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  1. I wonder if we can get Kate Hore into the mens team, amazing game today, got behind the ball to help out then popped up in all the right places to kick 4. delivery was sublime!
  2. No question just wish this podcast could be brought forward a couple of days. The MFCSs is biting hard after that loss now with no Gus, no Roo, a,b,c and D options taken from Forward line! Need some positive Binners and George insights to bring the mood back up!
  3. This is it in a nutshell. Everyone is commenting on the impact, there was only one intent and that was to take ball and body. Leading up to moment he launched he had a plethora of options. And in my view even deviated to make body contact, all of this before turning his shoulder for maximum impact.
  4. Not that you asked me, but my feel is just like half the people on the board, Nibbler is disrespected by the opposition, hence why his first quarters are solid. He then gets more attention in the 2nd and third quarters, goes down in effective output, but then comes through again in the last with his elite fitness. I’d suggest to anyone to look through the weekly goals, not the goal kicker but who actually sets them up a kick or two before, you’ll find its quite often nibbler, and was (down in form) Spargo.
  5. Considering the system approach to everything the demons do, it would not surprise me if the plan has been all along for BBB to prepare himself for his post bye return and was also planned for him to take JVRs spot. I think many would agree it was/is unlikely for JVR to get through the full season in the AFL. Fritta out makes things difficult, but I think they will stick to the plan in this space, with actual learnings from last year. It’s quite plausible that the trials will be wrapped up and the true team and method will become standard. As much as I don’t like it, I think Melky will fill Frittas spot, and unfortunately Harmes will remain in the spot left by sparrow who moves to Oliver’s. Both will play the exact same role all be it at a lesser level. Chandler and spargo will dual off for that HFF with Chandler seemingly in favour. When Oliver, Fritta return all will be an upgrade of course and just fit back into the system. All other positions are solid and highly unlikely to be changed. It’s just not Goodwins go. FWIW I’d rather Jordan take over from Harmes. The sub will be interesting. But unlikely to be an untried player so expect spargo, even though he’s possibly a one position player.
  6. Bowey into the forward line is never going to happen. If you want better kicks and connecter I believe Spargo is that player and would come in for Chandler. I like first half ANB not last half ANB so I’d look to bring Woey in for his Debut, and ANB would be Sub. Woey to play the half game. JVR comes in for Frittata. I think we have enough swing players to cover a key player injury. The Back half stays solid. Andy Moniz Wakefield, outside chance to take that Chandler spot considering fast deck for some spark. But one debut at a time be preference.
  7. In both the kick out and kick to 30m from goal set up, it’s the waiting (usually for Max) that flags to the opposition the next play. Yes it’s obvious to our team as well, but I find it makes our marking target flat footed or tied up in that contest. Every team would work on what to do in this scenario coming into our games. As AF points out teams put players 10-15m off the landing zone with one front and square the other virtually playing third man up and marking easily across the front. We put two even 3 into the marking contest and getting tied up. In the inside 50m scenario I’ve quite often seen JVR not even attempt to mark but go in just to bring ball to ground. Again 2 - 3 of us going up 1 actually going for mark the other two as foils. Opposition sit one front square and one off and mop up time again. There were multiple times we had frittata, and another running goal side into space, but we just sat, waited for the set up.
  8. If anyone watches the replay again, have a look at the faces and attitude of the team coming out of the race There was a mantra in 2021 of having fun and enjoying each others company. The team looks to be lacking internal spark. I also wonder if the supporter base is not quite up for it either at the minute.
  9. A point well made! I have never seen a side squib so many contests or not want to halve contests. Brayshaw took the kicks a lot of us are wanting to see. Many lament the boring system. The non attempts for mark in the 50 was astounding. Would be nice if Hunter took possession of the ball, as well as Kozzy, and stop doing the cheap non tuff hits after opposition get off a kick. And the shoosh should Be banned!!
  10. Long time listener first time questioner. Most supporters know with eyes closed the Demons systems, (May kicking to left point of square most evident) so of course our opponents are well versed in these as well, do you guys think the percentages are now against our favour, and our way is beyond predictable. It almost looks like teams are better prepared than we are lately. Mopping up easily if ball hits the ground. Love the show, keep up the good work!
  11. I also felt that we played so much better because we played one on one football. This meant each player was accountable to their man, it meant there was no player stuck between 2-3 loose saints players looking stupid. I dont see why man on man footy cant be played especially by us every week. It will teach each player the work rate required as shown by opponent, it will make the game easier for our some what dumb players who get lost trying to cover space and forget to cover their apponant. It should also stop the opposition taking up any free space on their own. We just need to learn how to work our asses off to make our own space when going forward.
  12. I have noticed that there does not seem to be any merchandise at the likes of Kmart stores, with cheap Demons t'shirts, jumpers etc, I understand that our brand probably does not sell as much however if the club can get something organised with these companies to get our colors onto there shelves, it would help get our colors onto a lot more kids backs. Does anyone think this can be done?
  13. There may be someone wanting to jump ship also CJ style. But lets be honest we are 16th anyone is expendable and no-one is a must keep. iIf there is potential to improve out there
  14. If you want to stop him I would say Barts or Dunn. Dunn maybe the stronger of the two to match Gazzas strength, Both could stay with him aerobically. Maybe both of them at the same time!!!
  15. "For god sakes he has playetd 24 games and is only still early 19's. He averages over 20 disposals a game which is terrific. People expect so much so quick these days. The people on this forum need to learn 2 things. To be REALISTIC and Patient" (from Digga about Cale Morton) In your own words Digga - Newton might not be early 19's but is still young, he's played barely 20 games with about 5 shots on goal a game - not too bad considering the supply. Just needs confidence to back himself and convert - Just be Realistic and Patient!
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