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  1. ahahaha the Jack Martin caller has returned!!
  2. This will be Fritschy boy's average game once Yze gets in his ear re where the goals are
  3. Wow where do the tigers get all their energy from? It's almost like watching a team off a bye play a team off a 5 day break! Mismatched rest periods have been the worst thing about this season. I wanna see the win percentages for teams off 4 day and 5 day breaks.
  4. Very very special. Watts goal vs Collingwood is only moment that comes close for me, even though it meant much less in the scheme of things. A reminder of why we keep coming back despite all the crap that this club puts out!
  5. By coincidence i've ended up watching most of the crows games this year and they've looked ok for a 0-13 team. Hate their fans and haven't liked much about their club over the last while but couldn't help being happy for a lot of those players (I'll never be happy for tex) and Nicks. Go WC i guess here... wish both could lose
  6. Hilarious when you hear a spur of the moment nickname that you know will stick for the rest of the player's career. FRITSCH MAGNET!!!
  7. This revelation has left me dazed, confused and utterly bewildered. I've spent the last 45 minutes considering the possibilities that could be causing this phenomenon and I've come to believe there's only one answer. In order to mark the ball, a player is required to look up to the sky, to heaven, to god. The only explanation is that demons are inherently incapable of this, which does make perfect sense. Just another obstacle we'll have to overcome I suppose! Nice pick up OP!
  8. I disagree completely. In a perfect world we would have the luxury of not needing to overhype but in reality we have to do anything we can to sell as many memberships as possible. If we have another terrible season, won't have mattered whether we were quiet or loud now. Have to do everything we can to retain as much of the membership base as possible or we'll just lose more ground.
  9. Blues will be reaping rewards with their pick 17 Kennedy-Harris clone in Kemp
  10. My fave thing we could do would be to swap 3 for 5 and 25 from swans, let them have Green and screw over giants. Then we get whoever isn't taken out of Young, Jackson or whoever else we would like. I wish we had a need for Flanders so we could wreck Adelaide as well.
  11. I'd like to play again! RedBlueandTrue / BlueLightning Thank you so much!!
  12. Really? with all the insta stories from the club and the players I honestly feel like I was there with them lol
  13. Paying extra cash is what non-destination clubs do to be competitive with destination clubs
  14. I know the situations are a bit different with the personal struggles Jesse has had to go through, but far out Tex Walker should be taking notes on how Jonesy handled that question.
  15. Source? Agree he would be a great pick up but have yet to hear about us being involved to any meaningful degree. Hawks, Carlton and to a lesser extent Saints and Essendon is the read I’ve gotten so far.
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