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  1. I am getting the distinct impression that it is very hard to win a premiership. One thing I definitely do know that it can take time. I had to wait 57 years…..but it was worth the wait. GO DEES!!!
  2. …and for him to desist going for the mark of the year but rather stay at ground level and focus on providing both forward and defensive pressure acts.
  3. I sort of like it how we are going under the radar with mainstream media at this stage of the season.
  4. Viney, geez does he goes under the radar with all his work. Incredible grunt work at stoppages. Very impressive performance once again.
  5. Yep, I’m totally with you. Hope we smash ‘em, and if that is asking for too much, beat them by a point. I’m easy to please.
  6. At the end of the day four points was good to get. When we play them again later in the season I want to see us smash them. On the way home I looked forward to listening to 3AW to Carlton fans bagging out on their side. I was almost disappointed. I expected more. Ah well. Still, feels like a good rest of a weekend coming up. GO THE DEES.
  7. I’m over just hoping we get over the line and get the four points. I want us to smash them.
  8. On balance, if I am honest with myself, ever since I got onto this Demonland forum (I discovered it after 2021) I have tilted out of balance….from being an optimistic yet realistic supporter to the dark side of pessimism at times. Not blaming anyone but me. Unfortunately I’m hooked on forum now, perhaps even addicted. Only thing that swings me back to positivity is if and when we win….against anyone, anywhere, anytime. At the end of the day I know it’s only a game but at the same time it is my religion. Go figure. GO DEES.
  9. Sort of related in terms of incompetence and confusion to the MRO and MRP sagas are the umpires and the resulting free kicks they give and don’t give. Initially I thought that having the 4th umpire was going to pick up frees that were being missed deep In forward/ back lines. What I didn’t anticipate was how the extra umpires that were required stretched (diminished) the overall ‘talent pool’ of the umpires overall and negative flow on effect to the umpiring decisions being made / not made. Problems that emerged include inconsistent interpretations / decision making process by umpires during the actual match. Also it appears ‘stars’ seem to get preferential treatment on occasions (more time to hang onto/ dispose of the footy, hands in the back, handball versus a throw etc etc). Another related problem that is emerging is differentiating the difference between a handball and a throw. (I actually feel sorry for the umpires with on this one, it must be so hard to adjudicate) One can argue that I look at things from a one eyed Melbourne supporter perspective. Sure I get it. However, when I watch a neutral game on tv it does my head in trying to work out what frees are given and why others aren’t. Trying to work out what is a throw or a handball is another story! (There is a lot of throwing happening) I think an immediate fix (or marginal improvement) of sorts would be to reduce the umpires back to three but I know it’s not going to happen. I can only hope come finals time that the better ones take the field and at the very least are consistent with their decision making. Ps- Still reckon we have been crucified by some really poor decisions! Feel better now that I’ve vented.
  10. But Sydee, unfortunately I am with you on this, highly unlikely Johnson will want to leave…. but you never know
  11. Exact same question could have been asked of Jackson wanting to leave Melbourne last year.
  12. Thinking about things you cannot realistically change will just do your head in. The trick is to think of something else. Did you know that since Carlscum’s inception in 1897 that we have never beaten them in a Friday night game? (I sourced this from what another poster put on another thread). So…… be angry, rock up the the G, make some noise and see the boys rectify this embarrassing record. It will make you feel better. GO DEES! (And I don’t want to be outnumbered by their fans!)
  13. I was feeling edgy about this Friday’s game and would have been happy to get the four points. Now I’m angry and just want us to smash Carlscum.
  14. I must admit it has no longer been any fun trawling through the ‘deathriding Freo’ forum comments in the past few weeks
  15. The guy that sits next to me on level 2A was at quarter time involving in trying to kick a football into a tin can to try and win money for his local footy team. We sit on level 2A and from our vantage point the G looked miserably empty. The positive however while standing on the ground he reckoned the G looked a lot fuller and it seemed more noisy than sitting in the stands. How is that for desperate optimism for our players - that at the very least, they feel there are lots of footy fans there to support them who are also making some noise! All is not lost. GO DEES!
