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  1. Good player but who would he force out in our onball unit? It’s pretty stacked...
  2. Fantastic news, kids been a superstar since day 1 he’s barely played a bad game
  3. None of the players ever answer that question directly anymore...they are all well coached by their management
  4. If the rumours are true that Clayton was seriously considering leaving last year the biggest questions is why? More money? Doesn't see success happening with the current team? Or personality clashes with his teammates and/or coaches? I'd be interested to know
  5. Getting Geelong off a 6 day break with no Dangerfield Higgins and Rohan...and playing boring [censored] football
  6. How could any AFL coach play Frost he’s a nightmare
  7. Cats looks very gettable If they play like this
  8. We've had 3 comfortable wins and people are still complaining what are expected to win every week by 100??
  9. How good is Langdon would be just about the top winger in the comp at the moment....never stops running
  10. Pickett getting time in the centre is very exciting for our side he brings X factor wherever he plays on the field: love this move
  11. Lever had some sort of issue in the second half of the Saints game - is he confirmed 100% ok?
  12. Makes no sense at all that we'd draft a young potential star at #3 then immediately trade him....
  13. Couldn't see him going there unless he really doesnt care about playing in finals for at least 3-5 more years
  14. Shut down Toby Greene and I can't see how they kick a winning score they don't have much firepower up forward apart from him
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