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  1. It was fantastic march ! An hour of fun and wonderful spirit . Was filmed by Channel 7 . The bag pipes playing our song half way through was only one highlight . Thanks to the young fella blowing the pipes . There were hundreds marching of all ages . The picture of the car was at the start . The numbers more than doubled as others joined in . Lots of Doggies joined but they were all Dee supporters and in the right colours . Congratulations to the man in the Red suit and his partner in the red and blue tutu for organising it . Well worth the $100 the suit cost . Fitted well to . Lots of horns honking showed that Malvern is a Red and Blue Ribbon suburb . Go Dees !
  2. Saw the Dees win the reserves GF in 1970 . I can't remember the Under 19 GF in 1971 . Maybe had not arrived at the ground early enough . My dad would get there very early to get his usual set in the smokers stand and would reserve my seat in the ladies area .
  3. I know both teams will be out to intimidate their opponents today . It is football and a GF . Win at all costs .Not many agree with me that Michael Longs career was tarnished by trying to kill Simmonds in 2000 . Other than MFC supporters who remembers Wallis . Both coaching groups would have spent 2 weeks trying to work out who to target , its their job . I would always target the captain when I played . Focus on the leaders and their weak links . It works in war and today is war . Both teams will be expecting it .The team that will win will be looking forward to it more than the other . Both teams will not cross the line imo . They will intimidate buy attacking the ball first and applying pressure second . Both teams will stick up for their mates . Both teams should be operating right at the line . As we saw in 2000 the statement needs to be made right from the outset . I believe the Dees will win because our spirit and team culture is superior .
  4. A MFC player won the Brownlow . A great omen !!!!! This may have been said .
  5. I have already mentioned on a post about the disadvantage Covid has done to the Dees . No worry re the curse as the spirit in the team can not be broken . Did you see the spirit when Thomo had his first run this week . Whatever happens is ok with me . Where were the Olympics help when the Dees last won a premiership ?
  6. I heard Gill McLaughlin speak on this issue about six years ago . It will NEVER happen if he has a say in it ( unless he has done a 180 degree turn since ) .
  7. So disappointed that the Dees have not had the benefit of playing with crowds at the G . As the season comes to it's climax without Covid our crowds would have been building . When finals start non Dee supporters would be jumping on our band wagon as we are the under dog with regard to Premiership success . Crowd support is a big advantage ! I saw Adelaide supporters help win a GF against the Saints . Our supporters screaming at the umpires when we recently played the Dogs would have evened up the free kick count . 100k at the G with 80k supporting the Dees would give our players a huge boost and ensure the umpires are fair . Disappointed I may not be there to see the Dees win a flag that I have dreamt about for 61 years . I still will be ecstatic if they win one if I am there or not .
  8. I looked up the Royal and laughed when the website came up .
  9. Sorry Doug . I am too stupid to understand your question .
  10. I would drop the Tigers ( said after 2nd round they would be lucky to make the 8 ) and put in Brisbane . Hoping Lions also tire at season .
  11. One Flag and I am cured of MFCSS . The MFC army IS mustering after a long furlough . The members was packed . As the season goes on more will join and other teams supporters will jump on for the finals . We are 4 games ahead of Richmond in 8th . Pinching myself so often to make sure I am not dreaming that I am red and blue on the outside .
  12. Also loved our chasing and yelled ball a lot and will check the stats .
  13. Was at the game and my BOG went to May . Have not looked at the stats or read any of the above yet . A good team effort and we could have won by 10 goals . Out numbered them all over the ground all day and we looked strong and much harder at the ball . Kosi signalling touched BEFORE the umpires was so classy ( can the umpires go on his call ( like Gilly walking ) ) and his goal so much fun to watch . The Bell did not toll before the game ! I missed my AC/DC !
  14. A wonderful act of sportsmanship !!!!!!!!! He signalled touched BEFORE the goal umpire and third umpire made their call . Can they go on his call ? Not like Gilly were he can walk before an umpiring decision . I also saw him TRY and help the two players up but believe one was a Dee . The two players were much bigger than him and I don't think he helped much . I had a good laugh and loved it . He has Eddie Betts personality , Davey's tackling ,the Wiz's marking and the magic of Rioli . Was right behind the goal Gonzo and it was a Bloody ripper . Love yelling Weeeeds ( was in the outer ) but no Ringing of the Bell before the game . Missed my AC/DC !
  15. How insightful Colin . I did ask the question and received no answer . Nearly 800 views of the question and no answer?. But the Bell has sadly ENDED ! I REALLY missed my AC/DC ! Very disappointed . Please call Senor Ding Dong ! Took some of the gloss of the win imo .
  16. Thank you Trelos for the clip . The song would be sung after AGOF . Good luck to ANYONE who tries " getting agreement on our OWN tune " !
  17. Another game we could have won by 10 goals . Have not looked at the stats but watching the game BOG to May and very even from there , a good team performance . Lever , Christian's , Kosi and 10 others impressive . The whole team looks strong and we out numbered them at most contests . Will check how many holding the ball decisions as felt I yelled ball a lot . No DAM BELL RINGING before the game . Missed my AC/DC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. I could have said Big Smart Ares ( now I know where to hide the bugle ) .
  19. Signing off and very sorry ! Received a second warning . I accepted the decision and replied how I respect and am grateful for the work the moderators do . I also respect Demonland and all the contributors like Sir Why You Little . 6 Dots , 41000 posts and 24000 + . As this is my first foray with social media I can only assume that shows Extreme passion for the MFC ( and wisdom ) . I will learn from this experiment and apologise for being a smart [censored] . There WILL be no more topics from me . When you are part of the MFC you will never walk alone !
  20. I said in the introduction that I liked the AC/DC clip ! Which tread did not interest you ?
  21. My euphoria probably won't last that long . Winning a GF might give me a heart attack ( worth it ) . If it doesn't the euphoria will last a lifetime !
  22. IMO never until the final siren sounds . Who would be silly enough to don a Gold Jacket like Collingwood . I have still got the lingering effects of MFCSS ( see MFCSS topic for more detail ) . The Bell Tolls as our players are about to come on the ground , A Grand Old Flag when they do , Never Walk Alone ( my choice ) during the warm up ( will try it this week - 1,2,3 to start ) and A Grand Old Flag at the end .
  23. That is sooooo funny . If ANYONE messes with OUR Bell we can all become Senor Ding Dong's ! I will !
  24. The second sentence was for everyone 13 . No malice felt by me at all ! Go Dees .
  25. I prefer face to face meetings smokey . It will be all over soon and this tread will exorcise Hutchy . The tread would be much shorter if you all stopped avoiding the question . If you don't know no need to contribute . Muting me is another option .
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