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  1. Stuff all the doom and gloom, we supporters know what the bottom looks and feels like and It’s nothing like what we have now. Trac out is a huge loss, and this compounds a lot of [censored] going on but, we this team has a chance to show true grit. The Pies narrative for the game was 3 little pigs “The big, bad Melbourne wolf was way off target with the huffing and puffing as Collingwood proved their house was made of bricks in a convincing win at the MCG.” I would love the team, and the supporters to lean into this narrative. Of course one wolf can’t blow a brick house down (Maybe that was CP5, and a punctured lung impacts huffing and puffing) but a wolf pack can do some almighty damage. The dees of 21 were a wolf pack, hunting in numbers. It’s going to take a whole pack to turn this year around, and if the Filth think we are a big bad wolf then they are wrong because we are a wolf pack! Ready to rip shreds. Go Dees!
  2. It was a soft effort with poor skills, and a lack of desire to do the hard things. Too many wanting to offload the hot potato to release the burden. However, taking key pillars out of a highly structured team and [censored] going to hit the fan. No Langdon, no Lever, No Rooey are key elements to a big loss. Gawn was smashed and virtually out of the game as well. Worst, is the midfield are getting smashed in contest and speed. I agree with most, billing’s is not good enough and BBB is not good enough anymore. I hope the Duke can become a better kicker, and wished they played the Kolt tonight.
  3. Personally I think some of the narrative has to change in that why did the Carlton player “have to go for that ball” and put themselves in a position to be taken out. He was never going to mark the ball and his action was conducive to negative impact. I do agree Greene could have made impact with arms out wide, but the narrative is he “had to go” as well. this was similar situation to Oliver a couple of weeks ago. He chose to not go, thus preventing injury to himself or the opposition player.
  4. “Unrecognisable” both the team and might I add this forum. I had heaps on my mind about the game and why we played so poorly but the considered, calm comments post game pretty much summed up my thinking too. It’s great to read the educated views of the collective! Team was tired and banged up, Lions got away with everything including roughing up our key players, Thursday games suck, sorry but even the cheer squad was flat, we get a reset, bring on the Tigers, Go Dees!
  5. Those who liked Benny Gibson, he has a podcast called The watch with Ben Gibson, with the first two guests Kade Chandler and Blake Howes. Really good discussions and a deep and meaningful chat about Gus. It won’t challenge the demonland podcast 😎 though which will always be no. 1. I’m not Ben, just liked his work with the demons and though people would like to know.
  6. Probably been said earlier but just wanted to send some kudos to Billing’s. For a guy rated lowly for his defence was solid across the half back line, with some telling tackles and defensive acts especially later in the game. I was really impressed with his game! Well done Jack Billings.
  7. The club in all departments is just too stubborn imv. Which in turn makes things stale. In 23 we weren’t far away but that doesn’t mean things just carry on keeping on. Imagine if they addressed the issues we are all fully aware of. And when was the last time we went into a game with a direct plan for the opposition, seems almost every week our apposing team does that to us. What we always do will get it done is the only plan. Never an adjustment for conditions either. On the small snap shot of this weekends games, there’s no way we have the fundamental skill to beat this weeks winners, and we know the pies will be better. And we still wilt under pressure. And as supporters there’s never enough consideration of the rest of the competition. Adel, Cats, Suns, Freo will all be big improvers, along with Carlton, Gws, Port, Pies already at or above our level. And who knows what dogs, Saints and Bombers will be. It’s never been tighter.
  8. What a shame, what a guy. Devastating for him, the club and everyone of us that supports the MFC. truely one of the good guys! you talk of culture, Gus was the man driving it, I have no doubt. Gus Brayshaw - Thankyou!
  9. To me it was the sameness to what we were poor at in the past that was disappointing. There was nothing fresh about any of the plays. There were some different combinations in positions. But not better outcomes than the a team. Positive is if they work on creating their own tempo and be less manic the skills should improve.
  10. There is a sameness to how they performed in the finals, and the game plan looked very familiar with a heavy reliance on a tall at the edge of the square who didn’t take marks and their finals downfall was poor kicking which led to poor forward connection. It’s hard not to compare. but gee the girls brand of footy was great to watch up to round 8. Actually so were the men…..
  11. To me there is a vibe thing with Tayla. The team just plays differently with her in. Not sure if it’s a reliance or not. But they are always trying to “get her involved”
  12. Wow another mix in the centre, waiting for Gillard, birch and zanker next
  13. Same as last week, set up to defend but find themselves in between nothing. At least defenders seem to be in front but this week the ball is getting over them. The one wood is kick to our 1 tall down the line. Defended by 3 apponants. Our smalls just watching and not even playing the game. I hope they start chipping it side ways then over the top of that 30 m wall. To Bannan. I thinks she’s still there?
  14. Ironic quarter time song “ I fell in love with a hopeless case” wow this team has lost the fun. Why can’t they spread the field wider with some shorter kicks and more running, and to the city side of the ground please!
  15. I hope we get Adelaide’s special umpires tomorrow. When the game was in the balance the umpiring was heavily unbalanced.
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