  16. Had we got over the line against Port and Fremantle I just wonder how different the discussion would have been on this forum. Nearly half way through the season, fourth on the ladder with the highest percentage. Big three games coming up. GO DEES!
  17. Somewhat ashamed I would have to say that Melbourne was advantaged by playing the finals in Perth. Absolute fact is that WA hopped on board with the Demons and they were LOUD. Totally agree that the Pies supporters have in the recent past (particularly last time we played them last year) helped get their team over the line. Going forward, yes I do feel our lack of crowd support is bit of an issue. It certainly doesn’t help us. Perhaps it’s not all doom and gloom. We could rely on neutrals to hop on board come finals when we play teams that most of us collectively hate- Collingwood, Geelong, Carlton, Essendon… the list goes on. Of course I’m somewhat desperately taking some hopeful liberties here. On a more serious note I do wonder (without having any evidence whatsoever) about how many neutrals hopped on board the Hawthorn and Geelong hate train with us in the 2018 finals series - hence the noise, if that makes sense.
  18. Agree, can’t compare it to the 2018 finals ( I unfortunately wasn’t there) but can to the 2021 series :). It felt like I was attending another home and away game. Shame really.
  19. I can’t categorically say yes but to me it seems like a real obvious. Home ground advantage to me means more than playing on familiar turf, it is having the majority of crowd on your side. (Look at last night, Adelaide v Brisbane). Huge crowds add atmosphere. Huge one sided crowds can only be an advantage. Perhaps I’m selectively listening but I always hear Goody and players encouraging our fans to turn up and support our boys. I don’t think they are saying that just to try and raise more revenue for the club. I also have heard the players and coach from Collingwood on a number of occasions say how they love the crowd support they get and how it feels like they have a 19th man on the ground. It certainly works to their advantage. Why do all teams dread playing an interstate team on their home turf in the finals? I think the crowd factor rather than the shape of the ground is the greater concern. In contrast, it was interesting to note how pretty much most players from all teams in the Covid lockdown games said it felt flat and missed the crowd support. I could go on but I won’t….. who knows, I could be wrong….again.
  20. I’m bringing up an old one here. People still talk about the crowd and noise when we made the finals in 2018. I unfortunately couldn’t make it. I keep hearing the impact it made was like having an extra player on the field. I however was fortunate enough to see both finals in 2021 and the crowd noise was electric and in my mind there is no doubt, our boys were spurred on by it. It was because a whole swag of West Coast and Freo supporters came on board with us. It was a pleasure to experience real loud passionate support- even if was being generated by neutrals. In contrast the GF rematch the following year the crowd felt very flat to me, very Melbourne like if that makes sense. If I could pick up on the difference, I’m certain the players would have also. Again in contrast, how was the noise the Ferals made in our last game against them in 2022. In my opinion, their ‘19th man’ got them over the line in that game. Geez I hope our supporters turn up next week. We need both the home ground and home crowd advantage. Even more so for the Collingwood game. I would love it if the majority of our ‘one off’ supporters that turn up are the same ones that rocked up in the 2018 finals series.
  21. Better finish off on a positive. 11 rounds in, 4th on the ladder with the highest percentage. All we need now is a win or three in a row. GO DEES! (And as many supporters as possible to turn up to our home games at the very least)
  22. Been mentioned by others that our home ground advantage does not equate to a home crowd advantage. To me that is a real concern and embarrassment at times. And sure I get the pros and cons of whether it was appropriate or not to boo Jackson (each to their own), but then to actually listen to the applauds he got from some of our fans!!! Seriously? I reckon this would be the only AFL team forum where if someone suggested it was more polite to clap than to cheer that there would be serious debate. Finished venting, feeling a lot better, thanks
  23. The actual issue for me is the team’s ‘attitude’, ‘mindset’ or ‘confidence. They seemed to have lost their self belief. It needs to change. Feel like a winner, play like a winner. It needs to infect all the players. This contamination needs to occur next Friday.
  24. Yep, I had been geared up to boo my head off at him ……. I just couldn’t. Shame.
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