones?variant=8734716559423
  14. Amazing picture, the jumpers look so good. Interesting, was there many killings? ”It is a cruelly hard game of physical impact, injuring constantly and killing occasionally, but it is considered effete to wear any form of body, head or face protection; most players disdain to wear even the sleeves of their jerseys..””
  15. She can comment however she feels like, she’s been with Nathan the entire ride. She has seen all of the downs and recent ups.
  16. What a great way to get over any disappointment, it’s such a beautiful time in your life.
  17. Hope you’re both ok Little Goffy, it’s a hard road.
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