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  1. Ended up jumping on a bit late and am on the wing this time instead of my usual behind the goals PRE (Redlegs)....be nice to have a bit of a change
  2. Straight in as an away redlegs member and boom ticket recieved
  3. Need to send Bucks off in the same manner as Roosy's last game
  4. Last 2 weeks have been awesome, the boys have seen off both major challengers and for some inexplicable reason we have been underdogs going into both so I have plonked money on us both times for a nice return: thanks bookies! Most complete Melbourne side I’ve seen in my 40 years of supporting easily, I can’t think of a single position on the ground we don’t have covered...funny how now we are considered the quickest side in the comp too when for years we all bemoaned the lack of pace and outside run...
  5. Even at halftime 20 points down against a top 4 side I felt quite relaxed that we would probably come back and win the game....the team is just on another level at the moment
  6. Another contender for us to grind into the turf for a 4 goal win tonight
  7. Felt good bout this going in so plonked $50 on us at $2.35.....great night only marred by the fact we couldn’t be there
  8. Over 50s only then and mainly over 70s - the lifts will break down from overuse as no one will be able to get up those big ramps!
  9. a 1 point loss after 9 in a row and we are pretenders...cmon
  10. Puts to rest that clearance stats means much we smashed them in that area but still lost the match
  11. haven't heard much complaining really from our players, the Saints jacked up to the point where they abandoned the entire facility...
  12. The Saints whinged and moaned when they had to travel out to Seaford to train (where I live btw its fine) but our boys just get on with the job and make it a positive having to go to the outer east - well done
  13. Unless the boys decide to completely phone it in and go away from everything that's got us to this point so far, we're not losing against the Crows
  14. On one hand these fines are annoying on the other it shows how the team is playing with aggression and a nasty edge we haven’t seen in a Melbourne side for a very long time (ever?)....that’s what successful teams do
  15. Jackson is a better player than Weideman I think its as simple as that...not convinced about the Weid he will need to play very well in Adelaide to hold his spot
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