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  1. Be a shame to lose him but you cant keep everyone....
  2. Still have to pinch myself when they start an article describing us as “premiers”!
  3. Fair enough, I guess we do need extra cover in the event Oliver/Petracca/Viney get injured - I'm just wary as to why St Kilda would throw him out the door for nothing I always get alarm bells when a player is discarded like that...
  4. I would have thought Sparrow/Jordan would be in line for more onball time before we needed a player like Dunstan
  5. To Hell and Back to Back
  6. My thoughts exactly 2 years at GWS will be back in (and at) Melbourne
  7. Carlton still lack class and grunt in midfield even with Cerra coming in - they loaded up on way too many flankers, where we started the rebuild in the guts (thanks Roosy) which is the right way to go about it
  8. Yeah I think when ANB kicked that set shot the tears flowed…I can remember being in tears singing the song when we won a bloody game in 2014 it was such a rare event so we’ve come a long way!
  9. Can think of too many blokes we’ve had over the last 20 years who are as natural a goalkicker as Bayley….maybe the Wizard or Liam Jurrah (briefly) that’s about it
  10. I always said all I needed was one premiership and I'd be happy but now we need to win one at the G for complete satisfaction - and a bit like Essendon from 1999-2001, we have such a talented group that just the one flag would almost seem like an underachievement!
  11. It is amazing to think we just won our first flag in 57 years and thats enough to draw level with recent powerhouses Hawthorn and Richmond...shows what a dominant force we used to be, lets hope those days have returned and this is the beginning....
  12. Wasnt a big fan of picking him up as I couldnt see him ever playing a senior game, but he's fitted in well and seems to be a well liked figure around the club so Ive changed my mind, no harm giving him another season as a backup.
  13. Usually has an impact when he gets a chance in the senior team (which isn’t often), good decision
  14. Time for the top end of Collins St boys to get the brown paper bags loaded up??
  15. Quite a rapid fall from grace he was acting captain for a match in 2020 when Gawn and Viney were injured from memory....just doesn't seem to get involved in the play enough these days, good for a cameo goal or nice pass here and there but spends a lot of the match a non-factor.
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