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  1. I legit thought this was a 30 second song put together by Andy for the podcast. Amazing.
  2. Was with you til the last bit. That video was a classic during the dark times. Just satire, mate.
  3. Oh man, so much. I don't care about our reputation as toffs, but that used to kill me. Looks like no one else is curious. The only other time I've seen them is something like a giant Kim Kardashian putting off a free throw in the NBA. Where do they even get them from?
  4. Let's not get existential. Pretty sure it's just us that does the giant heads. It's weird.
  5. Are we the only team that has giant heads of our players in the crowd? Why do we do it? Surely it'd be weird as a player seeing your giant smiling head looking down at you. It's weird isn't it?
  6. Just makes me think of that guy that used to turn up at the Canberra pub where I'd watch demons games during the Neeld era and spent the whole time hating on Jack Watts then going quiet when he did something good. Sooked up a storm when I called him out. Makes watching footy unpleasant when you gotta process other people's emotions for them. Far more fun ragging on other team's supporters than your own team, even when you're losing. You lot should try it.
  7. You have the right to express a trash opinion, but do you really want to be someone that does so? Passing emotions aren't your opinion anyway. You can have thoughts without expressing or even agreeing with them.
  8. Good mirror. Hope it triggers some reflection in a few people.
  9. I love ANB and love what he brings on the field, particularly his excitement and how much he celebrates with his teammates. He brings a real energy, which the players kept saying was on of the differences between the teams against the bulldogs. Two great interviews on the website, one with Gibbo and one on the podcast where he talks about being nominated in the leadership group and how that step into a leadership role has been one of the differences in his game this year. So, question: was it ever released who is in our leadership group? I thought our only positions were C: Gawny &am
  10. Very happy to see they had the courage to drop Brown for Jackson and allow Weid to have a decent run at it, I didn't think they would. Melksham's snuck in without being an 'in' the cheeky bugger.
  11. The Cathedral. Cheap long islands if you're that way inclined.
  12. You can listen on Spotify. If you don't have Spotify, I recommend getting Spotify.
  13. 100% agree. I can't stand that stuff. Leave it for the BBL, footy doesn't need it. I hate having music blaring when you'd otherwise be chatting to the mate next to you about the game. Quit filling the silences, not required at all. It's just irritating.
  14. The Deeluded podcast with Cal Twomey on talking about the 2019 draft was a great insight last week. But agree with most here, Demonland's definitely the fav.
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