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  1. I love it. Right now at the very least, we are contenders. For the best part of the past 6 decades I could not put my hand on my heart and say that we were a realistic chance. Right now I can! As the season progresses I hope I can up the ante (like in 2021) and with hand on heart say that we are ‘serious contenders’.
  2. Gearing up to learn to like Grundy. To be honest, it won’t be that hard to do. But please, never ever do I want Ginnivan’s name associated with us. Ps- I’m not trying to start a new rumour or anything like that, he just really irks me, that all.
  3. Hope Hird gets the Essendrug gig. Good for two reasons, first being it makes it easier to love to hate them that much more and…we get to keep Yze
  4. Yep, select a fact that can when taken in isolation can be used to distort the truth. This then ends up as being an alternative persuasive point of view or truth. He is an absolute expert at doing this. Worse still, people believe! Makes me wonder about Geoff Kennet’s clothing choice comments- when isolated can easily be excused for something you would expect from the older generation, nothing more, nothing less. No offence intended at all. When taken in context of what this thread is all about, as I said above, makes me wonder.
  5. When I saw the headline in eff head Bolt’s column in the Feral Hun I made a point not to read any of his comments. He specialises in distorting information. At best, I used to go to the back pages and read the sports section. Don’t even do that anymore. It is not a newspaper, it is a Murdoch tabloid that is full of extremist views, positions and full of misinformation (Trump, politics, climate change denial etc etc). And finally….we’ll done Daisy
  6. I’m pretty sure nobody has ever won (the GF) outside the top 8 before! - … but I do like your sentiments about the Ferals.
  7. Totally agree. It’s football and it’s tribal. So… thanks Jacko for being part of it in 2021. Hope you enjoy going home and I hope you don’t snag another flag and we of course do. Pretty simple, you are now the enemy.
  8. After all is said and done, more is said than done….Hmmmm
  9. And after this post I’m signing off until next year. Make no mistake, I was gutted by the last two finals results and frustrated by most of the year. I reckon I only saw about three games where we played to the standard I’d expect of us. Don’t ask me why but I still back the players , coaches and support staff, in fact the whole club. I have high hopes and expectations for next year. Bring it on.
  10. Not an excuse but…….. had we kicked straight and actually got goals rather than behinds. Not only in this game but quite a few others. (Our first quarter domination in last night’s game was not reflected on the scoreboard, and boy did we pay the price for this later on. Shame really)
  11. There is a silver lining…. at least we no longer have to deal with Ticketek
  12. Latest forecast says a shower around 6 pm and that’s it for the night!
  13. You serious! (and I’m retired) I’m a republican but would have gladly celebrated the birthday of the Queen’s second cousin twice removed- if they had granted a holiday for it
  14. To be honest, it’s going to be hard not to
  15. Weather wise things looking good. Only one forecast, Access G3 (which draws data from BOM and unfortunately tends to be the most accurate) predicts a small shower (0.2mm) at around 8pm. So no excuses, rock up and be very loud!
  16. Exactly. I am truly dreading what level the ‘veil of negativity’ may possibly reach when we line up for the preliminary final next week. I’m nerrrrvous and excited about tomorrow’s game. Let’s go DEES!!!
  17. I hate Ticketek almost as much as I hate the Feral Football Club!!!!!
  18. Totally agree. The weather app I use (that draws on BOM data but in my opinion gives more realistic hourly predictions on whether there’ll be showers) now says it won’t be showers happening during the game. In the last couple of games we had at the G it predicted this correctly (whilst BOM was saying there would be showers) Either way rock up and be loud. Worst case scenario- rain is only falling water!
  19. Definitely today, perhaps less so tomorrow. Just had a look at the forecast for tomorrow night on my weather app. Might not any showers during the game!
  20. I can only repeat, what crap Ticketek is. Being a member and having early access to tickets before being opened to the general public means diddly squat. In fact you can be disadvantaged. At 10 am I tried to book seats on level two (I don’t like being on the terrace) but even though I chose level 2 (and the message was ‘seats available’) it always came up with seats in the terrace. I tried this using both the premium and general member options. I canceled and tried again and again, it was bloody hopeless. After exiting the system and logging back in I eventually got seats on the top tier in the Shane Warne stand (reasonably close to the front) when I elected general MFC member (not premium). Could not get seats anywhere on level 2. Just for the heck of it I had a play this arvo and I tried to get seats under ‘general admission’. I could have got seats on level 2! (which were not available earlier in the day) The Ticketek system really sucks. And for all the non members getting good seats….Good on you, barrack hard! I have no issue with you, just with effing Ticketek.
  21. If we win the flag from here ….I won’t bag out on the what still appears to be a significant portion of our supporter base that for some reason cannot seem to throw off their veil of negativity that sucks the life out of the club, for the rest of the year….. nah, make that for the rest of the month.
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