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  1. Yeah has to be either blatant of most blatant throws or right in the umps face or they aren't called.
  2. I see Clarry as having next to no chance of winning. He just doesn't pole well. The fact we rate the Brownlow as the highest honour is stupid. Highest honour should be coach and/or player voted. Petracca is a better chance in my eyes. I'll be very happy with a Clarry Norm Smith!
  3. We could literally have 5 - Clarry, Trac, Gawn, Lever, May. Fritta also a chance.
  4. Thank you, got ahead of myself. Would like saints to lock in top 2 for us with a win against Geelong.
  5. A win next week and we lock in the home final as well!! Keep pushing Dees!
  6. Glad we're all sitting together, was worried they'd disperse us amongst the others. Will be a lot of fun if we can get up. C'mon you demons!!!!
  7. Just got my ticket as a standard home and away member so don't think they're sold out yet. It changed from saying no tickets available at about 12.01. M35 anyone?
  8. 6 Lever 5 Brayshaw 4 Harmes 3 Oliver 2 Trac 1 Rivers
  9. You just know if we ever make a granny it's gonna be Gawn on a slight angle from 30 out after the siren...
  10. Only positive of the soft cap reduction is that there's less people being paid to figure out how to stop us!! Can't remember who said it but heard a coach or player say one of the big differences post covid is that there's a lot less time and resources for opposition analysis.
  11. The streak is challenging for mental state. Increasingly I've found myself going to the footy hoping not to lose rather than to win. Makes it slightly less enjoyable when we do inevitably grind out our predictable 4-5 goal win. Such strange times! Loving it though, can't wait to see how we go in the Bulldogs game. Every chance they get roadblocked by our impenetrable defensive walls and our big boys turn on up the offensive hurt factor.
  12. Not necessarily, if they are to be competing for spot 7-8 then the only game they have lost you would expect them to win was Collingwood. You would also have hoped to nab one of the unexpected ones. Just the way the fixture falls, hard to build up momentum when you're playing top 4 sides every other week. Get a good run for a few games and they'll be right back in the mix.
  13. Was incredible, an awesome response to one of Gawn's all time most dominant quarters.
  14. Will depend on his whole game rather than stats - if he gets double teamed all day and finishes with 4 touches but allows Brown/Tmac/Fritta get off the chain he'll hold his place!
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