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  1. I think he'll get a chance in the midfield to give us a different type, with his outside class and ball use that we haven't had for a while
  2. We've done ok to upgrade our class and X factor with McAdam and Billings in and Harmes and Jordon out.....got so many grunt players it worthwhile trading in a bit more skill
  3. Prob worth a punt considering we've lost a lot more experience this trade period than we've bought in...we've traded/retired Casey's entire midfield in Grundy, Harmes, Dunstan and Jordon At his best he would be useful, depth at least
  4. He will take Melksham's spot until at least well into the year when (hopefully) Melky is over his ACL. When they are all fit and in form will be an interesting selection query...
  5. Fully fit Fritsch and McAdam could be a nightmare duo to matchup for opposition defences in 2024
  6. We seem to play 100% brute force which is effective most of the time but probably time to consider trading some out for a bit more finesse
  7. Still waiting always takes forever for me
  8. is a white knuckle ride waiting for this damn website to let me in....
  9. Only mildly panicking at this stage….
  10. I really don’t see how we need another inside player even with our best one out injured for 10 weeks the midfield was still brutal in that aspect
  11. Getting the tickets is nearly as stressful as a final decided by a couple of goals
  12. I might be on my own but I was impressed with Turner yesterday I think he looked a lot more dynamic than Tommo (who is really slow)…I’d keep him as the 3rd tall back
  13. Sad end of true, I’ve been a very harsh critic of him over the years and was surprised he was still on the list but he’d made me eat my words the last 8 weeks
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