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  1. Joel Smith an absolute master at spoiling his own team mates
  2. Should get weeks. Disgusting. Nothing tough about that.
  3. Gonna start the replay of this game soon as it ends
  4. You don't need a full time hire, just get someone like Lloyd in as a part-time consultant. Stafford though I'm genuinely concerned about. That interview he did with the weird turns of phrase and extreme positivity about our forward line which has clearly been a weakness the last few years was troubling.
  5. I love that vomit emoji haha
  6. For anyone missing the sultry tones of Mark Neeld, he's the expert commentator on the K-Rock stream.
  7. Where are those folks that think it's all about clearances? Who won this game?
  8. You must be an absolute physical specimen, kev.
  9. I legit thought this was a 30 second song put together by Andy for the podcast. Amazing.
  10. Was with you til the last bit. That video was a classic during the dark times. Just satire, mate.
  11. Oh man, so much. I don't care about our reputation as toffs, but that used to kill me. Looks like no one else is curious. The only other time I've seen them is something like a giant Kim Kardashian putting off a free throw in the NBA. Where do they even get them from?
  12. Let's not get existential. Pretty sure it's just us that does the giant heads. It's weird.
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